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  • Nintendo Download 15th November 2010 (North America)

    Need for Speed Nitro-X, puppies and cards

    EA's high-octane racer Need for Speed: Nitro-X should have seen the light of day back in September according to an early release schedule, but delay caused it to burn rubber in November instead. It's easily the highlight of this week's release, which seem to show WiiWare and DSiWare have gone to the dogs...

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    Review Adventure In Vegas: Slot Machine

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

    There's a reason slot machines are successful: they tease the player with the chance of winning it big. The idea that you can walk in to a casino with only a few pennies to your name and walk out a rich man has enticed people for decades, and the game remains a staple at nearly every casino in existence. Once...

  • News Two Tribes has a Frenzic Release Planned for This Month

    Another puzzler under its belt

    Two Tribes has carved out a nice position for itself in the download market with its selection of puzzle games on the WiiWare service. Having already brought Toki Tori and Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH to release, the developer is getting ready to launch its upcoming port of The Iconfactory's puzzle game Frenzic from the App Store to the DSi Shop. Screenshots of the..

  • Nintendo Download 12th November 2010 (Europe)

    A little bit more for every service, plus a new demo

    With five new games and a demo on offer this week, you'd think that it would be pretty good overall. Unfortunately, only the Virtual Console game and the demo make up most of this week's goodness - The other four are all games North America already got, and none of them were very good. WiiWare:...

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    Review Rytmik: Rock Edition

    Rock solid

    The original Rytmik completely surpassed our expectations of what a portable music studio could do within the constraints of DSiWare. Now the follow-up Rytmik: Rock Edition is here with a very different sound and new features, but crucially more of the same surprising control and musical freedom. If you haven’t dabbled with Rytmik yet, it’s a music studio that lets you create your..

  • News Get Strategic on DSiWare with Glory Days - Tactical Defense

    From the team behind Pop Island

    Pop Island and follow-up Pop Island: Paperfield are among the best-looking titles on DSiWare, and now developer odenis studio is putting that graphical grunt to a different use in the form of Glory Days - Tactical Defense. A military-styled take on tower defence, Glory Days sees you building bases, rocket launchers...

  • Nintendo Download 8th November 2010 (North America)

    No demos here

    Whilst Europe welcomed the return of WiiWare demos last week, there's no such luck for North American gamers, who are demo-less for at least one more week. There's still a decent mix however with five games in total, if you could call Discolight a game. WiiWare: Gods vs. Humans (Zallag, 1200pts) – This deity-based strategy game...

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    Review Gene Labs

    Not quite gene-ius

    Every now and again a really great game comes down the pipe that is fun, engaging and exciting to play. Sometimes, as was the case with Ivy the Kiwi?, it even gets released on multiple platforms to accommodate those players who might not have one or the other. Unfortunately, sometimes the games that get released feel like shamefully stripped down and uninspired ports of other..

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    Review Sleep Clock: Record and Analyse Your Sleep Patterns

    Barely awake

    We've seen quite a few DSiWare applications from Nintendo, from stinkers such as Photo Clock to highly praised ones like Flipnote Studio. Now we have Sleep Clock, which works as both an alarm clock as well as a tool for recording your sleep patterns for analysis. Considering that the DSi already has a built-in alarm clock, is this...

  • News Supermarket Mania Heading to the DSiWare Checkouts Soon

    500 Points for shopping fun

    If you've always dreamed of running your own grocery shop – hey, it could happen – then you might be in luck soon. G5 Entertainment has just confirmed its multi-million selling iPod Touch title Supermarket Mania is on the way to DSiWare in Europe on Friday, November 19th for 500 Points. Players begin with a small...

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    Review Peg Solitaire

    Does it hit the peg on the head?

    Many Americans will probably recognise Peg Solitaire as a variation on what's more commonly as “that weird little game they have at all the tables at Cracker Barrel," but in Europe, Peg Solitaire is just, well, Solitaire (while that one-player card game we're familiar with is known as Patience). So if you feel like you've been missing out all these years,..

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    Review GO Series: Let's Swing!

    Not exactly the king of the swingers

    The GO Series will be a familiar sight to DSiWare gamers. First seeing release in the West back in September, the quirky series has been a hit among gamers with its emphasis on gameplay over graphics. So from 10 Second Run, Defence Wars and Pinball Attack, we now have Let's Swing, a take on the gymnastic sport high bar. There is only one basic mode ava

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    Review Paul's Shooting Adventure

    Nobody puts baby in a corner!

    No two superhero babies develop just alike. Superman, for instance, was mostly helpless as an infant and couldn't even fly until he was sixteen years old. Franklin Richards, the son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, could warp the very fabric of reality as a toddler. The Powerpuff Girls sprang into existence with an array of abilities, including flight. The..

