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  • Nintendo Download 9th June 2009 (Japan)

    Music streaming, a Nintendo classic franchise and Namco arcade fun on the Wii and a murder mystery on DSi next week.

    WiiWare releases in Japan next Tuesday include something new in the form of Game Sound Station from Gust Co., Ltd. For 1000 points you get access to a number of tracks from dozens of video game soundtracks. You can then purchase tickets for listening to a larger number of tracks..

  • Nintendo Download Final Fantasy, Even More Art, and Animal Crossing Apps (EU)

    No love for the Virtual Console this week. Boooooooo!

    Things were looking good for a short while - The VC seemed to be getting new games every week as of a month or so ago. But two weeks ago, and now again this week, there's not a single new VC game in sight - Please don't tell us Nintendo of Europe is going back to alternating VC and WiiWare weeks!...

  • News Mario and Donkey Kong's Rivalry Returns Next Monday

    The third Mario Vs. Donkey Kong game is set to hit DSiWare next week.

    At Nintendo's E3 press conference there were quite a few surprises: New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, a new Metroid game by Team Ninja... but what's also quite surprising is that they announced a completely new game which is being released next week! Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! seems like a..

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    Review Mighty Flip Champs!

    Is Mighty Flip Champs the DSiWare service's first must-have title?

    It's no real secret that the majority of DSiWare releases to date can be described as uninspiring at best. DSi owners have had to sit and watch as one mediocre DSiWare title after another has been released on the service with nothing truly unique or original in sight - at least until...

  • News Nintendo DSiWare Promo Video

    Nintendo looks to show off some of their first-party DSiWare titles.

    Nintendo didn't want to ignore their new DSiWare service at E3, so they put together a promo video to show off some of their upcoming first-party DSiWare titles. Now a few of these games have already seen a release on the DSiWare service, but the video does show a bit of Mario vs...

  • News Pop Island Game Play Video

    See Odenis Studio's upcoming DSiWare action/racer in action.

    As you might remember from a news story we recently posted, Odenis Studio is currently developing a DSiWare title called Pop Island that includes a unique combination of action and racing elements. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on a game play video showing the game in action and giving a bit more insight into how the game will..

  • Nintendo Download Flip Champs, Final Fantasy IV, Boulder Dash (US)

    A quartet of games for you lucky North American people

    A four-game salvo awaits North American gamers this week; Mighty Flip Champs we already knew about but Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is likely to be the pick of the bunch for most Nintendo fans. The WiiWare release is set after the events of the fourth Final Fantasy game and promises the...


  • News Pop Island Coming to DSiWare

    Odenis Studio developing new action/racer for DSiWare.

    Odenis Studio is currently developing a new DSiWare title called Pop Island that will include a unique combination of both action and racing elements. The game will allow players to use various animals to race each other. The game supports up to 8 players using the DS Download Play feature available on any DS system. So while you'll need at..

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    Review Art Style: NEMREM

    The latest instalment in the Art Style Series - NEMREM.

    As soon as you fire up the game you're greeted with a visually very pleasing welcome screen that demonstrates a great example of the unique graphical style we have come to expect from the Art Style series. On the stage selection screen something resembling Morse code is “played” in the background, and although this doesn’t seem to serve..

  • News Mighty Flip Champs Coming June 1st

    Mighty Flip Champs hits the DSiWare service on Monday.

    We'll it looks like the grueling wait for Wayforward's first DSiWare release is finally over. We just received the press release announcing that Mighty Flip Champs will be released on Monday, June 1st for 800 Nintendo Points. Below is a copy of the official press release that offers a bit more...

  • News Alien Havoc Coming to DSiWare

    Creat Studios announce their first DSiWare title.

    Creat Studios have just announced their first DSiWare title Alien Havoc that's due for a summer 2009 release. The guys at Creat Studios were kind enough to supply some screenshots of the game in action along with the official press release. Below is the official press release that gives a bit more information about the upcoming DSiWare title. Creat..

  • Nintendo Download Space Harrier Arcade, Fish'em All and Art Style: NEMREM (EU)

    The first new arcade game since Virtual Console Arcade launched is accompanied by one more game for each service.

    After last week's lack of a new VC game it's a bit surprising to see just one this week. At least it's a somewhat long-awaited one! The arcade version of Space Harrier is long overdue - Its Master System port and Mega Drive sequel have...

  • News Teyon Announces Two DSiWare Puzzlers

    Polish development studio bringing new puzzlers to DSiWare.

    Polish game development studio Teyon has just announced that their two brand new puzzle titles, Robot Rescue and Ball Fighter, are headed to the DSiWare service. Below is a snippet taken from the press release announcing the two games, along with the official promotional media for both...

