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  • Metal Slug 7 DS

    Europe has had to endure a painful wait for the seventh entry in SNK's epic 2D blaster franchise - but has it been worth it?






  • Bleach: Blade of Fate DS

    Finally - a fighting game DS owners can be proud of

  • Ninja Reflex DS

    Ninja Reflex is essentially a minigame collection in the same vain as Brain Training, Maths Training, Sight Training, Potty Training and Learn-To-Walk-With-Nintendo. Ok so I made the last two up but you get the idea.



  • Contra 4 DS

    Some of us have waited nearly two decades for this game - does Konami's latest 2D effort match the brilliance of the SNES Contra III?


  • Bomberman Story DS DS

    Hudson pulls Bomberman out of the multiplayer arena and drops him into another game type. Is it a successful transition?

  • Orcs & Elves DS

    The orcs have overrun the mountain, can you get to the bottom and save the King?

  • Boogie DS

    Dancing seems to be everywhere right now, so why not in your pocket?



  • The Sims 2: Castaway DS

    EA's best selling franchise relocates to a somewhat less comfortable environment - but is this a situation worth surviving?

  • MySims DS

    MySims arrives on the DS. Is it time to remove Animal Crossing: Wild World from your DS cart slot?





  • Trioncube DS

    The DS certainly isn't short of puzzle games. Does Namco Bandai's latest release have enough charm to stand out from the crowd and represent a worthwhile purchase?


  • Final Fantasy III DS

    The 'lost' Final Fantasy is at last made available to the English-speaking world. Is it a glorious reinvention of a genre classic, or merely a pointless step back in time?


  • Pokemon Diamond & Pearl DS

    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have finally arrived on the Nintendo DS. Was it worth the long wait? (Yes!)

  • Dead 'N' Furious DS

    Dream On Studio’s tribute to Sega’s ‘House of the Dead’ hits the DS – is it the sleeper hit of the year or as sad and shambling as the flesh-eating zombies contained within?

  • Theme Park DS DS

    Resurrected from the PC original released in 1994, Theme Park on the Nintendo DS places you as the designer, developer and manager in a realistic and believable finance-based simulator.

  • Meteos: Disney Magic DS

    Arguably the best DS puzzler in existence returns with a brand new appearance – but has this alliance with the House of Mouse sullied the game name of the series?

  • Puzzle Quest DS

    Tetris meets Final Fantasy? That can't work, surely? We lift the lid on one of the most interesting DS releases of the year.