  • Nintendo Download 5th November 2010 (Europe)

    Bonfire Night goes with a bang

    As well as the revelation that four WiiWare demos will launch across Europe this week, we also have brand new games for DSiWare and WiiWare as well. WiiWare: ThruSpace (Nintendo, 800pts) – A Nintendo-published puzzle game, this is the first ever WiiWare game to launch with a free playable demo. It's been out in...

  • Nintendo Download 1st November 2010 (North America)

    Robot boxes, genetic manipulation, super-powered babies and men dunking balls

    If your trick-or-treat bag didn't have a Nintendo Points Card by the end of the night, well, you might want to look into buying a couple packages of toilet paper and retracing your steps. Just sayin'. WiiWare: Robox (DreamBox Games, 1000 Points) — A gorgeous...


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    Review Go! Go! Island Rescue!

    Go! Go! Get this game!

    Don't you hate it when you're on vacation at a beautiful island resort and everything suddenly bursts into flames? Then you're in your hotel, trying to escape the inferno, while everyone else is running around like a bunch of twonks who don't know how to take care of themselves? Finally, firefighters eventually rush in and pick up all of the other guests in the hotel and..

  • Exclusive Flipper 2 Announced!

    Sequel with a twist!

    We promised you the exclusive on Goodbye Galaxy Games' new title and here it is: Flipper 2 is on the way to DSiWare! It's not just going to be a rehash of the original Flipper, however, as this concept art shows. Not only that, there's a big twist: you can play the whole game with just one button. All of Flipper's moves can be performed just by pushing one button, with Hugo..

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    Review Mahjong

    Pay the same, get less

    Mahjong titles were strangely absent from all of Nintendo's download services for a long time, but this year there seems to have been a sudden explosion of them. This is about the fifth mahjong game we've had this year, so is there really anything new here? Probably the best of the previous offers has been Simply Mahjong. For 200 DSi Points, you got 150 different puzzle..

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    Review Armada

    Air traffic, controlled!

    Managing time can be difficult: work, school, cleaning the house or anything else that you are compelled to spend your time on are usually no-brainers. You gotta do what you gotta do, though, and in Armada you gotta guide various flying vehicles to land safely on aircraft carriers in the middle of the ocean. The core of the game has you tapping aircraft on the touchscreen..

  • Nintendo Download 29th October 2010 (Europe)

    Fishing, lasers, chicks, sleep and more

    God bless the Nintendo download for bringing us another bounty of bizarre treats. If there isn't anything that tickles your fancy this week, we'd be very surprised. WiiWare: Reel Fishing Challenge II (Natsume, 500pts) – The follow-up to – you guessed it – Reel Fishing Challenge, this is a virtual...

  • News Goodbye Galaxy Games to Unveil New Game on Friday

    And we'll have the exclusive!

    If you played and loved Flipper on DSiWare, you might be eagerly anticipating the next game from developer Goodbye Galaxy Games. The good news is that you're about to find out what form it will take, and you can find out here first. Yes, we've teamed up with studio head Hugo Smits to bring you the first artwork and details of his new game this Friday. All we can tell..

  • News First Cave Story DSiWare Trailer Rocks

    And we've got it inside, of course

    The announcement that Cave Story is coming to DSiWare was pretty awesome news all around, and now we have the first footage of the game in motion to share with you. We'll also be bringing you more exclusive screenshots in the near future so check back soon for more Cave Story DSiWare coverage.

  • Nintendo Download 25th October 2010 (North America)

    Meet your FATE!

    October has been a good month for fans of downloadable games, with Shantae: Risky's Revenge, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and now BIT.TRIP FATE to round out the month with a bang. WiiWare: BIT.TRIP FATE (Aksys Games, 800pts) – The fifth BIT.TRIP title takes on another new genre: the shoot 'em up. With more of the same...

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    Review Spot the Difference

    It's hard to spot the fun sometimes

    Most of you will probably be familiar with the old game known as spot the difference. For those who aren't, it's generally meant for children and simply involves looking at two pictures side by side, an original image and an altered one, between which you have to find any differences. Now, Enjoy Gaming Ltd. has brought Spot the Difference to DSiWare, and for what..

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    Review Snapdots

    Aww, snap!

    If you think that there are all together too many puzzle games available on the DSiWare service, there is a good chance that you are right. It can be a bit overwhelming when there are so many great titles to choose from, but fortunately for you Snapdots has finally arrived in North America to make that choice a bit easier. This new, fun, and downright addictive puzzler will have you..

