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And Yet It Moves

Nintendo Life really liked And Yet It Moves with its incredible ripped-paper style – and so should you. That's why together with Broken Rules we can proudly offer free copies of the game to ten lucky North American readers. All you have to do is answer the competition question below and cross your paper fingers.

About The Game

And Yet It Moves is a puzzle-platformer set in a unique world, made of ripped paper. Within the paper-collage you can jump, run and, last but certainly not least, rotate the world. This has clear implications on the game environment: walls become floors, tunnels may suddenly be used as downward slides and a stone resting on the ground may fall, becoming either a dangerous obstacle or useful object for catapulting.

Find Out More

We recently reviewed the game, and found that "Vertigo has never felt so fun" awarding it an impressive 9/10 score.

How To Win

It's simple, login or register and answer the question, we'll randomly select the winner(s) and contact them via email.

Enter The Competition

Sorry, you're too late, the competition is now closed, please try again another time!


Closing date for entry is 9th September 2010, winners will be contacted via email for their console/system ID, prizes will then be gifted directly to the console. You may only enter once, duplicate entries will be removed. You must be a North Amercian resident to receive the winning prize.

And Yet It Moves was released in North America on Mon 23rd August, 2010.

User Comments (79)



rustythekid said:

What if I registered my Wii in North America and I use the North America store? and according to Nintendo I belong to the North America region...



Punny said:

I haven't downloaded this game yet, so it's a good thing I entered. I hope I am one of those 10 lucky people!



TheBaconator said:

I'm not very fluent in French so I had to take a swing at it and guess. Hope I didn't strike-out.



Weskerb said:

Man! I really want this game, but being in the EU I guess I'll just have to 'yo pago'!



MrB4 said:

Already downloaded the game, but hope the 10 people who win have as much fun as I did with it.



LuWiiGi said:

I hope there's a competition for Europe too...I get annoyed when developers leave us out. I probably wouldn't win anyway...I've never won a prize in my life.



pikku said:

I just took a random quess. I don't expect to win....but I want to



HipsterDashie said:

We haven't had a Euro competition for a while now. Stop leaving us out!

That question was too easy, didn't even need to use the translator thanks to my l33t Italian skillz. I reckon I should get a prize for that.



thaantman said:

Man hope I'm one of the winners, hope winners are notified the day entry is closed cause I gotta send my wii in for repair disc drive having issues waiting for my shipping label from nintendo to come in the mail they said 3 to 4 days so should get here on tuesday since monday is a holiday. I wont be able to enter the wii code of whom ever would be gifting me the game



SwerdMurd said:

@OB - no need to completely remove all challenge from the proceedings

Apparently growning up listening to grandma spout this language paid off.



MeloMan said:

The game lives up to the hype, I finally broke into it the other day and just the first 3 stages alone had me hooked. Good luck to all and even if you don't win, PLAY this game anyway!



EdEN said:

Ok, entered the contest. Hopefully this time I get a shot at the 10 copies since not winning Ivi the Kiwi? and the signed piece of artwork was an emotional low...



MasterGraveheart said:

Ohhhhh, hoping I win, hoping I win, hoping I win.... If I do win, I won't annoy anyone with my griping about a lack of Shantae in that next upcoming Nintendo Download... unless you people have grown to like it, in which case I'll do it twice! C'moooonnnn~~~



Deviant_Mugen said:

As Stuff said, the answer's pretty obvious, even without translating it on google or whatever...

I don't really know why I entered, since my Wii can't connect to the internet, but oh, well...



ToastyYogurt said:

Forget Google Translate, whenever I have to answer a question like this for a contest here I just look up the game on Wikipedia.



Wiilicious said:

@ballkirby1 Like someone previously said...this is not french it's italian. But you make me smile...Gulp. You make me doubt my first language is french.



ReddLionz said:

Oh man, I should really think before I take a random guess on these things.
I looked it up on google translate after
Oh well, probably wouldn't have won anyway.



pikku said:

I'm madat myself for not seeing how amazingly obvious the answer was



wanderlustwarrior said:

It seems to me that both this and the Cave Story competition had the answers readily availible on a certain Wiki. Having seen those pages before participating, I can't help but wish the answers were removed in the intervening time.

Hopefully I can win a competition, just this once, since I'd been waiting on this game since it was announced for Wiiware, but don't have the money right now to get it.



Kidpit said:

Well I entered. Got to say, the question is a lot harder then in other competitions. Actually had to leave the site to find the answer.



Zach said:

@TLink9 Whoa... deep. Who indeed makes the questions that we ask? Even this one, and yours?

When I came to Nintendo Life today, I didn't expect to have my mind BLOWN.



Mikeman711 said:

I wasn't sure about getting this one with all the new great ones coming out, but hey, if it's free!!

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