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    Review Photo Clock

    Is Nintendo's second clock application an improvement over their first release?

    Photo Clock is actually the second time keeping application to see a release on Nintendo's DSiWare service and isn't really all that different from the first one when you get right down to it. This time around, instead of an Animal Crossing theme, you get to decide what...

  • News Ghostwire Coming To DSiWare

    Swedish game studio bringing ghost hunting adventure to DSiWare.

    Already an award-winning title on mobile devices, Ghostwire brings the ghost hunting adventure to your very own surroundings in a very wild, and unique DSi adventure title. Using the DSi touchscreen, you can scan around your surroundings in search of ghosts. Only when you locate these...

  • Nintendo Download Popstars, WiiWare Remakes and Clay Fighting (US)

    Finally North America gets Bubble Bobble and Adventure Island on WiiWare

    This week the US Nintendo Download is playing catch-up with Europe except for a DSiWare app which is new. As a result we have already reviewed these games so you can get stuck right in if you like what you read! First up on DSiWare today is American Popstar: Road to Celebrity for 800 Nintendo points. This was released under..

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    Review Pop Superstar: Road to Celebrity

    This one definitely goes through to the next round!

    The premise is a common element of Saturday night television: a young hopeful with aspirations of stardom and a desire to perform on one of the seemingly endless “talent” shows. Previous games, especially on the handheld platform such as the 2003 Gameboy Advance title Pop Idol (American Idol in...

  • Nintendo Download 26 May 2009 (Japan)

    A little bit of madness and some exciting Arcade Classic surprises coming to the Japanese Wii next week, whilst the Japanese DSiWare service comes out of a dry spell.

    On the WiiWare front we have four titles coming out next Tuesday: Muscle March from Namco Bandai for 800 points features body builders and a...polar bear...trying to catch the people...

  • Nintendo Download Crystal Defenders R2, Penguins & Friends, PiCOPiCT and Pop Superstar (EU)

    Two WiiWare and two DSiWare titles for Europe this week.

    It seems like there is no Virtual Console game this week. Last week, however, we thought there wasn't one either - Then it suddenly appeared on the Wii Shop half an hour later! Perhaps the same will happen this time. Crystal Defenders R2 isn't much of a surprise seeing as North America got it last Monday. You once again have to defend your..

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    Review Art Style: PiCTOBiTS

    DSiWare goes to bits and pieces.

    Creating a killer puzzle game is a difficult task these days, mainly because pretty much all of the decent ideas have already been taken. However, Nintendo (along with developer Skip) have succeeded in cooking up an entirely fresh take on the 'falling block puzzle game' for DSi, and in doing so they've proven that there are still some good ideas floating around..

  • Nintendo Download Masks, Crystals, Chess and Art (US)

    The 300th VC game joins two WiiWare games and a single DSiWare release.

    Many people saw it coming - The amount of Virtual Console games available in North America was nearing 300, so it was logical to assume that Nintendo of America was saving Majora's Mask in order to make it game number 300. That turns out to be true - The Legend of Zelda:...

  • News Square Enix Confirms Dragon Quest Wars For DSiWare

    More top-notch RPG action coming to the DSi

    Famitsu magazine has revealed that Square Enix is to release Dragon Quest Wars on the Japanese DSiWare service some time in June. The game appears to be a mixture of turn-based strategy and a traditional board game. Both local and online multiplayer modes are expected to feature. Development duties are being handled by Intelligent Systems (Advance Wars,..

  • News Mecho Wars Confirmed For WiiWare and DSiWare Release

    Luc Bernard spills the beans in drunken video preview

    It's been a while since we heard from our old mate Luc Bernard but then he has been a pretty busy chap lately. He's moved to the US, founded his own development studio and is currently putting the finishing touches to the iPhone title Mecho Wars. The game is shaping up nicely and owes a massive debt to the Nintendo classic Advance Wars, which is..

  • Nintendo Download Swords & Soldiers, Pitfall and Even More Magic Tricks (EU)

    Fight some wars, whip some snakes or learn some more magic this week.

    As announced last week, today sees the release of a certain anticipated WiiWare title. Joining it is a Mega Drive game and yet another set of magic tricks for your DSi! Swords & Soldiers is WiiWare's first RTS game. With its cartoony 2D graphics, fairly deep gameplay and multiple game modes it's certainly one of the more..

  • Interviews Matt Bozon, Adam Tierney, and Sean Velasco of WayForward - Part Two

    Matt, Adam, and Sean talk about their respective projects at WayForward, among other things.

    Here's part two of the WayForward interview where the guys talk a bit more about some of their all-time favorite video game classics, as well as shed some new light on their upcoming A Boy and His Blob game. Q. We saw in the interview with G4TV where Voldi...