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    Review Academy: Tic-Tac-Toe


    DSiWare is already host to numerous pen and paper games, but out of all of them, Tic-Tac-Toe has got to be most pointless thing imaginable to put into virtual form. Nobody should need an introduction to what Tic-Tac-Toe is. You have a grid of 3 by 3 squares, and you and your opponent take turns filling one square at a time with either a cross or a circle. If either player can line..

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    Review Music On: Playing Piano

    Slightly off key

    Abylight's Music On: Playing Piano is the fifth musical outing from the Spanish developer, and one that takes a slightly different approach to its predecessors. In some ways that works out to its credit, but without the fun of free play it comes out slightly behind others in the series. Whereas Music On: Learning Piano gave the player simple sheet music to play along with, Playing..

  • Nintendo Download 22nd October 2010 (Europe)

    Nice and early this week

    Europe comes through with a bumper crop of downloadable delights for release this Friday. Shall we see what they are? WiiWare: My Starry Night (Hudson, 500pts) – Known as My Planetarium in North America, this is essentially My Aquarium for stargazers, with around 20,000 stars, planets, asteroids and more for your...

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    Review GO Series: Pinball Attack!

    No extended play here

    Pinball Attack! is perhaps the most interesting game in the GO Series yet. Developed by ArtePiazza, who has already worked on well-liked titles such as Opoona and several Dragon Quest games, we were expecting the 500 DSi Point price to be more than justified. Unfortunately, this did not turn out to be the case. Many different...

  • News Flipnote Studio Celebrates Mario's 25th Anniversary

    Get animated

    What better way to pay tribute to the moustachioed man himself than with a bit of hand-drawn animation? That seems to be the thinking at Nintendo, as it's recently launched a new festival for Flipnote Studio asking artists to create animations based on the plucky plumber. To help out, Nintendo's even offering two audio samples that...

  • News Space Ace ESRB Prepped to Enter the DSiWare Dimension

    More nostalgic cartoon action on the way for portable players

    Don Bluth's Laserdisc classic Space Ace has been given the official ESRB treatment, which means that fans of full motion video arcade gaming will be able to play it on the DSi consoles in the not-too-distant future. We've already seen the likeable Dragon's Lair on DSiWare, and a trilogy of Don Bluth's titles (including Space Ace) is..

  • Nintendo Download 18th October 2010 (North America)

    Happy holidays and mystic quests

    The past two weeks have seen high profile downloadable releases in both shapely and spiny forms, so whilst this week lacks a true flagship title it does offer two new Nintendo-published titles and the scheduled Virtual Console download. WiiWare: ThruSpace (Nintendo, 800pts) – Formerly known as the far more...

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    Review G.G Series: Super Hero Ogre

    An exercise in frustration

    In late August, the North American DSiWare service saw the release of Genterprise's G.G Series: Ninja Karakuri Den, the first title in its G.G Series of games to make it across the ocean from Japan. Now, two months later, the second instalment in the series of inexplicably titled games has made it stateside as G.G Series:...

  • Nintendo Download 15th October (Europe)

    Sonic returns, and brings some other stuff

    As was previously announced, today sees the anticipated European release of the first episode of Sonic the Hedgehog 4. It's accompanied by the next titles in the GO and Music On series, as well as some other stuff. Unfortunately, there's no Virtual Console game, but that's to be expected now! DSiWareGO Series: Pinball Attack! (Gamebridge, 500pts) – The..

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    Review Ivy the Kiwi? Mini

    Ivy the Kiwi? light

    After spending years helping Sega create some of its most popular console releases during the Mega Drive and Saturn eras, Yuji Naka decided it was time to form his own development studio. His main goal was to create gaming experiences that appealed to a much broader audience. No better title could sum up this goal more perfectly than his newest creation, Ivy the Kiwi?. Now XSEED..

  • News You Can Soon Tickle the Ivories in Music On: Playing Piano

    Friday for Europe, Monday in North America

    Having already learnt the instrument in Music On: Learning Piano, now you can enjoy simply playing it in Music On: Playing Piano. Out in Europe tomorrow and reaching North America on Monday, your 200 Points earns you fifteen songs and knowledge of the necessary notes to play them yourself. The press release...

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    Review Datamine

    Pang in the future

    If you're an arcade game connoiseur, you may be familiar with the Pang/Buster Bros. series. With your grappling hook gun, the objective was to fire lines across the screen to pop the numerous bubbles bouncing around on contact. Of course, you yourself had to avoid any direct contact with the bubbles, or you'd get a quick Game Over. The series was recently revived, so is the..

  • Nintendo Download 11th October 2010 (North America)

    Sonic the Hedgehog returns!

