Topic: 2013 truly IS the year of 3DS, but what is missing for YOU?

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once Mario Golf gets released and Poke X too, im done .



Uhm,, Port one of the Wild Arms games for 3DS or a whole new Wild Arms Game for WiiU or a sequel to Legend of Legaia.

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1. A proper online network, with friends and such. Perhaps that might get included in the MiiVerse update?
2. A bigger Virtual Console store. More gameboy! More NES! More GBA! Where's the Pokemon? Where's the gameboy color Dragon Warrio 1+2? Damn it! So much missed potentiality!
3. Majoras Mask 3D.
4. Well, Mother 3 on the 3DS virtual console wouldn't be bad. It would actually make me quite happy.

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At least have all the ambassador games up for everyone to purchase. I'm so annoyed about people talking about Sacred Stones when I can't buy it myself...


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If I can dream... all the Neo geo games available on the 3DS Virtual console, but especially Metal Slug and Neo Turf Masters... that would be a dream come true for me ^___^

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SSB on the 3DS would be amazing.



Whats missing for me is an Online co-op RPG. Animal Crossing will be close to filling that void but I would rather see a Dragon Quest, or Final Fantasy, or better yet a Zelda Type game with full online co-op. It doesnt have to be an MMORPG it could be 2 to 4 players which I would actually prefer over an MMorpg. Fantasy Life would be awesome in this way if thats the way they did it.

This is what made Phantasy Star Online a rEally cool game. The DS version of Phantasy Star Was just Brilliant. I would be happy with just a conversion with upgraded Graphics and a couple new levels for 3DS

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Good bye to the Switch. I sold my Switch and didn't price gouge anyone. That's probably it for home consoles me at 52. I love 3DS and consider it to be my console. The Switch went to a nice family with kids I'm sure who will love it for years to come.

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Contra. Where the F*** is Contra?
At this rate, Konami will most likely outsource Contra to a talentless Western Dev. Here comes a new breed of Gears of War.

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Rapido wrote:

Uhm, Port one of the Wild Arms games for 3DS or a whole new Wild Arms Game for WiiU or a sequel to Legend of Legaia.

Both of which are Sony Properties...

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Metroid. Other M or Mirror of Fate's style would fit great for 3D

More dark games like Castlevania or Resident Evil. I love colorful graphics as much as anyone but other color palettes would be nice.

WarioWare (at least I have the ambassadors one).

More western games. Not many, just enough to get some variety.

A couple of good FPS. Not having even one after more than 2 years in the market is ridiculous.

Account system. I don't wanna lose all my downloads if something happens to my handheld.

@WaveBoy Contra 4 was already made by westerners: WayForward.

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I would love to see...

1. A proper 3D Zelda. I do love the 2D games, but ever since I played Pilotwings Resort/Ocarina of Time 3D I've wondered what an original 3D Zelda would be like on the system. The 3DS is too good not to have a Wind Waker-style Zelda, in my opinion.

2. Metroid. Ideally, it would be proper 2D and use sprites, but even a polygon one would work if it felt as good as New Super Mario Bros 2. I could also understand if they made one like Other M, but refined the formula a bit.

3. Dragon Quest. I don't necessarily want Dragon Quest XI on the system, but Dragon Quest IX was too good an experience not to build on in some way.



1. A Castlevania more along the lines of the GBA and DS titles. Mirror of Fate just doesn't look good to me.
2. A Yoshi adventure without baby Mario, baby Luigi, etc.
3. An adventure set in the Mushroom World where you play as a Boo. I have no idea what the story or controls would be though.

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