  • Interviews Matt Bozon, Adam Tierney, and Sean Velasco of WayForward - Part One

    Matt, Adam, and Sean talk about their respective projects at WayForward, among other things.

    WayForward, the company behind such stand out titles as Shantae and Contra 4, have already released their LIT title on Nintendo's WiiWare serivce, and are currently hard at work on several new projects for Nintendo's Wii console. We recently got the chance to catch up with three of the creative forces..

  • Interviews Kyle Gray talks Henry Hatsworth & indie plans

    Nintendo Life catches up with the man behind one of the most creative DS games to find out if there is life after EA.

    If you've read our review then you'll know that Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure is one of the most creative and fun games you can play on the DS right now; the blissful combination of gorgeous 2D visuals, top-quality platforming action and brain-bending puzzle gaming..

  • Nintendo Download Soccer, Pirates and Galaxies (US)

    One new game for every downloadable service.

    Last week's update wasn't exactly that hot. Unfortunately, the same can probably be said again this week. DSiWare's gone down from two games a week to one this time. At least it's a decent one! Real Soccer 2009 is pretty much a port of the DS game with the same name, which is really quite an achievement...

  • Nintendo Download Fantasy Zone II, Rainbow Islands and More Magic (EU)

    Two hits and one miss this week!

    All the signs were pointing to a new Hanabi Festival starting today - Nintendo of Europe did not reveal today's new games in advance (Unlike the past two weeks) which lead us to believe there'd be something big. On top of that, it's "Golden Week" in Japan at the moment, a national holiday! How much longer are we gonna have to wait? It's not all that bad..

  • News Nintendo Rejects Intellivision Lives for DSiWare

    It seems Nintendo doesn't allow emulation on their WiiWare or DSiWare services.

    After failing to find a publisher for his Intellivision Lives DS compilation, license holder Keith Robinson decided to submit the compilation to Nintendo for approval for a possible release on the DSiWare service. Unfortunately, Nintendo shot that idea down rather quickly. Mr. Robinson made the following statement..

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    Review Animal Crossing Clock

    Is Animal Crossing Clock a useful DSiWare application, or just an ironic waste of time?

    Animal Crossing Clock is the second Animal Crossing-themed application so far for Nintendo's DSi system. Nintendo has carefully put together a clock application and tossed in a bunch of Animal Crossing audio/visual influences to create yet another semi-useless...

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    Review Animal Crossing Calculator

    The Animal Crossing theme adds charm to this basic application - but is it ultimately enough to justify the cost?

    With the popularity of the applications available for Apple's iPhone, it comes as no real surprise to see Nintendo releasing apps for their DSi system. Animal Crossing Calculator takes the standard calculator function and builds an...

  • News OFLC Update: Super Mario Kart Finally Coming!

    The OFLC has recently been updated with a few new game listings, including a certain kart racing title Virtual Console fans have been clamoring for.

    It seems the wait for the Super Nintendo hit Super Mario Kart is almost over. The OFLC ratings board has been updated and includes four new titles we're likely to see made available on Nintendo's download services soon. Super Mario Kart is easily the..

  • Nintendo Download Clocks, Calculators, Penguins and Towers (US)

    If you want to pay for something the DSi already has it's your lucky day!

    As in the last few weeks there's two new games available on DSiWare today - But "games" isn't really the right word for them this time. The DSi already has a clock on its menu - The Animal Crossing Clock is really just a slightly more interesting variation. It's...

  • News First Look - Pop Plus: Solo

    We finally get to see the upcoming DSiWare title in action

    The original Pop WiiWare release was quite an entertaining little game that featured a very simple, yet addictive game play experience. With the introduction of Pop Plus: Solo on the DSiWare service, Nnooo hopes to capture lightning in a bottle for the second time. Pop Plus: Solo will still...


  • Nintendo Download Bit.Trip Beat, Dr. Mario, Magic and Galaxy Force II (EU)

    Alternating Virtual Console and WiiWare weeks come to an end!

    WiiWare's almost been out for a year in Europe, and it seems that because of that, Nintendo of Europe has decided to start using the same schedule North America does - Releasing both VC and WiiWare games every week. Of course there's another DSiWare game as well. None of the games are...

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    Review Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics

    Call Nintendo's bluff or fold.

    In the vein of the previously released Express titles, Clubhouse Games Express: Cards Classics offers a very slimmed-down, bite-sized version of its full-featured cartridge release. Whether this package offers enough to warrant a purchase is the question, and although this is a strong hand, ultimately there's no real...

  • Nintendo Download Clubhouse Games, Paper Planes, Platforms and Warring States (US)

    Nintendo of America's DSiWare push continues.

