Topic: 2013 truly IS the year of 3DS, but what is missing for YOU?

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I'd like to see a bit more VC support, but other than that, I am INCREDIBLY happy with the release schedule for 2013. It has been an utterly amazing year for 3DS owners.

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Considering this is covering all aspects of gaming for me, yes its the year of the 3ds for me!!! only MAJOR thing missing is a Harvest Moon game, but there is a harvest moon-like game called Hometown Story being published by the same publisher. This truly is "THE YEAR OF THE 3DS!!"

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Really, I'm perfectly happy with the rest of 2013's scheduled 3DS releases as it is, and more will undoubtedly pop up as the year progresses. Already, there are probably more 3DS games I want to play in 2013 than I'll actually end up getting.

But being the greedy person that I am, I'd love a new Wario Land game and either a new side-scrolling Metroid or a new SotN-style Castlevania

Even with all the interesting stuff in the 3DS pipeline, the latter two would immediately vault close to the top of my to-buy list. As addicted as I still am to that style of gameplay, it's still disappointing to me that we've basically gone from getting a new game from one of those two series every year on Nintendo handhelds from 2001-2008 to absolutely nothing from 2009-to-present.

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Super Smash Bros. Suppose I'll be missing that for the next 2-3 years then...


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I'm REALLY hoping to see a new Golden Sun arrive on the 3DS, along with WarioWare 3D like's been mentioned.

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Oh yeah mates good points.
Golden Sun
Smash Bros (obviously)
Advance Wars
being the most mentioned so far,
I agree to all of them, all awesome games,
but honestly, with 2013 being THAT thing of a BLOCKBUSTER year for 3DS, there has to be something saved for 2014!

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I want a Donkey Kong 64 remake, or even better, a true 3D world collectathon successor. No side-scrolling Country-series games, as amazing as they are. Donkey Kong World is what I'd call it.

and Pokemon games on VC. Wario Land III in the US. and Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie 3D ports as well as a standalone Halo title that will probably never happen, but legally could since Micro$oft doesn't own a handheld of their own.

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missing for me?

money to buy all these great games

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waiting for a pricedrop on switch


Miiverse is all I'm missing so that I'd be able to post about all the awesome titles releasing this year

Looking forward to: No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

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A new Metroid game, preferably Metroid 5 or Metroid Prime Hunters 2

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I-U wrote:

A new Metroid game, preferably Metroid 5 or Metroid Prime Hunters 2

A post-Fusion game, Metroid 3Dread, and it'd be cool if they added a Metroid Pinball mode.

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Miiverse and Pokemon VC games are all that are missing for me.

Want: Mario Party Top 100, Atlus games, Psychic Spectres for the 3DS. For the Switch Kirby Star Allies, Yoshi and many others.

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I wonder whatever happened to that Contra 3DS project?

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The handheld needs some Metroid,and F-Zero.

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I just saw the thread for the first time. It would be.. uhh....... METROID!
And wondering if that new Yoshi's Island game will be coming out this year.
Back in the day, games like Super Metroid and Yoshi's Island had too much soul..

Nowadays, I can't get into the big adventures that easily. It's not because they pick up slow. They're lacking something. Tho Skyward Sword isn't that bad at all (quite good actually).

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Metroid. And maybe a 3D Zelda. I tend to not get into 2D games near as much as 3D ones, so I may skip this one. (If you think I'm not a "true" Zelda fan then you're just a fanboy.) Oh, and Miiverse. Almost forgot about that one!

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