    A good array of titles this week, with the 2D return of Sonic the Hedgehog taking top billing of course. DSiWare fans can get a pinch of Sonic creator Yuji Naka's latest platforming adventure, Ivy the Kiwi?, but there's also sports and puzzle games if platforming isn't your thing. Let's do it to it! WiiWare: Sonic the...

  • News Shantae Soundtrack Doing Great, Thanks to You

    Yes, you

    We may never know if Shantae: Risky's Revenge sells as well as WayForward hoped, what with strict limitations on the discussion of sales figures, but one aspect of the game that's definitely doing better than expected is the original soundtrack. Released at the end of September, the soundtrack by Jake "virt" Kaufman is up there...

  • Nintendo Download 12th and 13th October 2010 (Japan)

    WiiWare and DSiWare together again

    It looks like the heady days of surprise Japanese Virtual Console releases are well and truly behind us as there's only one VC release scheduled for the rest of the month and it's not happening next week. Instead there's a pair of WiiWare titles, which were starting to get as rare as hen's teeth. DSiWare is sparse...

  • Nintendo Download 8th October 2010 (Europe)

    Three for DSiWare, one each on WiiWare and VC

    In an unexpected turn of events, the press release for this week's European Nintendo Download turned up early, but who's complaining? Well, anyone hoping to grapple with Shantae: Risky's Revenge and Cave Story, but at least next week sees the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, so there's a...

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    Review Rummikub

    Basic and boring or fantastic and fun?

    If classic board, card and table top games that have been brought to the DSiWare service were pop stars, solitaire would be Lady Gaga and Rummikub would be Kelly Rowland (formerly of Destiny's Child). While one stands alone and captures the attention of millions, the other struggles with popularity unless they...

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    Review Petz Catz Family

    It's a cat-astrophe!!

    Petz has been around for a long time. Starting back in 1995, it saw a big reboot back in 2006 and has since seen multiple titles spanning all the way from mobile phones to the PS2, and are generally set around raising one particular type of virtual animal, such as a hamster or a kitten. The DS is no stranger to the series,...

  • News Academy: Tic-Tac-Toe Chooses Champions from October 15th

    DSiWare noughts-and-crosses inbound

    Gamelion's Extreme Hangman caused quite a stir when it landed on DSiWare, quickly becoming one of the best-selling games on the service, so the Polish publisher is hoping lightning strikes twice when its next portable outing launches across Europe on Friday October 15th for 200 Points. Academy: Tic-Tac-Toe is, as...

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    Review Shantae: Risky's Revenge

    Stop reading now and go buy this game

    When the original Shantae was released in 2002 on the Game Boy Color, it was lauded for its amazing animation and challenging platforming action. Unfortunately, this was after Nintendo had launched its new Game Boy Advance system, and sales of the unique title never really reached the level many expected them...

  • Interviews WayForward - Shantae: Risky's Revenge

    Matt Bozon talks about his long-awaited sequel

    After an eight year absence, WayForward's half-genie has finally come out of the bottle for her brand new sequel just released on Nintendo's DSiWare service. Shantae: Risky's Revenge captures all of the unique gameplay of the original and expands upon it with all new magical powers and animal...

  • News Extinguish DSiWare Fires in Go! Go! Island Rescue!

    Exclamation! Marks! Aplenty!

    We're used to seeing ports from mobile phones to DSiWare – take a bow, Gameloft – but when the subject matter in question is an acclaimed puzzler our curiosity is aroused. Connect2Media is about to make its break into the DSiWare arena with its upcoming title Go! Go! Rescue Squad! later this month. Taking the role of Robbie the firefighter your job is to protect the..

  • Podcast NLFM Episode 9: Halloween Hootenanny

    You don't need to be the master of unlocking to access these horror treasures

    Boo! It's a regular fright fest in this episode of NLFM as we queue up some of our favorite horror game tracks. BEHOLD! the wonders of mad science gone wrong! GASP! at the children of the night! WONDER! how Chuck D. Head doesn't need more painkillers! RUN! from the Scissorman! Dare you listen? Dare you not? In case you've..

  • Nintendo Download 4th October 2010 (North America)

    Shantae arrives!

    No messing around this week, let's get straight to the good stuff. DSiWare: Shantae: Risky's Revenge (WayForward, 1200pts) – The genial genie finally returns in this highly anticipated release. The price point may seem steep, but WayForward assures us this one is packed with enough content to keep you going for ages. Our full...

  • News Multiplayer Brawling Comes to DSiWare with Cosmo Fighters

    Download Play battling from Abylight

    Taking a break from its array of musical titles, Spanish developer Abylight is bringing some old-fashioned fighting action to DSiWare with its upcoming title Cosmo Fighters. The title's focus is on sharing the game with friends, with Download Play allowing up to four players to face off against each other using...