    The pattern continues this week - Two new DSiWare games and one new game each for WiiWare and VC are available once again. Both DSiWare games are cut down versions of already existing games. Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics includes five card games from Nintendo's DS game Clubhouse Games, but be...

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    Review Real Football 2009

    A good effort, but does it hit the back of the net?

    As the first Premium title available on DSiWare, there’s a certain amount of expectation surrounding Gameloft’s Real Football 2009. Do you get enough game for your 800 Points? First things first – Real Football 2009 is more or less a straight conversion of the same game that was released on...

  • News Asphalt 4: Elite Racing Gets ESRB Rated

    The iPhone racing hit heads to Nintendo's DSiWare service.

    We finally have our first DSiWare racing title making itself known with the official ESRB rating of Asphalt 4: Elite Racing. While we don't currently know a lot about this iPhone racer, we did manage to get a snippet of information from the ESRB rating listing that you can check out below. Asphalt 4: Elite RacingPlatform: Nintendo..

  • Nintendo Download Adventure Island, Crystal Defenders R1 & Real Football 2009 (EU)

    Another lovely lump of downloadable goodness lands in Europe

    It's Nintendo Download time again folks! This week we've got a tasty trio of European gaming greatness to tell you about. Adventure Island: The Beginning (WiiWare, 1000 points) is Hudson's latest instalment in its long-running Adventure Island series. This 2.5 platform title - which stars legendary Hudson employee Takahashi Meijin - is..

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    Review Dr. Mario Express

    Dr. Mario Express retains all of the addictive charm of past releases and proves to be a great fit for the DSiWare service.

    Over the years, Dr. Mario has become one of the most beloved Tetris clones available for any game system. From its original inception on Nintendo's NES console to the more recent offering on the WiiWare service, Dr. Mario has...

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    Review Master of Illusion Express: Deep Psyche

    Master of Illusion: Deep Psyche proves to be yet another tiny segment of average magic tricks taken directly from the DS retail release.

    Master of Illusion: Deep Psyche is essentially a small selection of magic tricks from the DS retail release packaged into a tidy little 200 Point DSiWare release. While the two new tricks are fun enough, once you've completed them, there's just nothing left to do,..

  • Nintendo Download Dr. Mario, Wonder Boy, More Magic Tricks and Crystal Defenders (US)

    Yes, it's yet another update with two DSiWare games!

    Art Style: CODE and Paper Plane are still absent - But don't worry too much, because you're now able to download Dr. Mario to your DSi. Dr. Mario Express is a simple portable version of Dr. Mario. But beware - You can only play the classic mode or Vs. CPU, there's no multiplayer mode! Naturally...

  • News Brain Challenge Heading to DSiWare

    Gameloft's popular Brain training series is heading to the DSiWare Store.

    Released back in November, Brain Challenge has gone on to become one of the Wii Shop Channel's most popular titles. Hoping to ride on the wave of success of that version, Gameloft is releasing a portable installment in the series on Nintendo's DSiWare Store. Below is part of the ESRB description: BRAIN CHALLENGE Platform:..

  • Nintendo Download Alex Kidd, Secret Command and Mixed Messages (EU)

    Two Sega Master System games and the first DSiWare update for Europe.

    Not much to get excited about this time - Other than Secret Command, today's picks are fairly weak. Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars was already released in North America a while ago. It's the second game in the Alex Kidd series and basically the beginning of the end for Sega's original...

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    Review Master of Illusion Express: Shuffle Games

    Does Nintendo's second Master of Illusion DSiWare release stack up any better than the first iteration did?

    While the retail version of Master of Illusion was an interesting package, it didn't exactly light up the DS sales charts, nor did it get much love from the media either. So how exactly does a second stripped down version of the game fare as an inexpensive DSiWare title? Not much better than..

  • News Mighty Flip Champs! On Nintendo Channel

    This game looks flippin’ awesome!

    If you read our recent interview with WayForward about their upcoming DSiWare game, Mighty Flip Champs! if you are anything like us you probably put this game right on your “instabuy” list. It certainly looks set to be the first DSiWare title to try and bring something original to the table. If you are keen to...

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    Review Mixed Messages

    Activision's DSiWare debut leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

    Mixed Messages could be classified more as an experience than an actual game, since there's actually no clearly-defined goal. You basically just alternate typing sentences and drawing pictures to try to match each other in an attempt to keep the original message intact. As you can probably...

  • Nintendo Download Mixed Messages, Pitfalls, Magic Tricks and Pirates (US)

    This week brings a new western publisher on board - Activision! And they haven't just released one game, but two!

