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Win a Metallic Red 3DS!

If Father Christmas didn't bring you the 3DS console you asked for, Nintendo Life is here to save the day.

We've got one of the highly sought-after Metallic Red Nintendo 3DS consoles (European) up for grabs in our exclusive competition. All you have to do is answer the question, cross your fingers and wait.

About The Prize

Nintendo 3DS is the latest handheld console from Nintendo and offers revolutionary 3D graphics without the need for special glasses. With 3D photography, 3D video recording and plenty more advanced features, it's the must-have games console of the moment.

Find Out More

The prize is one (1) Nintendo 3DS console in Metallic Red. There are no runners-up prizes this time.

How To Win

It's simple, login or register and answer the question, we'll randomly select the winner(s) and contact them via email.

Enter The Competition

Sorry, you're too late, the competition is now closed, please try again another time!


Closing date for entry is 4th January 2012, winners will be contacted via email for their postal address, prizes will then be posted via registered mail. You may only enter once, duplicate entries will be removed. You must be a EU resident to receive the winning prize.

User Comments (109)



RedYoshi999 said:

Aww, you crushed my hopes as you said "EU resident." Damn you Europe, lucky people... Also that's a pretty hard question you've got there



R-L-A-George said:

MAN! I would of liked to bless someone with that!
I hope someone well deserving will get this. XD



Late said:

Well that was a hard question, I really hope it was the 2013 one
I never win anything in these kind of competitions although I enter in every free competition I find.



James said:

Welcome to all our new members and new posters — thanks for saying hello!



Aviator said:

Australians on the other hand...

And yay to another competition. Hopefully the person that wins will enjoy his/her system.



iPruch said:

If I win it, I will give it to a friend who does not have one and wants it. If not, I hope it'll go to someone who really wants it and doesn't have one yet.

Good luck everyone!



Nazz said:

I've already got a Aqua Blue 3DS which I love, I guess if I did atually win (which I doubt I will) I could give it to my sister.



SkywardLink98 said:

I'd enter, but under the quiz it says "Please note that this competition is only open to residents of the EU."



NigelHarris said:

Great way to bring in new members to this site. Have just registered to enter in this brilliant comp. great site btw have 'lurked' here for a long time.



Victoria said:

I really wanted a red 3DS from the begging, but I didn't want to wait to see if a red one would even come out.



djosh444 said:

I've entered for my bro who only has a ds lite- i think he's due an upgrade
plus then we can race on mariokart together



Robo-goose said:

I decided to attempt holding both of my thumbs after seeing what you wrote.
It's a tricky process.

Good luck to one specific person!
djosh444, the random number generator chose you as the person I am supporting. Grats.



Geonjaha said:

Good luck everyone. Red is the best current colour in my opinion. :3
@25 I'd give it to my sister as well if I got it.



James said:

You guys should really read before entering! Though we know what country everyone's from before we pick a winner so nobody from outside EU will win.

@NigelHarris Thanks for the compliment — glad you like the site!

I should also mention that this particular 3DS has been sat in my very office for about two months, significantly increasing its value.



Chris720 said:

It's been sitting in James' office for two months? This 3DS must... be... Godly!



bahooney said:

May I ask why it's only for European residents? I personally would've loved to enter, seeing as how Nintendo of Europe has been on a winning streak of gold compared to NOA.



ItsPeeps said:

Curses! Foiled again by Lady Geography!

^Please read in a Snidely-Whiplash-esque voice^



bahooney said:

@James, I know, but there are instances where a European 3DSware is released weeks if not months before NOA gets it. There are also instances where Europe will get a game that North America will not. Though the original DS is region-free, I was fortunate that Tingle's Freshly Picked Rosy Rupee Land was released in Europe. I also had to import a European Wii for Xenoblade. I enjoy having consoles from every region to get the most gameplay imaginable!



Xinhe said:

I entered even though my sister and me both have a 3DS each already, if I win I'll cause chaos in my class by saying that I'm giving out a 3DS, who wants xD



Tasuki said:

What I find kinda messed up is that the 3DS contest is only open to European residents only but the History of Nintendo contest is open to everyone??? Why not make the History of Nintendo one NA only? Granted its not a 3DS but its kinda jacked making one contest for everyone and one only for certain people. Either that or why dont you have a NA 3DS contest for us North American residents?



Blaze said:

Yay, I entered! Hope that I win. Just wondering, couldn't people just create duplicate accounts and enter several times?



theblackdragon said:

@Tasuki: The reason we don't have a NA 3DS contest going at the moment is because we don't have a NA 3DS here in the US to offer. It's sitting in James' office at the moment, and since we can't guarantee it'll make it through US customs with any sort of ease, we apologize, but them's the breaks.

