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That's funny, I just Tweeted that very same thing. Putting that disclaimer on all those shots is ridiculous.

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Link79 wrote:

I remember being giddy as a school girl the day I first hooked up my Snes.

Haha, me too. I've got my 3D being delivered to me at launch, so that will probably be the first time I will get to see it. It's weird, because I usually like to test things out before I buy them. Maybe I'm just confident that I'll enjoy it. Or maybe I'm just silly.

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Link79 wrote:

Are they putting any 3DS systems on display at stores yet? I'd really like to check it out but It probably would be more special seeing it once you bring home your very own 3DS.

They are doing tour thingos in Australia... I don't know about everywhere else, I'm sure I heard they were doing similar things in a lot of other countries.

I'd say it's well worth having a look at before launch if you get the chance. Try out a few of the games you were thinking of getting and see if you change your mind about what you want to get at launch. When I tried it out I quickly discovered that Pilotwings, which I wanted to get at launch, is pretty average and Kid Icarus, which I was skeptical about, is the most awesome thing ever. Face Raiders is another one that I thought would be pretty average but when I tried it out for myself I discovered it was ridiculously fun. It's hard to explain and I know it's a cliché but you really have to try some of this stuff for yourself to understand the appeal.

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Link79 wrote:

I just got the newest Nintendo power and every 3DS screen shot has this printed on it. I feel like my intelligence is being insulted. Do they really think people are that dumb? How's it going to be a 3-D image in a magazine?

It's not about your intelligence. It's about making sure people don't get the wrong idea about a game from flat screenshots.


I think they just should've made little pop-out-story-book-like pics for each 3DS image. Would have made a whole lot more sense imo :3

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