    If you bought a DSi you'll be quite glad to hear that there's already some new games available this week. Of course the Wii Shop gets its usual new WiiWare and VC game as well! Mixed Messages is Activision's first DSiWare game. It's pretty simple - First, you enter a sentence. Then, you..

  • News More DSiWare Titles Revealed

    It looks like it's almost time for another round of DSiWare releases.

    Although we've just now experienced our first round of DSiWare launch titles, anticipation for more releases has already begun to build. Nintendo has just put up their new Official DSi Site which contains a new DSi promotional video containing footage of not only the...

  • News Nintendo of Europe Announces April-July WiiWare / DSiWare Lineup

    Cave Story and others coming soon!

    For the first time in, uh, well, forever, Nintendo of Europe has decided to give us a small glimpse of what we can look forward to in the next couple of months. Note that list is not complete - For example, Square Enix announced only yesterday that Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and Crystal Defenders R1 and R2...

  • News Gameloft Announces Real Soccer 2009 for DSiWare

    Gameloft looks to bring the authentic soccer experience to DSiWare with the announcement of their first DSiWare title Real Soccer 2009.

    Gameloft has just sent out a press release for their upcoming DSiWare title Real Soccer 2009. Combining realistic soccer elements with the unique DS touchscreen controls, the game hopes to produce not only a true-to-life soccer experience on DSiWare, but also one..

  • News Iwata and WarioWare: Snapped!

    Playing WarioWare Snapped! - 500 Points; Watching Iwata play WarioWare Snapped! - Priceless

    If you've played WarioWare Snapped!, then you know by now that it will make you do things that you ordinarily would never be caught on camera doing. But WarioWare Snapped! changes all that, by taking pictures of you while you play through the various...

  • Nintendo Download DSiWare, Equilibrio & Uncharted Waters (US)

    A monster DSiWare update to kick off the new North American ‘Nintendo Download’. Worry not, Wiiware and VC fans are not completely forgotten this week either.

    As you will see this week’s 'Nintendo Download' update is a bit of a beast as it includes all the DSiWare launch titles (which of course came out on Sunday!). For those thinking about...

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    Review Brain Age Express: Math

    It may be a stripped-down version of the original retail release, but Brain Age Express: Math retains much of the charm and fun from past titles.

    Nintendo's Brain Age DS releases were very successful titles, so it comes as no real surprise to see them releasing a trimmed-down version of the games for their brand new DSiWare service. Whereas the...

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    Review Nintendo DSi Browser

    Almost three years after the release of the original Opera Browser for the Nintendo DS, does this new iteration meet expectations or are we once again plagued with loading times from a decade long past?

    The Nintendo DS Browser was released around three years ago on October 6th 2006 for the Nintendo DS and the then newly released Nintendo DS Lite. The release garnered a great deal of hype - after..

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    Review Art Style: CODE

    An Art Style game based on boring old maths – could it be any good?

    If you've been following WiiWare and DSiWare releases closely, you should know all about the Art Style series – loosely based on the Japan-only bit Generations titles for Game Boy Advance (with two of the WiiWare games borne as remakes of these) – the games all feature very simplistic graphics and sound, but offer some fairly..

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    Review Art Style: AQUITE

    Addictive, entertaining, and a bargain.

    The Art Style series has never ceased to impress us; when the first three titles hit the WiiWare service late last year, they blew us away with their overall quality. Featuring elegant design, polished graphics, and pick-up-and-play controls, the Art Style series was a perfect-fit for WiiWare. Now that the DSi...

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    Review Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face

    Is Master of Illusion: Funny Face the magical experience DSiWare fans are hoping for, or is it more of a one-trick pony?

    While the retail version of Master of Illusion was an interesting package, it didn't exactly light up the DS sales charts, nor did it get much love from the media either. So how exactly does a stripped down version of the game fare as an inexpensive DSiWare release? Not too well,..

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    Review Pyoro

    A compilation of two of the silliest, most enjoyable, minigames to ever hit WarioWare.

    Anybody who's played every microgame in the original WarioWare will have met a small red bird called Pyoro. Basically, Pyoro is a member of an unknown species who has an extremely long tongue and an insatiable appetite for beans. And now, he's the star of not one,...

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    Review Paper Plane

    An upgraded version of the classic WarioWare minigame, but is it enough to warrant a purchase on its own?

    When the original WarioWare, Inc. was released for Game Boy Advance, it brought with it a fresh new genre all its own. The concept of 'microgames' – a continual bombardment of shortened games that must be completed in a few seconds – has...

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    Review WarioWare: Snapped!

    After two years we finally get our hands on the sixth game in the WarioWare series, but is it anywhere near as good as its predecessors?