The History of Nintendo contest, though, that company has a foothold in Europe and North America both, so the prizes can be sent from either our offices in either region or directly from the publisher's agents themselves, however it's being handled.

From this point on, I'm going to be deleting all comments made for the purpose of whining and complaining about how the contests are set up. If anyone would like to argue the directors' decisions further, please feel free to take it to the Contact Form, which goes straight to their inboxes. I'm also going to delete any more 'whoops, i entered but i'm not in the right region' comments — it's okay! Mistakes happen, and we know how to find where you're coming from, so your entry won't be counted. We certainly thank you all for being so honest, but this thread is cluttered enough as it is :3

@MiracleBlaze: We have ways of ferreting them out, so that won't be happening. :3



Tasuki said:

@TBD: Ah that makes sense sorry if I came off as whining. But I forget since 9/11 that what you can and cannot ship has changed alot.



Monsti said:

Come on, guys (from America ^^)....there are SOOOOO MANY competitions on the web where only you and noone else is alowed to enter. Leave this one little 3DS to us.



Chris720 said:

I understand the Americans reasoning, we already had a 3DS competition earlier this year that was EU only and the Americans are feeling left out.



James said:

Also don't forget that Pix'n Love Publishing offers free worldwide shipping on all its items, and seeing as books are region free — at least, to the best of my knowledge — we can offer that prize around the world thanks to the generosity of Pix'n Love.

@Bahooney All good reasons to import a European 3DS, then



Chris720 said:

If I win this, I might transfer all my data over to the Metallic Red one. Send in my Aqua Blue one for repairs and then give it to my GF... she doesn't like red so. :3

I hope I win... I was lucky before, please let me be lucky again. :3



Chris720 said:

Err, yeah! She's always wanted a 3DS and this could be my chance to give her one, you never know. :3



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm gonna enter on the off chance NL are willing to send it to Australia. The 3DS would work perfect over here so I don't see why not!



TingLz said:

I didn't realize that Australia was a part of EU. You learn something new everyday



Late said:

@xDemon720x: Comment 72: That competition (if you mean the one you won) wasn't only EU, it was only UK if I recall correctly. Otherwise I would've entered and won the 3DS instead of you



grumblegrumble said:

@theblackdragon @james While I understand you mods have a right to delete whatever comments you want across this whole site, sometimes i think you're a little too 'delete happy.' What does it hurt if a few members are sad they can't enter? Life goes on, just ignore them, but give them the freedom to say what they want if they want to. Just my 2 cents. Good luck to whoever in Europe wins the contest. I'm happy to see people winning stuff!



Cyrso said:

This competition made me register.
I've been a visitor for a long time.



Chris720 said:

@Late Oh, was it? I thought it was for all of the EU, my mistake... also, you won't win! I'll make sure of it :3



alLabouTandroiD said:

Must . resist . answering !
I've gotten too used to my black release day 3DS to change to a non-limited, not very redesigned model now. Paired with the certainty that others here would be bazillion times happier if they win it just wouldn't feel right to me. Good luck pals.

PS: Welcome new people.



James said:

@grumblegrumble We work hard to provide competitions to as many people as we can. I understand it's frustrating not to be able to enter contests but I don't want to see dozens of comments whinging about it

@WiiLovePeace The terms of entry for the competition are quite clear: you must reside in Europe to win this prize.



Drewroxsox said:

I hope someone winswho deservesit..... Not someone boasting about having multiple 3DSes ( I guess that's the plural form ). Well, good luck to everyone and congrats to who ever wins. Stupid George Washington and his followers ( thanks to them I can't win this 3DS and I missed out on having a cool accent ).



Henmii said:

I didn't enter because I already have a 3DS, but good luck to everyone!



sinevina said:

i live in continental europe (istanbul/turkey's european part) but my country isnt a member of EU. Why don't you change the rules into Europe, instead of EU only?



invmat said:

I would love to win it, I didn't get it with christmas and I like red. Too bad the chances of winning are 1/10000 . Well then, good luck to everyone !



Jfilesguy said:

I already have a blue 3DS, but one of my friends wants a 3DS (he's playing MK7 on mine now,) and it would be nice to have more that 1 person on my friend list (i only put people I know on my list)

That buddy of mine lived in italy for a year, but now he's back here, WHY!?



Faithedphoenix said:

I hope whoever gets it will surely enjoy the crap out of it it's fun and not only that Pokemon is coming up with more surprises January 14th I have a blue 3DS

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