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  • Gunpey DS DS

    The Wonderswan puzzler is reborn on the DS - but has Mizuguchi's Q Entertainment done enough to elevate it to truly classic status?



  • Elite Beat Agents DS

    Elite Beat Agents are GOO!!! -Commander Kahn Tap, slide, and spin your way through awesome songs in this interactive rhythm action game for the DS!

  • Cooking Mama DS

    As I have already stated in my preview the concept for Cooking Mama is utterly fantastic. To think that there are still companies out there that want to be original, that want to make something new and that want make use of Nintendo’s technology is quite heart warming to me.


  • Crash Boom Bang! DS

    Crash landing on DS, mini games a plenty, but how does this measure up to previous Crash titles?

  • Densetsu no Stafi 4 DS

    Starfish are so adorable... but hard to understand in Japanese

  • Superman Returns DS

    Here is a little fact for you: Superman is shit. Why people choose him as their favourite superhero I will never know. How can you relate to an alien character that perfectly resembles a human and wears his underwear outside his tights? Oh and couple that with the fact he is perfectly invincible and it all gets a bit pointless really, doesn’t it?









  • Jump Superstars DS

    Characters from Japanese manga Jump's franchise's all duke it out in a Smash Brothers style game.

  • Pac-Pix DS

    Draw Pac-Man, move him and gobble as many ghoulies as possible in this DS adventure.