    So far, every WarioWare game has focused on a certain gimmick: the original game simply had button controls, Mega Party Game$ was multiplayer-based, Touched! used the DS touch screen and mic, Twisted! had players...

  • News NoA President Talks DSiWare

    Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime distances the DSi from the iPhone, and lets a few tidbits drop as well.

    In a recent Q&A with Wired, Reggie Fils-Aime made a point of distinguishing the DSi's downloadable titles from the iPhone's. Specifically: "We are taking a film-festival approach — high-class content done by knowledgeable developers in creating fantastic experiences..

  • Nintendo Download DSiWare Launch Games and Majora's Mask (EU)

    DSiWare makes a splash while Link experiences a Groundhog Day

    The European launch of the shiny new Nintendo DSi has predictably been accompanied by a smattering of equally shiny new DSiWare games. European gamers can choose from the following downloadable items: Art Style: AQUITE - 500 Nintendo points Art Style: CODE - 500 Nintendo points Birds...

  • Interviews WayForward talk Mighty Flip Champs!

    From the moment we first heard of Mighty Flip Champs! we were intrigued. There wasn't much information on the game, but what we knew was exciting indeed.

    With WayForward's impressive pedigree, and some tantalizing gameplay mechanics, we knew we could expect their DSiWare debut to be something special, and we couldn't resist tracking them down for...

  • News US DSiWare Launch Titles Revealed!

    In a press release today, Nintendo has finally confirmed the complete list of North American launch titles. And there are a few surprises.

    The North American market will unwrap their brand new DSi units on Sunday, and if they decide to log on to the DSiShop, they will have the following five titles to choose from. There's WarioWare: Snapped!, which should get more than a few DSi cameras up and..

  • News DSiWare Launch Titles in Australia (and elsewhere...?)

    The Australian DSi Shop is open for business. Could its contents hint at identical launch titles for EU and NA?

    Just a quick run-through of the launch titles that Australia is now able to access and download on their brand-spankin'-new DSi units! Not really a very surprising launch as very similar rumors have been circulating for the past week or so, but this may be an indication of what other..

  • News Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!

    Times they are a-changin'

    In the history of mankind there have been many great moments. The discovery of fire. The invention of the wheel. The harnessing of electricity. Now we can add yet another achievement to that list - the creation of the new-look Nintendo Life! Yes indeed, what you now gaze upon is the culmination of months of hard work and...

  • News Is Game Design Art? Great Designers Say 'Not Really'

    At a GDC 2009 roundtable with renowned designers, Art seems to be a dirty word

    It’s a debate that has raged for centuries: Do video games constitute art? Ok, maybe not centuries, but it seems like a while. Personally, I say ‘yeah, of course it is!’, but I’m not the creator of games that have been hailed as art by so many. At this years...


  • News DSiWare Launch Titles Clarification?

    IGN is reporting slightly different launch titles than were previously revealed.

    In this article, IGN lists WarioWare Snapped! and Art Style: Azurio as DSiWare launch titles. That should come as no surprise, as we've already reported this. However they make no mention of Moving Memo, the utility that allows users to create and share simple animations with friends. In its place they list instead..

  • News 1000 Free Nintendo Points to EU Customers

    Just a quick news item to share welcome news

    According to Eurogamer, European gamers will also receive 1000 Nintendo Points free upon their first connection to the DSiShop. This offer will be valid for a limited time, but we do not have information on just how limited that time might be. The choice is yours: use the 1000 points to download a nice bunch of launch titles, or sit on them until the..

  • News US DSiWare "Launch" Titles Confirmed

    "Launch" deserves those quotation marks as we can only hope they will be available at launch.

    ...but, at any rate, they are North America's first confirmed titles, according to today's press release, and we have to admit, they're some pretty good ones to start with! The first is WarioWare Snapped! (500 points), which promises to make good use of the DSi's new camera, and will hopefully go a long..

  • News 6 New DSiWare Titles Coming to Japan

    The beginning of April will see the release of the DSi in three regions, and a whole load of new releases in a fourth.

    The good news: Japan is getting six releases at once, which might (underline might) suggest that DSiWare won't suffer as easily from the one-per-week schedules that sometimes affect WiiWare and the Virtual Console. Perhaps the smaller files and lower price points are encouraging..

  • News Rejoice! The DSi Gets a Virtual Console After All

    It finally looks like we have unofficial confirmation of the DSi's virtual console.

    Check out Kombo for the whole story, but the highlight --as we can all agree, is the revelation that the DSi will allow you to download Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games. Yes, you read that right. But feel free to go back and read it another few times; this news is that good. Also nice the news that the DSi lets..

  • News Target Confirms 1000 Free DSi Points

    If you remember, new DSi owners in Japan received 1000 free DSi Points upon visiting the DSiWare Shop for the first time.