  • News Nordcurrent Joins the Monster Buster Club on DSiWare

    Animated series coming to download

    Nordcurrent is best known for its 101-in-1 Party Megamix and Ninja Captains, but the publisher is making strides into digital territories with its first release, Monster Buster Club, due for release later this year. The publisher describes the title as "mini-games", so don't expect it to deviate too much...

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    Review FIZZ

    Fo Fizzle

    Shocking update: a puzzle game was released on DSiWare this week. Non-sarcastic shocking update: it's actually pretty good. We know, we know, it's hard to get too excited about downloadable puzzle games these days, but even with stiff competition on the service, FIZZ still proves itself as a fun and affordable puzzler – even if it's slightly less than perfect. FIZZ is simple to play,..

  • Nintendo Download 5th & 6th October 2010 (Japan)

    October begins with Virtual Console and DSiWare

    WiiWare's alternating weeks continue, but at least there's the Virtual Console to keep Wii owners happy – even better when the releases include classic arcade games! The DSi has a trio of actual games for a change with nary a lifestyle download in sight. Virtual ConsoleCommando (800pts Arcade, Capcom) – This is the first VCA release from Capcom..

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    Review Zenonia

    DSiWare's first must-have RPG

    With RPGs being such a popular genre, it's surprising to see that, up until now, Legends of Exidia has been the only one available on the DSiWare service. Fortunately, for the poor RPG fans who have been feeling neglected, Gamevil has finally added a new title to the mix with their release of Zenonia. Despite both...

  • Nintendo Download 1st October (Europe)

    Plenty of PooYoos, Petz, Gods and Humans

    Hopefully the exciting news about upcoming Virtual Console releases for Europe will be enough to satisfy retro fans for now, while this week there's two WiiWare and three DSiWare titles to quench your thirst. WiiWareGods vs. Humans (1500pts, Zallag) – We've been looking forward to this comical strategic combat title, which will hopefully set publisher..


  • News Nicalis Wants You to Know Cave Story DSiWare Music is Perfect

    Upcoming update for WiiWare too

    Cave Story was a much anticipated WiiWare release – of course, European gamers are still much anticipating its eventual release – but the forthcoming Cave Story DSiWare is beginning to mimic its big screen predecessor in terms of generating excitement. Some gamers will be hoping it doesn't copy some of its...

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    Review GO Series: Defence Wars

    Tower defence with a twist

    Tower defence games aren’t really a new concept on DSiWare, and with already a few titles in the genre available, you might wonder whether this one has anything special to offer. It turns out that GO Series: Defence Wars gives a nice twist to tower defence that makes it a bit more interesting. In most tower defence...

  • News 3DS To Get Revamped Online Shop

    Better interface, faster menus and a new Virtual Console

    Nintendo's Wii Shop Channel and DSiWare Shop may have some great games on them, but browsing the services for content could be a bit easier. Unless you go in there knowing what you want, finding something new and interesting can be a bit cumbersome, as sifting through menu after menu can take...

  • News Yes, You Can Transfer DSiWare to 3DS

    Software you've bought can be saved

    One of the worries about the 3DS was whether the DSiWare that you'd lavished your hard-earned Nintendo Points on would make the jump across to the new console. According to a Nintendo PDF, the answer is "yes, but with limitations." Those limitations seem to be that some software simply won't be...

  • News Shantae: Risky's Revenge Soundtrack Now Available

    And the tunes won't break your wallet either

    If you're one of the ones anxiously awaiting next week's release of Shantae: Risky's Revenge on DSiWare, the kind folks at Wayforward have a little treat to help tide you over. The full soundtrack of the game is now available for download and the interesting (and rather generous) twist is that you can...

  • Nintendo Download 27th September (North America)

    Two each for WiiWare and DSiWare

    This week's release schedule is as varied as usual, taking in potentially fatal sports games to cerebral puzzlers, with two games apiece for WiiWare and DSiWare and the expected break from Virtual Console. WiiWare: Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts (700pts, Incredible Technologies) – The follow-up to Target Toss Pro:...

  • News Thorium Wars Blasts European DSiWare After Twelve Month Wait

    Better late than never

    Thorium Wars, believe it or not, was released in North America in October 2009, and until now hadn't troubled European gamers' radars. Now the space adventure is set to land on European DSi consoles on Friday, October 8th, for a cheaper-than-in-North-America 800 Nintendo Points. You can read our Thorium Wars review to find out more about this extremely polished and enjoyable..

