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News: EnjoyUp Promotes DSiWare Games with New Video

EnjoyUp Promotes DSiWare Games with New Video

Also in the eShop

EnjoyUp has a decent array of games available to buy in the DSi Shop and 3DS eShop, but it's no good having them if people don't know about them, right? Good job this new video sums up the company's line-up so neatly, then. Featuring innovative retro shooter 99Bullets, red hot Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ and sibling...

News: Try to Escape from Makatu in North America on 18th August

Try to Escape from Makatu in North America on 18th August

Acclaimed title crosses the pond

DSiWare gets new games every week, but not all of them are worth your hard-earned Points — that's why we review every single one of them, of course. One of the better titles to reach the service this year is Zoonies - Escape from Makatu, which is heading to North America on 18th August in both the DSi Shop and 3DS eShop. We gave the game 8/10 in our Zoonies -..

Nintendo Download: 11th August 2011 (Europe)

11th August 2011 (Europe)

Back with a vengeance

A small download this week with four titles reaching European shores. Wii owners get nothing sadly, with the Wii Virtual Console drought stretching to two months now. 3DS Virtual ConsoleAvenging Spirit (Game Boy, JALECO, £2.70/€3) — You play a murdered gangster out to rescue his girl. Luckily your ghostly form can inhabit other characters to help you along the way: think..

Review: B Team - Episode 2: Ice & Venom (DSiWare)

B Team - Episode 2: Ice & Venom (DSiWare)

New name, same game

May of 2011 saw the DSiWare release of B Team - Episode 1: Dust & Steel. Now, a short three months later, the gang is back in B Team - Episode 2: Ice & Venom. Anyone who played the first game (or read our Dust & Steel review) will know exactly what to expect here. As this game clearly shows, consistency is not always a good thing. Picking up where the first game left..

Review: Successfully Learning German: Year 5 (DSiWare)

Successfully Learning German: Year 5 (DSiWare)

The end of an era?

Another week, another instalment in the venerable Successfully Learning series from Tivola. Successfully Learning German: Year 5 is on DSiWare so young German speakers have another opportunity to return to Freddy the Vampire’s classroom. It’s the final instalment in the series, so prepare to graduate and say goodbye. How does the series end, any exciting changes or variations..

Review: Artillery: Knights vs. Orcs (DSiWare)

Artillery: Knights vs. Orcs (DSiWare)

A misfire

Most of us have played one of them before: one of those free online Flash games where your goal is to hit something by firing a projectile, after deciding what angle and what speed the object should be thrown or shot at. Of course, you'll also be familiar with this concept if you've played any Worms game. Artillery: Knights vs. Orcs takes this concept and turns it into a small-scale, two..

Review: My Australian Farm (DSiWare)

My Australian Farm (DSiWare)

You call that a farm? THIS is a farm

Ahh, life on the farm. The sweet taste of buffalo milk, sheep and crocodiles playing together... OK, perhaps My Australian Farm isn't the most realistic agricultural simulator, but at least it makes for a decent money-management time-waster. This, along with My Farm, My Exotic Farm and the upcoming My Asian Farm, all coexist in the 2009 retail release My Farm..

Nintendo Download: 4th August 2011 (North America)

4th August 2011 (North America)

It's Mario's Picross time!

Get out the chisel and get on the grid as the original portable Picross comes to 3DS Virtual Console, alongside some Spanish, black-and-white rubber-burning and plenty more. 3DS Virtual Console: Mario's Picross (Game Boy, Nintendo, $3.99) — The classic picture crossword game makes its way across the pond after its 14th...

Review: GO Series: Portable Shrine Wars (DSiWare)

GO Series: Portable Shrine Wars (DSiWare)

Shinto to go

What do you get when you mix Mikoshi (portable Shinto shrines) and top-down shooters? Oddly enough, you come up with Gamebridge’s newest DSiWare release, GO Series: Portable Shrine Wars. But is this bizarre combination a match made in yomi, or is it just too weird to work? The goal in Portable Shrine Wars is to race your Mikoshi...

Review: Oscar's World Tour (DSiWare)

Oscar's World Tour (DSiWare)

Around the world, around the world

Oscar's World Tour marks the fourth instalment of the series on DSiWare, and once again finds Oscar in the familiar situation of tracking down Baby Oscars and heading for the Pig Stop. While the game stays very close to its predecessors in terms of gameplay, the developer has tossed in a few new visual twists to give it a fresh new look. But are these cosmetic..

Nintendo Download: 4th August 2011 (Europe)

4th August 2011 (Europe)

Wakka wakka wakka

The maze craze comes to 3DS with the world's most famous yellow pill-muncher landing on Virtual Console this week. Elsewhere there's a catch-up on DSiWare and a new WiiWare game, though sadly Wii Virtual Console is left lacking again. 3DS Virtual ConsolePac-Man (Game Boy, Nintendo, £3.60/€4) — The ever-hungry blob is back again, revisiting his Game Boy outing from the early..

Nintendo Download: 28th July 2011 (North America)

28th July 2011 (North America)

Farming, shrines and more

In all the excitement about 3DS price drops and free download games, don't forget your old friend the Nintendo Download. Here's what's available in North America later today. 3DS eShop: Let's Golf! 3D (Gameloft, $6.99) — The eShop's first properly new downloadable game, Gameloft's golfing game features six courses, eight...

Review: Antipole (DSiWare)

Antipole (DSiWare)

Rock you like a Hurricane

While it may be difficult to achieve the recognition and greatness of Shantae: Risky’s Revenge or Cave Story, platform adventure games are still very welcome on DSiWare. Antipole, the newest title from Saturnine Games, might not be the most original genre entry in the universe, it is still a very gravitating game with a...

News: Castle Conqueror Sequel Starts a Revolution

Castle Conqueror Sequel Starts a Revolution

They might take our land...

Some months ago, CIRCLE Entertainment released Castle Conqueror on DSiWare, and it turned out pretty well. There was some room for improvement though, so we're hoping that the newly announced follow-up Castle Conqueror — Revolution is a better big brother. We termed the original game a strategy game for beginners, but Revolution is aiming for a tougher challenge, with..

Review: Jagged Alliance (DSiWare)

Jagged Alliance (DSiWare)

Watch out for sharp edges

On paper, Jagged Alliance looks like a must-have for fans of tactical role-playing games. A mid 90s PC classic that was originally distributed as a DS retail release in 2009, now available at a significantly lower price of 500 Nintendo Points – it’s a win-win, right? Well, two areas that hit the mark are storyline and tactical depth. The original was highly regarded on..

News: Crazy Hamster Swaps Pet Shop for DSi Shop in August

Crazy Hamster Swaps Pet Shop for DSi Shop in August

Part of the DSiWare genus

Having passed Nintendo's lotcheck earlier this month, Gamelion's Crazy Hamster will gnaw its way to the DSi Shop early August. Players will help the little hamster get from one part of the level to another via a selection of tools that will help the little fella navigate the terrain as if it was Bear Grylls. Gamelion has...

Review: Kung Fu Dragon (DSiWare)

Kung Fu Dragon (DSiWare)

Since you're climbing a waterfall, you're more of a Kung Fu Salmon

If there's one thing we can say about Kung Fu Dragon, it's that there's really not much to say about Kung Fu Dragon. It's a game that's content to limit itself in nearly every respect, and that's going to earn it its share of detractors, but it's also a game that makes surprisingly effective use of its simplicity. There will be..