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Topic: 2013 truly IS the year of 3DS, but what is missing for YOU?

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Hey everybody. I didn't post that much lately, because I was busy playing Monster Hunter. That said I never was happier to own a 3DS than I am now in the year 2013. I already knew (for my personal taste) that 2013 is going to be THE year. Lots of wonderous games, surprise announcements and long-waited-for ports form JAP region. It truly is a perfect year. Except one thing that would be the "jewel in the crown" or however you want to call it. Im eagerly awaiting many of the games already announced and enjoying plenty of those I already bought. BUT. There is one thing I truly would love to come to 3DS again since it was so important for me on the GBA. For me that is...


it was just truly awesome and I know it might sound like I am still complaining even though there is absolutely no reason to. Well like I said, this would just be the icing on the cake. Whats it for you? Let me know!

(Runners up to Fire Pro Wrestling would be a port of Mortal Kombat 9 and some "serious" racer like Project Cars or the old Toca Racedriver games)

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I would like a new 3D sequel to balloonfigth
Warioware 3D
Pokemon vc
3D pokemon episode on eshop

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The 3DS is quickly shaping up to be my favorite video game handheld ever. All it needs is WarioWare 3D to cement that.

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Nothing, it is beyond what I have imagined.

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Definitely Pokemon VC games, Contra 3ds and a real Final Fantasy for 3ds (V anyone?).

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Retro Studios' game

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Tomodachi Collection: New Life - 3DS

That's what the 3DS is missing for me. Quite honestly I have tried the sim's games on ds & 3ds just not that impressed with them but this game is made by nintendo plus it look's a whole lot more down to earth than the Sim series does. :) If it comes over to the US come I'm either buying the game in cartridge or downloading it. If it get's a western release (US). :D

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

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I would really like to see some kind of account-based service that will keep track of every eShop title you buy so you can always have your purchases tied to your account instead of a system.


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Needs more Wario be it Wario Land or Warioware.

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I think I'd rather be grateful than complain, even with MM 3d I'd just be happy it came out at some point. :P

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Nothing really, mostly because I'm not fussy. :P
We've been getting a lot for the 3DS, I appreciate it and I love it.
However, I've recently taken an interest in Advance Wars. I've yet to play a game from that series so Advance Wars 3DS would be great. ^^

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It would be nice to have a new Golden Sun, or Metroid. But I'm good without one too,

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A new Metroid game, ports of all three Dragon Quest 3DS games currently in Japan, Pokémon/Dragon Quest games on the VC as well as GBA games, multiplayer for GB(C) VC games and for Animal Crossing: New Leaf to be out right now.

Besides that I'm completely content with my 3DS right now.

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Give me Soulcalibur, Metroid, and more Ace Combat, Dead or Alive, & Tales of!

There's already lots of great stuff, and more on the way, though (especially the new Zelda).

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Nothing. I'm pretty satisfied with what we're getting right now.

For the record, as much as I love Metroid, I wouldn't want a new 2D Metroid. It's been forever since we last had one, yes, but plenty of other people have not only done Metroid, they've done it better. Until Nintendo proves they're up to snuff and can make something that won't make me wish I was playing Castlevania or Shadow Complex, I honestly would care less if they made a 2D Zelda or not.

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Ones the golf game is out I'll be pretty content, but I certainly wouldn't mind a sequel to Metroid Prime Hunters for some competitive shooter action, and I wouldn't mind a F-Zero either on 3DS. (although that one might be better suited for WiiU)

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I wouldn't mind an old-school-style shooter on the go, but I'd rather have it on the Vita than the 3DS...just saying. I loved Metroid Prime Hunters, but I did not love its controls.

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GBA and DS downloads. I really don't see why they can't add them.

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Too bad you didn't like the controls of MPH, but I found the controls one of the reasons the game was great to play. The same with Kid Icarus, the controls work so well imo, even better than dual sticks ones you get used to it. Of course, I never have any problem with controls that require both thumbstick + stylus while many others apparently do so I can't blame ya.

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I'm super excited for the 3DS in 2013! I guess the only thing I would like is a 2D Metroid for next year but I guess we'll see.

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