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Win a copy of Flipper for DSiWare

Goodbye Galaxy Games would like the opportunity to give one lucky Nintendo Life reader a limited edition boxed copy of Flipper for DSiWare with 2000 Nintendo Points. All you have to do is download the awesome from Flipper paperfold (by Bryan of, Print, Cut, Fold, Tape. Once you've created your Flipper paperfold you need to take a kick-ass photo, the photo must include your paperfold then whatever else you put on the photo is up to your creative mind (Photoshop'ed images are accepted!). Goodbye Galaxy Games will then pick their favourite based on originality and kick-ass-ness.

About The Game

Flipper is a 3D puzzle/platform game. You need to lead our hero to the exit. To do this, you need to collect cool powerups that can change the environment so our hero can safely reach his goldfish.

Find Out More

See what our resident DSiWare reviewer, Corbie Dillard, thought of Flipper in our full review, you can also checkout screenshots and trailers for this vibrant game from GoodbyeGalaxyGames.

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Closing date for entry is 20th March 2010, winners will be contacted via email for their postal address, prizes will then be posted via registered mail.

Flipper was released in the UK on Fri 23rd April, 2010.

User Comments (14)



Supermegaman said:

Looks fun! I think i may as well make a twitter just for this! 2000 points and flipper box?
But none of you should enter. that would be dumb.



Oregano said:

Is this only for US members then?

I don't thin I'd feel right about getting the game without paying for it anyway!



bboy2970 said:

Wow! I don't even really care about the points card. I've got my eye on that boxed copy of Flipper! I'm a collector of rare and limited things and that wiuld definitely fit the bill! I'll try my darndest to win but if I don't, would anyone be interested in selling the boxed copy to me if they won??



SilverBaretta said:

@bboy2970: Isn't the box the whole reason to do this besides 2000 points you can just buy? Me predicts many more people joining soon.......



Sylverstone said:

Ooh.... I just need some good sturdy paper.... and a nice background. Jamaican sunset, anyone?



jangonov said:

I wish I had time to do it, I have the cardstock paper, but I have to work way too much to take the time to put proper effort into it, and even if I had the time off, my printer is out of ink. Maybe I can print it at work



GammaGames said:

I just signed up, ive been getting my reviews and news about Nintendo stuff here. Great site, and im gonna try to do this! the foldable looks fairly simple.



cheapogamer4life said:

Ah,,,,,,,,, welcome to Nintendo life GammaGames. Hope you enjoy your stay with us.
on topic-no printer for me so count me out.



EdEN said:

If this contest was in April I'd be all over it but as it is right now I barely have time to sleep (because of work) let alone form a creative enough entry to win this. I've already purchased Flipper on DSiware (short and sweet and price is right for what the game is) but the boxed copy does intrigue me...



GammaGames said:

ty cheapogamer4life! just printed it, il just fold it and try to create a descent photoshop pic with it!

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