• News A Spiritual Successor To 1080° Snowboarding Might Be In The Pipeline

    We'll take ten...eighty

    Back during the Nintendo 64 generation, Nintendo EAD released Wave Race 64 and then followed it up a few years later with the extreme sports title 1080° Snowboarding. A second installment called 1080° Avalanche (developed by NST) was then published for the GameCube in 2003. Since then, Nintendo’s done pretty much nothing...



  • News Latest Steel Diver: Sub Wars Update Takes Community Feedback Onboard

    Fixes based on player advice

    Following the release of version 4.0 earlier this month, Nintendo has updated its unconventional but addictive multiplayer shooter, Steel Diver: Sub Wars, to version 4.1. The latest update reverts changes made to submarine diving and surfacing angles to an earlier state, after feedback from the community’s player...

  • News Steel Diver: Sub Wars Version 4.0 Is Now Available

    Dive in and check it out

    Less than six months after the release of version 3.0, Nintendo has updated its unconventional but addictive first-person shooter, Steel Diver: Sub Wars, to version 4.0. The full details about version 4.0 have been revealed on Miiverse by the 3DS eShop title's director, Takaya Imamura: In Version 4.0, we've added the




  • Interview A Look Through the Periscope at Steel Diver: Sub Wars

    No actual link to Star Fox despite Peppy's cameo, sorry...

    Steel Diver: Sub Wars will go down in Nintendo history, an honour perhaps exceeding its status as a very good download game — this is because it represents the big N's first full dalliance with free-to-play. Its February arrival on the 3DS eShop caused plenty of fascination, as a result,...




  • News Rock N' Roll Climber Coming To WiiWare

    Vitei, the developer behind such games as 1080 Snowboarding and Doshin the Giant, are currently working on a new WiiWare title called Rock N' Roll Climber. Giles Goddard, who was a developer on Nintendo's mega-hit Nintendo 64 title Super Mario 64, is involved in the development of the title.

    Not much is currently known about the game other than the brief description from the ESRB website below..