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    Review Overcooked 2

    Chef's special

    One of the first titles to truly show off the co-op power of the Switch was 2017's Overcooked, a fun arcade action game about chefs scrambling to get food orders out the door. Overcooked was a goofy, chaotic, and refreshingly original title that was a wonderful addition to the Switch eShop, so it was unsurprising that the sequel,...


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    Switch eShop

    Review Yoku's Island Express

    A pinball-metroidvania that really delivers

    It's safe to say that Yoku's Island Express is the first pinball-Metroidvania game we've ever played. We sincerely hope it's not the last. Swedish indie studio Villa Gorilla has produced an improbable mash-up that succeeds through an uncommon combination of charm and inventiveness. Beyond all that, though,...


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    Switch eShop

    Review Yooka-Laylee

    A rare game

    In a post-Super Mario Odyssey world, the bar has been set even higher for 3D platformers. How, then, can a game like Yooka-Laylee stack up - a game so firmly focused on the past rather than the future? Though it may not quite hit the heights of some contemporaries, Yooka-Laylee still stands as a fantastic modern take on 3D platforming...


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    Review Worms W.M.D.

    Words of Measured Description

    Deadly missiles are flying in every direction, the ground all around you is crumbling away under the pressure of multiple explosions, and an absurdly giant statue of a donkey is descending from the sky. Yes, this sentence could only be made possible by Worms - Team17’s mega-hit franchise which sees players hurtling...


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    Review Worms: Open Warfare 2

    Worms kinda lost it’s way big time. Some games welcomed the switch into 3D, making them feel fresher, fuller and on the whole a lot more enchanting. Worms was not one of those games.

    Last year, Team 17 decided to bring the series back to it’s routes. DS and PSP iterations of the game reminded us why the game was so crudely popular on the PC way back in the mid/late 90s. A combination of..