• Video Meet the Cast of Zero Time Dilemma in This New Trailer

    Such drama... in Japanese

    Update: Now there's a localised version of the trailer, below: Original Article: Zero Time Dilemma is one of our most anticipated 3DS games this year, arriving on 3DS in North America and Europe on 28th June; the third volume of the 'Zero Escape' series promises to clarify and explain story aspects from its brilliant...

  • Video Nobody Sells The Appeal Of Terraria Quite Like The Japanese

    Building hype

    Terraria, like Minecraft, has made quite a splash with players who like to create entire worlds out of seemingly simplistic building blocks. It came out on 3DS last year thanks to 505 Games, but in Japan, Spike Chunsoft is handling the publishing duties. Perhaps sensing a Minecraft-style smash hit, the publisher has produced a 15...



  • Video See What Pops Does While You're Away in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

    Begone, foul fantasy!

    For those of you that have played Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, you may remember Pops the Carracosta. This Pokémon acts as the parent of your partner in the game, and rebukes the two of them on occasion as they get into mischief. Pops is arguably one of the more memorable characters in this roguelike adventure, and evidently...







  • News StreetPass Games Producers Tell Origins of Mii Plaza's Playground

    Also explain that pesky 10-Mii limit

    With all the fond looks-backsie on the year that was in gaming, the creative, StreetPass-powered games pushed by that rabbit who suddenly appeared in the 3DS Mii Plaza tend to be overlooked. Stephen Totilo, a self-professed fan of the games at Kotaku, thought this was a shame, so he went straight to Nintendo to...


  • News Conception II Due in North America This Spring

    Harvest Moon this is not

    Atlus has never been a company afraid of bringing some of the more unorthodox titles to western shores. This… looks to be one of those. The company, in partnership with Spike Chunsoft, has announced that Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars will be localized and released in North America this spring for both the...


  • Hands On StreetPass Plaza's Downloadable Content

    Play Coin guzzlers

    A few days ago, Nintendo launched a surprise update to the 3DS's StreetPass Plaza in Europe and Japan. Previously home to Puzzle Swap and StreetPass Quest alone, users can now purchase a further four games to play with any Miis that they encounter when out and about. As with the other Plaza games, you can use the Mii of anybody...