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    Review Everyday Soccer

    Hardly in the Premier League

    When it comes to soccer on the DSi, it really comes down to the Real Soccer franchise, and we're certainly not complaining. For a mere 800 Points you can get a portable, yet retail-quality version of the beautiful game with tons of content. Still, it's nice to see a game like EveryDay Soccer come along. Offering a more...

  • News Exclusive Sneak Peek at Shantae Fan Club Mailer

    WayForward also confirms that DSiWare release is the complete game!

    The nice folks at WayForward Technologies were kind enough to give Nintendo Life an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming Shantae Fan Club mailer that will be sent out soon. It seems gamers who already own Mighty Flip Champs are in for a little treat when they purchase Shantae:...

  • Nintendo Download 28th & 29th September 2010 (Japan)

    Two each for Wii and DSi next week

    Could predictions of the death of WiiWare in Japan have been premature? It appears so as there's two new titles coming next week, both from 3rd parties. Import gaming fantatics should reign in their excitement, however as both appear to be "lifestyle" apps rather than games. The DSi offerings are unlikely to engender any excitement either since one of..

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    Review Nintendo Countdown Calendar

    Count it out

    Have you ever wished for a calendar that counts down to the day of literally any event that you programme into it all by itself? Well, thanks to Nintendo's latest DSiWare application, the Nintendo Countdown Calendar, your dreams can now become a reality! This new application provides users with a calendar that has a separate list...

  • News Spirit Hunters Inc. Trailer Shows Augmented Reality in Action

    Get into the party, spirit

    Nnooo has made a name for itself on the downloadable Nintendo scene, with titles as varied as Pop+ Solo and myDiary, and now it's ready to show off the latest game in its line-up, the spirit-hunting DSiWare title Spirit Hunters Inc. Shadow/Light. Using the DSi's camera to perform augmented reality actions, where in-game graphics merge with the real world, the first..

  • News Black Lantern Studios' Enchanting Fairy Tale Release

    Gather round and watch the announcement trailer with us

    It must be a fairly busy period for Lemon Team and Reflexive Entertainment at the moment; with the recent announcement that the collaborative release of Airport Mania: First Flight will soon be launching on the WiiWare service, and with the DSi getting its own Airport Mania too, it's never too bustling to be bringing out one more game. Black..

  • Nintendo Download 24th September (Europe)

    More Final Fantasy, robotic boxes, and more

    After two Virtual Console-less weeks, the service returns with a bang with another title from Square Enix. It might not be one of the most fondly remembered games they've made, but the more the merrier! It's accompanied by a few interesting WiiWare and DSiWare titles. WiiWareRobox (1000pts, Dreambox Games) – This week's only WiiWare title. From what..

  • News First Cave Story DSiWare Screenshots

    Portable Cave Story in action

    With the recent news that Cave Story is indeed headed to the DSiWare service this fall, screenshots of the game in action have already become hotly anticipated. Luckily, we were able to get our hands on three shots of the game in action for you to enjoy. We'll keep you..

  • News Shantae: Risky's Revenge Coming October 4th

    The much-anticipated platformer is on its way

    WayForward has just announced that its brand new DSiWare platformer Shantae: Risky's Revenge is headed to the DSiWare service in North America on October 4th. We'll keep you posted on any news on the title and we'll have a full review shortly after its release early next month. We've also got an...

  • News DSiWare to Get Frenzic Thanks to Two Tribes

    Room for one more puzzle game

    DSiWare is a pretty crowded place for puzzle games, so the announcement of one more is generally met with more than a little world-weariness. When the team behind the announcement is Two Tribes, the studio responsible for Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH and Toki Tori, you might be a bit more inclined to show interest. The studio is publishing portable puzzler Frenzic on..

  • News Airport Mania Touching Down on DSiWare Too

    Not just WiiWare

    Just last week we brought you news about Airport Mania: First Flight's approach to WiiWare, and now we can bring you confirmation the title is also on its way to DSiWare. Black Lantern Studios, the team behind Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex and Agatha Christie's ABC Murders, is in charge of development duties, with the game expected to reach the DSiWare arrivals gate

  • Nintendo Download 20th September 2010 (North America)

    Throwing and Caterpillars on WiiWare; Aero 2 on VC; Soccer, Go Series and Countdown on DSiWare

    The world of Nintendo Downloads is often surprising, even for aficionados such as ourselves. Sometimes a long-awaited title appears; others come from out of the blue. Enjoy this week's line-up. WiiWareTriple Throwing Sports (Code Monkeys, 500pts) – The follow-up to previous WiiWare release Triple Shot..

