Topic: 2013 the year for 3DS?

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what is your fc for 3ds

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CrimsonFire13 wrote:

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Project X Zone
Pokemon X Y
Monster Hunter
Fire Emblem

ANIMAL CROSSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SarcasticWisdom wrote:

ANIMAL CROSSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least someone knows what they're talking about.

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CrimsonFire13 wrote:

Honestly never considered Animal crossing, what are the games about
I just wrote the games i was considering

Animal Crossing is an interactive game where your parents let you move to a village inhabited by friendly, animal neighbors. You can do whatever you want at your own pace and stylize your newly found house however you wish.

Paying off your house mortgage is the primary goal, which can be ignored if uninterested. Paying off every loan expands your house and, depending on the circumstances, Tom Nook will let you decide which expansion you want added to your house first, whether it's a basement or another floor.

Catching bugs, fishing, shell gathering, fossil digging, fruit planting, running errands, attending holiday events such as Halloween and Christmas, and so much more to do on a daily basis.

New Leaf, unlike City Folk on the Wii, is a true successor to its predecessors. New Leaf expands on all of this and provides an experience none of us are sure of. Which is exciting! I recommend waiting for NL ( should be out by Summer), rather than going out and playing the others.

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Cool. Thanks, Sounds Interesting enough by the time summer comes i might have enough money to buy this but there are lots of games i want to buy before that, for 3DS Wii U and also Pandoras Tower


Retro_on_theGo wrote:

kkslider5552000 wrote:

as long as localization of other cool stuff actually gets underway this should be a pretty awesome year for Nintendo as a whole.

Wish granted. Damn you KKSlider! If you wish one more awesome thing for the 3DS and it comes out I'm gonna have no money left to buy food! >:[

Your starving would be for the greater good.

Also we still have 3 to go for my own personal wishlist of localization.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

SMT4 (Maybe December 2013? I can dream), Rocket Slime 3D, and Bravely Default are all the ones left that I want Localized.

Rocket Slime tanked in the US did it not?

I want Layton vs Ace Attorney localized mainly. Nothing much else announced, but seriously, more Nintendo IPs instead of increasingly uninspired Mario games. New Metroid, new Zelda/Star Fox (said it a billion times before, screw the lazy ports), new Kirby (preferably 3D), most of all new WarioWare.

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With the recent announcements of really unlikely things like Project X Zone and Code of Princess hitting EU lands later this year this indeed will be a MASSIVE year for the 3Ds. Waiting on that bravely default release date now as well as a Zelda and Smash Brothers announcement!

Awesome year. Really.
Ill only get as much games as I really can play - so Im stocked with games for at least 2 years already.

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X Zone tanked in Japan, not the US. While still a factor, that's completely different.

No More Heroes was an absolute disaster in Japan. By the standards of the US/UK publishers, it did decent.
Rocket Slime failed miserably in the US. Thus, it doesn't make sense to expect them to localize the sequel.

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It's gained a cult following. That might be persuasive enough to get them to localize it. It wouldn't be the first time. I mean hell, we still got Mana games for a while. None of them sold well anywhere after Legend of Mana.

It also helps that Rocket Slime had very little promotion at the time. I was Active on the internet in 2006 and watched comercials and stuff. I never once heard about it until, like, 2009. Luckily soon after I bought the last copy brand new from KMart. While I don't expect that to change much, I think that gives us a little leverage - They weren't even trying before, so how could they really call it a failure? (not much leverage, but some)

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Nintendo is just ignoring Metroid! A new platformer is a good idea. The touch screen could be used to quickly scroll through your map and activate/deactivate items. Metroid Dread perhaps? I've heard those rumors and I do know that Nintendo is not making it, but this is just an idea. People haven't seen a 2D metroid ina while...

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TheLilK98 wrote:

The fact that an RPG failled IN JAPAN makes it extremly likely that it'll fail in the US. Either way, there've been several games that tanked and got sequels localized.

Am I saying something wrong?

No More Heroes tanked in Japan, but the publishers had enough balls to take a dive. And it worked. Localizing Japanese failures is a gamble, but some people take the dive. It's in no way a confirmed failure unless it's a Japanese culture-fest.

A game that failed in the US is a failure IN THE US.

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