    ... and it's looking like DSi owners in North American will be getting the same treatment. A spokeman from Target confirmed the free DSi Points in his official statement below. Upon initial access to Nintendo DSi Shop, 1,000 Nintendo DSi Points will be credited to your account,..

  • News Korogashi Puzzle Katamari Comes to DSiWare!

    According to Famitsu, Korogashi Puzzle Katamari will be DSiWare's entry in the tremendously popular (and tremendously fun) Katamari series. But it won't look a lot like its bigger brothers.

    Korogashi Puzzle Katamari looks (and appears to play) very similar to Pac-Attack, but you can judge for yourself by watching the trailer below. The game should be released in Japan this coming week for 500..

  • News DSiWare to Become Nintendo's App Store?

    Even if you've been living under a rock for the past year or so, you've heard about Apple's iPhone, and the great success they've had with their App Store service.

    Providing everything from pocket organizers to virtual beer to the ability to play your iPhone like an ocarina, the App Store has given Apple a great deal of public attention...not to mention impressive revenue. So it might not be..

  • News DSiWare Wants You to Mind Your Manners

    Another DSiWare game is coming to Japan this spring, and it looks...interesting.

    Kuukiyomi is the name of the game, although it seems more like an interactive etiquette course than a proper game. That's not to say it's a bad idea; watch the trailer. It's positively fascinating. And if they can actually make the lessons in good manners fun (it's tough to tell from the trailer, but certainly it can..

  • News Master of Illusion and Brain Training Coming to DSiWare

    It always pays to keep an eye on the OFLC ratings, especially since four more games have now been rated for release on DSiWare.

    First of all there are three (count 'em!) titles that may interest fans of Master of Illusion on the DS. They can look forward to playing Master of Illusion: Shuffle Games, Master of Illusion: Funny Face, and Master of Illusion: Deep Psyche on their new DSi. Are these..

  • News Phantasy Star Zero Mini Coming to DSiWare

    Looking for another big franchise to dip a toe in the waters of DSiWare? Well, Sega's got your number.

    The Phantasy Star series is set to release a DSiWare installment in the form of Phantasy Star Zero Mini. Japan will receive the game sometime this month, and while there's no assurance that it will see an English-language release, we can certainly hope. One way or another, it will be..

  • News GameLoft Enters the DSiWare Market

    As the release of the DSi early next month approaches, news of developers hopping aboard the DSiWare wagon continues to pour in.

    GameLoft is the newest developer to toss their hat into the ring, as some snooping on the PEGI website will reveal. It looks like Europe will be getting Pop Superstar: Road to Celebrity, which is classed as a "life simulation." Pop Superstar has also been..

  • News Nnooo Interview - Pop Plus: Solo

    Nnooo's Pop was one of the very first WiiWare releases and has gone on to become something of a poster child for downloadable gaming.

    Since the Wii launch we've also see an iPhone version, and the Aussie developer is putting the finishing touches to a DSiWare variant called Pop Plus: Solo as we speak. Keen to find out more about this, we got in...

  • News Luc Bernard Is Back With New Studio, Oyaji Games

    It’s been a long while since we’ve had anything to report on our friend Luc Bernard.

    There was a time when every other day we faithfully posted something about his antics, despite the fact the infamous Eternity’s Child is still yet to appear on WiiWare (of course this is Alten8’s problem now!). After a drunken hissy fit following bad reviews of the Steam version of Eternity’s Child on..

  • News Pop Plus: Solo Coming to DSiWare

    Following the announcement of the rather spiffy looking Mighty Flip Champs! by WayForward, we were wondering who would be the next dev to reveal their plans for DSiWare.

    Before we could even catch our breath Australian developement team Nnooo sent us a press release about their plans to port Pop to DSiWare under the name of Pop Plus: Solo. Since its WiiWare debut (which scored 8/10 with us), a..

  • News More DSiWare? Hudson to the Rescue!

    Or maybe not. At least, not yet... Sudoku Beginner 50 and Sudoku 150 are upcoming Sudoku downloads for the DSi, courtesy of our good friends at Hudson.

    Now we here at WiiWare World can't read Japanese (our lifelong shame!) and there's only so much we're able to glean about this game. But since the "Beginner 50" version is selling for 200 Nintendo points and the "150" version..

  • News More DSiWare: Mighty Flip Champs!

    Looks like we might have jumped the gun just a little bit with our DSiWare Pre-release Roundup! Some tantalizing details about another potential launch title are circulating...

    Mighty Flip Champs! will mark the DSi debut of WayForward Technologies. Not much is known about the game except that it takes place in a dungeon, which is navigated by...

