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Don't you others think as well that things are coming a bit slow? I mean I don't want to be a nervous hater or anything, but to me it really feels like a drag waiting for the worthwile games.

I've been feeling the same lately, my 3DS has been sitting around with no reason to pick it up for months on end. Nintendo promised to keep a steady stream of games coming after the launch debacle but they're really failing it at the moment. Kid Icarus finished off the torrent of games from winter '11 and since then it's been NSMB2 only.

There has been a steady stream of great retail and download releases since late 2011. What you're saying just doesn't seem true to me.

Really. Virtue's Last Reward? Prof. Layton and the Miracle Mask? Paper Mario: Sticker Star? Crimson Shroud? Crashmo? Tons of great VC stuff? And that's only a small portion of the software that has been out since that time.

Well you know tastes are different and at the time I posted this, I didn't have Sticker Star yet, which I really love. But the VC - for my taste - is really lackluster, I'd buy plenty of SNES, GBA or (if possible) GCN games, but there are none (yet). I like novels. Real novels. I don't like videogame novels too much. I got Crimson Shroud and Liberation Maiden, liking both but again, at the time I posted this, all of those weren't out yet and as you can see, its really shaping up to be a great year!

This year for me:

Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter, Code of Princess, Etrian Odyssey, Pokemon X, etc... and there is so much more that I will postpone games like Luigis Mansion and Castlevania to a time where games I like are rare again - which seems to be quite a while out!

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This year is already showing that the 3ds has the potential to become just as good as the DS in its library. It's already getting more good games faster than what I remember for the DS in this time in its cycle. It's obvious there is a lot of reliance on RPGs right now, and I like it.

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The 3DS is my favorite Nintendo system and 2013 is gonna cement that. As well I'm looking forward to the Wii U replacing the GameCube as my favorite console.



This is looking like a great year for 3ds and we've only really seen the spring and summer games so far, think of the gems autumn and Christmas will bring

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Yeabsolutely. (See what I did there? Mr. Popper's Penguin's reference. )

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I feel as if the DS had many more games by this time, but it is a good year for games on 3DS. Pokemon is the only thing I think announced so far that will make any real impact on system sales though. It would be nice if they put out some decent colors for the XL. Like black for instance....Miiverse needs to come ASAP as well


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I have a feeling we will see the upcoming 3DS Zelda at the GDC, wich will be held at the end of this month (according to Wikipedia). Phantom hourglass was announced at the GDC and so was Spirit tracks (If I am correct).

I really hope it will be a totally new Zelda, with maybe a totally new artstyle and again a fully explorable overworld (so no sea or train-tracks). It may be either top-down view or fully 3D (Like Oot 3D). Personally I think they just stick to the Windwaker style, but I guess it can look quite a bit better on the 3DS then it did on the DS! I really look forward to this one, not only because I loved Ph and St, but also because this title has the potential to arrive this year, while the next new one on the Wii u is some years of. Besides, I wasn't a gigantic fan of either Skyward sword or Twilight princess!



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