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    Review myDiary

    Everyone, take note

    Nnooo has seen a fair amount of success with DSiWare. Originally starting off with Pop+ Solo, the developer really began to make its mark on the DSi with the myLifeCollected series, a set of applications for the DSi that started with myNotebook. Since then, Nnooo has moved onto other applications such as myPostcards and...

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    Review Castle Conqueror

    The beginner’s RTS

    With its touch screen and stylus controls, the Nintendo DS seems like it was practically built for real-time strategy games. Sadly, entries in this genre have been few and far between. Publisher CIRCLE Entertainment comes out of the woodwork with Castle Conqueror, an all-new RTS for DSiWare. Referred to as a strategy game for...

  • Nintendo Download 21st & 22nd September 2010 (Japan)

    VCA and DSiWare next week in Japan

    Japan receives a mix of RPGs, shooters, mathematics training for youngsters and short quizzes about feudal Japanese history. Virtual ConsoleRomancing Saga 3 (800pts, Super Famicom - Square-Enix) – The third in a series of RPGs from one of the RPG masters. Exed Exes (800pts, Arcade - Capcom) – An early Capcom shooter we cannot say we're great fans of, but it's..

  • Nintendo Download 17th September (Europe)

    Not a whole lot of excitement

    Nintendo of Europe has chosen not to release a Virtual Console game, instead giving you the choice of several games that will likely not appeal to many hardcore gamers out there. You have been warned! WiiWareAdventure on LOST ISLAND - Hidden Object Game (Ateam Inc., 500 Points) — More similar to "Aha! I Found it!" Hidden Object Game rather than Ateam's..

  • News North America Gets to Run for Ten Seconds in Five Days

    A reason to dash to your DSiWare shop on the 20th

    A representative at Rising Star Games has just let us know that their title GO Series: 10 Second Run, the first part of an effort to bring fun Japanese budget titles to Western shores, will be hitting the North American DSiWare shop on September 20th. We thought that this little title, with its simple style and pick-up-and-play nature, was quite the..

  • News myDiary Hits Europe on Friday

    Nnooo's newest application makes its debut

    The folks at Nnooo have just announced that their myDiary application is headed to the European DSiWare service on September 17th for 200 Nintendo Points. You can check out the full press release below for more information and we'll have a full review of the application shortly after its release on Friday. Nnooo announces the launch date of myDiary™ for..

  • Nintendo Download 13 September 2010 (North America)

    Find, conquer, scribble and flip this week

    Got 500 WiiWare or DSiWare Points burning a hole in your digital wallet? Perhaps one of this week's Nintendo Download releases will help you put out that fire. WiiWare: Adventure on LOST ISLAND - Hidden Object Game (Ateam Inc., 500 Points) — Another find-fest brought to you by Ateam, the folks behind the...

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    Review Music On: Acoustic Guitar

    Good guitar or bad lyre?

    Music On: Acoustic Guitar is like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree – its beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you know your way around a fret board, you may see it as a fun tool to mess with when you can't lug your giant six-string around with you. Gamers with no prior guitar knowledge, however, will see it as a useless,...

  • First Impressions Shinobi Karakuri-den 2

    Double the ninjas, double the fun

    Retro gaming fans surely enjoyed the first Ninja Karakuri Den (as it's known outside of Japan), playing like a cutsey combination of Ninja Jajamaru Kun and Mappy. This sequel is pretty much the same game with a few tweaks to the formula, as with the other G.G. Series sequels we've seen thus far, continuing the impression that Suzak still have the magic 8-bit touch..

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    Review Where's Wally? Travel Pack 3

    Go find something else

    Over the last two weeks, Ludia has brought their video game adaptation of the highly successful Where's Wally? book series to DSiWare in Europe, cutting down their game Where's Waldo? The Fantastic Journey into three episodes. We didn't exactly think too highly of Where's Wally? Travel Pack 1 and Travel Pack 2, and, expectedly, the same can be said of Travel Pack 3..

  • Nintendo Download 14th & 15th September 2010 (Japan)

    Another triple threat for Japan next week: BIT.TRIP, VCA and DSiWare

    WiiWare: BIT.TRIP RUNNER: Rhythm Alien no Geki Sō (500 Points, Arc System Works) — A lot of Japanese Wii owners are going to be happy next week as BIT.TRIP RUNNER finally arrives in Japan. The fact that the price is the same 500 Points as the rest of the series kind of makes up...

  • Nintendo Download 10th September (Europe)

    More catching up

    There's only one real surprise this week, and it probably won't be a pleasant one for most people, as it comes in the form of a new highest price for a WiiWare game. That particular game's also one of only two truly new titles this week, with every single other one already being released in North America and all but one of those also having reviews already. Expectedly, the Virtual..