  • News DSiWare: Pre-release Roundup

    For us here at WiiWare World, April can't get here soon enough. The Nintendo DSi will launch on April 2 in Australia, April 3 in Europe and April 5 in North America. That makes for a pretty exciting few days!

    The new DSi (for those intending to buy one) offers several intriguing new features, perhaps the most substantial being DSiWare. And with under a month to go, and expectations high, what..


  • News Nintendo DSi European Launch: April 3rd

    Following the news that North America will be getting the spanking new Nintendo DSi on April 5th many Europeans will have felt a slight twinge of jealousy.

    After all we usually get the good stuff late from the big N don’t we? Fear not, for a date has now been set and it’s two days earlier than North America! Unfortunately preorders are being taken in the UK for £149.99 (€170 / $215USD) for..

  • News DSi European Launch April 3rd

    Nintendo UK announce that the DSi will be released in Europe just before the US on April 3rd, here's the details:

    Nintendo will launch its new handheld console, the Nintendo DSi, in Europe on 3rd April 2009. The Nintendo DSi will be available in black or white and is the thinnest and lightest member of the Nintendo DS family. The console is packed with new features that will excite fans of and..

  • News Nintendo DSi launches April 5 in US

    Nintendo set the new version of the DS to launch for $169.99 with DSiWare all ready to go and also announce new "Rhythm Heaven" game.

    Nintendo pioneered hand-held entertainment in the ’80s and made it fully mobile with the Game Boy video game system. Now, Nintendo is transforming the way people access, experience, create and share content with the new Nintendo DSi system, the third iteration of..

  • News Nintendo DSi North American Launch: April 5th

    Nintendo has confirmed that it will be launching the DSi in North America on April 5th of this year and has given some tantalizing news regarding its innovative DSiWare service.

    In case you didn’t already know, DSiWare is shaping up to be the portable equivalent of the WiiWare portal that is already entertaining millions on the Wii. Games will be downloaded directly to the DSi and will be paid..

  • News Mr Driller Tunnelling His Way To WiiWare and DSiWare

    According to the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, Namco is set to release a new version of its successful Mr Driller franchise on the Japanese WiiWare service this month.

    Entitled Mr Driller World, the game will retail for 800 Wii Points and should be digging its way to sunlight on the 24th February. In addition to this, another Mr Driller game is due to emerge from solid ground on..


  • News Uno Coming to WiiWare and DSiWare

    Uno has become one of the most popular card games ever created over the years and it's also popped up on many of the game consoles as well. The Xbox Live Arcade release has become one of the best-selling Xbox Live Arcade releases and offers players all over the world the opportunity to play each other via the Xbox Live online gaming service.

    Gameloft has just announced yet another Uno release, this..


  • News Art Style Continues on DSiWare

    Exciting times for fans of the Art Style series - Nintendo of Japan has just revealed that two more games will be headed to DSiWare. They will be launched alongside the DSiWare service in Japan this Wednesday! Both games don't seem to be based on any of the bit Generations titles for GBA, and are completely new.

    In Art Style: Aquario you are presented with three large vertical stacks of blocks,..

  • News Nintendo Confirms Japanese Christmas Eve DSiWare Line-Up

    While the Western world waits anxiously for the launch of the shiny new DSi, the Japanese launch has been and gone – and it went quite well, thanks very much. Now Nintendo is focusing its attention on rolling out the much-hyped ‘DSiWare’ online service.

    Essentially a portable version of the WiiWare portal, it will allow DSi owners to download various games for their machine. The service..


  • News Gameloft Interview Reveals New WiiWare and DSiWare Details

    In a recent interview with GameDaily BIZ, French game publisher Gameloft revealed a few new tidbits of information regarding their plans for Nintendo's upcoming DSiWare service as well as their future WiiWare offerings.

    According to Gameloft, they're supposed to receive their DSiWare development kits sometime in December, at which time they'll begin to put together their first DSiWare titles for..

  • News New DSiWare Details Revealed

    New details about Nintendo's upcoming DSiWare service have recently come to light. The service will kick off in Japan in December 2008.

    There are already quite a few game packages that will be available for download including 6 Art Style DSiWare titles priced at 500 Wii Points each, as well as several Wario Ware micro game packages priced at 200 Wii Points each. You'll even be able to use the new..


  • News Sorry Kids – You're Not Allowed To Share Your Nintendo Points

    What with the shiny new DSi Store on the way and the promise of ‘DS Ware’ floating in the air like some captivating butterfly, Nintendo has recently announced that Wii Points will be rebranded as ‘Nintendo Points’. The idea being that you simply purchase a points card and then use it on either machine. Easy, eh?

    Sadly not. Nintendo has also confirmed that points will not be transferable..