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  • Donkey Kong Country
  • New Kirby
  • New Legend of Zelda (Should be legend of link considering the amount of times he has had to rescue zelda >->)
  • A new Mario game. Hopefully something like Galaxy or N64
  • Some more Improvements to the e-shop. Maybe make it look like the Wii U e-shop.
  • Most importantly a NEW Star Fox Game. I am hoping it will happen, but it is likely for Nintendo to destroy my dreams.

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-new Zelda
-eShop continues to be solid but not too popular
-sanity prevails and cool games I care about finally start getting localized (I hope)
-Animal Crossing 3D is almost as insane a hit here as in Japan
-2nd half of the year is not good for 1st party, decent for 3rd party
-a game other than 3D Land makes 3D actually worthwhile
-Donkey Kong Country (K. Rool) Returns (I hope)
-Rodea gets cancelled (I hope not)
-any Nintendo game not already announced will be delayed until 2014

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1. A new Zelda
2. A new Kirby
3. A Donkey Kong Country Returns sequel by Retro Studios starring the return of Kremlings (last part is wishful thinking)
4. All of that releases this year and cements 2013 as the year of 3DS


Hopefully Nintendo makes Miiverse for the 3DS a reality.

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Drobotic wrote:

Hopefully Nintendo makes Miiverse for the 3DS a reality.


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  • New Kirby announced (hopefully platformer. Or RPG...)
  • Zelda 3DS revealed
  • Bravely Default localized (or at least an announcement)
  • Dragon Quest VII localized (or at least an announcement)
  • Unchained Blades 2 localization announcement (eShop only)
  • first trailer for Super Smash Bros 4 shown, as well as the official title revealed.
  • Picross E finally released in the N.A. eShop
  • Denpa Men 2 released in the N.A. eShop
  • HarmoKnight released on the N.A. eShop
  • Soulcalibur 3DS (wishful thinking)
  • Ninja Gaiden 3DS (wishful thinking)

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I think were going to get alot of what RR529 listed:

  • A new Kirby, but it won't come out until Holiday 2013 since 2011 and 2012 were both busy for Kirby.
  • Braverly Default and Dragon Quest VII localizations
  • First SSB4 trailer
  • Zelda 3DS announced

Denpa Men 2 and HarmoKnight are already confirmed, and I didn't even know they made an Unchained Blades 2.

Along with what RR529 said, I'm also predicting...

  • Pokemon X and Y will make the 3DS alot more popular in North America, Europe, and Australia
  • A new Warioware for 3DS
  • We'll get another Mario spin off game, most likely Mario Party but it could be something else
  • An updated Clubhouse Games
  • A new DK game
  • We'll finally get Flipnote Memo
  • Youtube app
  • They'll update the GB VC games so that the multiplayer functions can be used and they'll slow down on the NES/Famicom games in favor of more GB/GBC games.
  • I don't think we'll see GBA VC this year unfortunately, otherwise, they wouldn't have released the NES versions of SMB2USA and SMB3 onto the eShop in Japan.
  • For 3rd parties, there will be a Namco Museum 3DS before 2013 ends since every console gets one of those, I'm calling it right now.

EDIT: Sega predictions for 3DS

  • There will be a new handheld Sonic along with a new one on the home consoles
  • 3D Space Harrier will be released in North America, Europe, and Australia

Here's my Wii U 2013 prediction list:

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MrSRArter wrote:

  • First SSB4 trailer
    • A new Warioware for 3DS.

A Super Smash Bros. 4 teaser trailer should definitely happen this year at E3, but I'm not so sure about a 3D WarioWare. We're getting a new WarioWare more or less with Game & Wario for Wii U, but I guess after finishing Paper Mario: Sticker Star, the 3DS side of Intelligent Systems could be working on a 3D WarioWare. If they are, I don't know if it would release this year or not. I'm actually surprised it's taking this long for one to come to the 3DS, since WarioWare usually comes to a Nintendo console early in its time.


What a about an update for Mario Kart and DLC's for it?



Donkey Kong 3D
Bravely Default Wordwide release
Contra 3D - first news/photos etc.
Ninja Gaiden 3D - same with Contra
SSB4 Reveal trailer

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Drobotic wrote:

Hopefully Nintendo makes Miiverse for the 3DS a reality.

It's been confirmed it will eventually hit the 3DS.

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I predict:

I'll absolutely love Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon and it'll be better than the original.

Nintendo will release a Kirby and Metroid game. I would say Donkey Kong Country, but after seeing it on the Miiverse debug menu, I suspect that could be a Wii game.

They'll finally make Miiverse available on 3DS.

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I'm interested in the ND that they said will be coming in the next few weeks for 3DS :3

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