  • News Rytmik Gets Amped in Rytmik: Rock Edition

    New edition of pocket music studio on the way

    We brought you the announcement of Rytmik: Rock Edition last month, and now we have the first screenshots and audio samples to bestow upon you. As well as the appropriate array of instruments including electric, acoustic and bass guitars as well as new drum and keyboard sounds, parts of the game's...

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    Review My Exotic Farm

    Cleaning up animal excrement just got a whole lot more exotic

    If My Exotic Farm teaches us anything, it's that picking up animal poop isn't any more fun in Africa than it is in America. And yet, it isn't any less fun either. So while it may simply be My Farm with a new lick of paint, My Exotic Farm still may be worth a look for those who missed out...

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    Review Where's Wally? Travel Pack 2

    Not a stripe has changed

    Last week, we saw Ludia’s attempt at bringing the highly popular Where’s Wally series to DSiWare with Where’s Wally? Travel Pack 1 in Europe, a version of the full DS title Where’s Waldo? The Fantastic Journey. While it proved to be fun at times, the game’s downloadable release has forced it to be cut down into episodic format so as to fit the service's space..

  • News myNotebook Tan Release Dates Announced

    Newest colour soon to be available

    Nnooo has just announced that myNotebook Tan will be coming to Europe/Australia/New Zealand on September 10th and in North America on September 13th. The application will cost 500 Nintendo Points in all regions. For those of you still on the bubble, you can check out our full review of the title to help you decide. You can also check out the official site for more..

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    Review GO Series: 10 Second Run

    More than ten seconds of fun

    With the GO Series, Gamebridge is attempting to give once Japan-exclusive DSiWare a chance elsewhere in the world. Their first pick for release in Europe is 10 Second Run, a very simple little title which greatly resembles something one would expect to find online as Flash game. That's not a bad thing, though. The...

  • Nintendo Download 6th September (North America)

    Westerners on WiiWare; Samurai on VC; Exotic Farms, Mahjong and Acoustic Guitars on DSiWare

    Today might be a national holiday in United States but that doesn't mean the Nintendo Download is taking a day off, with five releases including the return of Virtual Console in the form of Samurai Shodown III. WiiWareFenimore Fillmore: The Westerner (Revistronic, 1000pts) – Take the role of cowboy..

  • Nintendo Download 7th & 8th September 2010 (Japan)

    The gang's all here: WiiWare, Virtual Console and DSiWare next week in Japan

    WiiWareSurinuke Anatōsu (800pts - Nintendo) -- Though we've gotten the distinct impression that third parties have abandoned WiiWare in Japan, Nintendo certainly hasn't. Keys Factory is credited as the developer – a bit odd since all they seem to make are Wii and DSi accessories like stands and cases. If this is their..

  • First Impressions G.G Series Chō Hero Ōga 2

    This sequel is MIGHTY difficult

    Having collected the first wave of G.G Series titles, Genterprise and Suzak have decided to go back to the well and release their sequels. As with ZONE 2, Chō Hero Ōga 2 takes the fundamentals of the original and extends them whilst maintaining the same level of fun. The transition is not unlike moving from early arcade games to those of the late 1980s onwards,..

  • Nintendo Download 3rd September (Europe)

    Another retro fighter, and more

    Thankfully, the wait for another Virtual Console title wasn't long - Surely you managed to get by with just one week of no new retro games? It's accompanied by the first of Gamebridge's GO Series, and five other games. WiiWare: Fishie Fishie (500pts, DK Games) – The only WiiWare title this week. Fairly similar to...

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    Review Cosmos X2

    Perhaps a bit too old-school for some

    Shoot 'em ups have evolved quite a bit since their humble beginning in arcades back in the early 80's, taking on a much more maniacal pacing and intensity in recent years. While we've already seen Metal Torrent offer a more modern shooting experience on the DSiWare service, Cosmos X2 takes a slightly different approach and brings a more classic variation for..

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    Review Music On: Learning Piano

    Ode to Joy or odious toy?

    If Music On: Learning Piano was the last source of piano-playing knowledge on Earth, the art wouldn't be lost forever. That said, it doesn't offer instruction in the traditional sense like Art Academy does. The game includes no nutty professor or girl next door to teach you how to read sheet music or enlighten you with musical theory. Heck, there isn't even a platonic best..

  • News Strum Along with Music On: Acoustic Guitar Next Week

    Abylight hoping it strikes a chord

    If you like using your DSi to make beautiful music, you've so far been mostly limited to keyboards and studio software, with few to no alternatives. Abylight's Music On series is about to throw a new six-stringed option into the mix with the launch of Music On: Acoustic Guitar next week. Selling at the same 200...