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According to a user on '3ds blog' the official line-up is as follows:
•Super Mario Bros.
•Donkey Kong Jr.
•Balloon Fight
•Ice Climber
•The Legend of Zelda
•Super Mario Bros. 2
•Kid Icarus
•Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
•Kirby’s Adventure
•Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3
•Mario Kart: Super Circuit
•Metroid Fusion
•WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania
•Mario vs. Donkey Kong
•Pokemon Emerald
•The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap
•Kirby And The Amazing Mirror
•Super Mario Ball
•WarioWare Twisted (Up To Date 3DS Motion Controls)

This is just speculation and not by me so don't moan at me.

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I dunno, Pokemon Emerald seems too good to be true ( And with lack of multiplayer, pretty pointless ), and two Wario Ware games? Seems a little far-fetched. I know it's a rumored list, but that's just my input.

That, I believe Kirby and the Amazing Mirror was shot down. Too bad.



dap594 wrote:

According to a user on '3ds blog'...

I stopped reading there. Wait for Nintendo's official release.


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Sounds incredibly dubious.

And since the GBA games don't and apparently will never support multiplayer, Pokemon Emerald seems a bit redundant. It could happen, but it seems unlikely. I also don't see them giving us so many amazing titles, I'm guessing the ones they didn't tell us about will be slightly less impressive.



I dont care if there is no multiplayer, Pokemon games are still fun single player experiences.



No Superstar Saga? If that list is true (and it's probably not since there are no sources and I've never even heard of Super Mario Ball), I guess I'd be ok with it, but I really wanted SS.

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why would they have super mario bros 2 and not 3? SMB3 is one of the best mario games and nintendo isn't going to let us have it? i think not. and for the GBA games theres a rumor that kirby is not going to be one of the ten gba games, and many people doubt that a pokemon game is going to be one of the ten, but i really hope it does make it. and wheres Superstar Saga?

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That list is just the blogger's favs mixed w/ the announced games.

I'll add the next 3 people below me as 3DS fiends if they say they added me.

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3DS motion controls work differently than the special WarioWare: Twisted cart. 3DS wireless multiplayer works differently than the link cable multiplayer of Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

If Nintendo's already officially said they will not include multiplayer functions in the GBA games, then it makes no sense to me why they would bring another game that relies entirely in its being updated and altered from its original form, while leaving one of the most common and important features out of several of the other games.

This list is invalid.

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@bro2dragons: And GBA games work differently than 3DS games. It's called emulation. Both those features can be emulated. :3

IIRC some third party emulators can even support online multiplayer for old games. The 3DS would change the way the data is sent, but it can still send the same data.



hahaha this is funny.

a pokemon game is too much unlikely. they still make money with old titles, and original carts cost a small fortune.

zelda minish cap, no way. even there, the game itself is becoming rare, and cost the same as a 3ds title. kirby amazing mirror... i doubt it, but again it could be used as a cool ad promoting the DS one coming this Fall.

metroid and kid icarus are some games that will sell so well that i doubt they will give them, BUT it might.
lets simply wait for september, i dont put my hopes too high.

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I am pretty sure this list is fake if you go onto 3DS blog this rumor has the date for the NES games coming out to the public is on Oct. 15 which is a Saturday. The Gameboy Advance games are rumored to be coming out Dec. 4 which is a Sunday. Also Nintendo will probably remake Ruby and Sapphire sometime during the 5th Gen. So is this list a fake yes could some theses games be true, who knows. Also go on the eShop and Nintendo says that they are going to put a website next week so we will find out then.

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@pix: Both those features can be mimicked in a way that you'd never know the difference. But it's not quite the same as emulation. Both of those were hardware functions, rather than software. I'll never deny that they could and should do it, but if they're denying it outright for one, I just don't see why they would do it for another. Especially when they're shutting down multiplayer on multiple titles, and bringing gyro controls to one.

@Samholy: Nintendo doesn't make money off of used game sales. So their re-releasing Minish Cap or Pokemon or whatever is the only way for them to make money off of them, again. So the current market value for an old game really has no bearing on Nintendo's decision.

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I also heard that Nintendo is going to put $500 under my pillow when I go to sleep tonight. lol who the hell posts crap like this?



Funny because there have been rumors going around blogs by blog writers that Super Mario Advance 4 and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror are two games that will come along with the ten officially names games to date and that the rest are a mystery.

EDIT: If you're wondering what a "Super Mario Ball" is then check this out...

[sarcasm]Yay... Pinball.... Because I just love pinball games mimicked on game consoles. Sonic Spinball is like my favorite game of all time.[/sarcasm]

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Gaming blog writer = 21st century equivalent of that kid on the playground who says his uncle works for Nintendo.

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y2josh wrote:

I dont care if there is no multiplayer, Pokemon games are still fun single player experiences.

Agreed. Multiplayer was difficult enough back in ye olde days of the Gameboy Advance, the lack of multiplayer would be fine by me.
Even if this entry was written as wishful thinking, I hope its true. Or something similar is ahead. Thats a nice line up.


See the thing with that is I'm pretty sure they're offering full multiplayer for Four swords in September and that game is free to everyone.



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