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    Review Red's Kingdom

    A tough nut to crack

    Red’s Kingdom is one of those games that, despite being released on iOS devices originally, really does lend itself to the Switch’s slightly beefier portable setup. Almost everything about this puzzle adventure appears to have been designed for portable play, but the package is strong and well polished enough to make the...


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    Review Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

    Behind every hero is a potato

    Published by Rising Star Games and developed by Daylight Studios, Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! is the first entry in the trilogy series to come to the Nintendo Switch. Originally released in 2015 on PC and later on mobile, the title has been inspired by games such as Weapon Shop De Omasse and Recettear: An Item Shop's...


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    Review Lumo

    Triumphant return of a lost genre

    Upon launching a Switch game you don’t expect to see a ZX Spectrum loading screen, but that’s precisely what happens with Triple Eh? Ltd’s Lumo. It’s entirely appropriate for this isometric platformer, however, as the 8-bit computer featured a number of classic examples of the genre. As well as being fun to...


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    Review 88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition

    I've got 98 problems but a Switch ain't one

    Apparently these new-fangled superhero movies are all the rage nowadays! People seem to really connect with demi-gods fighting insectoid aliens while destroying cities, and with such memorable characters how could you not? There's Wonder Woman, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Batman, Glass Girl, Jim Nastics,...

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    Review Ninja Shodown

    Bad for your stealth

    Ninjas by their very nature are an elegant and elusive group - patiently lurking in shadows in order to dispatch foes without anyone ever realising they were there. Their grace and efficiency have become legendary over hundreds of years. In the medium of video games, however, ninjas have a somewhat 'varied' depiction, none more...

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    Review Conga Master Party!

    Please conga responsibly

    Have you ever dreamed about lighting up the dance floor the same way John Travolta did in the 1977 film, Saturday Night Fever? If this has been a lifelong goal you are yet to fulfil, perhaps you’ll just have to remain hopeful, and in the meantime gather your family or a group of friends to instead play Conga Master Party!...


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    Review Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop

    Crack crack crack the egg into the bowl

    Of all the heroes of the DS’ Touch Generations era, Office Create’s Cooking Mama has been one of the most enduring — and prolific. Starting out from her humble beginnings as a short-order chef, using quick WarioWare-style touchscreen minigames to simulate the in-kitchen experience, she’s expanded...


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    Review Poncho

    Can one robot bring humanity back to life?

    Poncho is a puzzle platform game by Delve Interactive (published by Rising Star Games) that explores what life would be like without the existence of humanity. Players take on the role of Poncho, a robot wearing a poncho (naturally), who wakes up to discover humanity has been extinct for several centuries...


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    Review Sadame

    Fated for fun

    The name 'Intergrow' might not mean much to most gamers in Europe or North America, but if you've spent much time with a Japanese 3DS it should ring a bell as it's the publisher responsible for bringing Western Nindie titles like SteamWorld Dig and Mighty Switch Force! to Nintendo's home country. Now Intergrow's teamed up with Rising...


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    Review Girls' Fashion Shoot

    Fashionably fun

    It's apparently every young girl's dream to become a model - wearing the latest clothing trend, looking fabulous walking down the catwalk with photographers on the sidewalk capturing the moment. Girls' Fashion Shoot provides just that, but substituting the catwalk for magazine photo shoots while sitting comfortably at home. As the...


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    Review Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi

    Ronin with the homies

    Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi combines standard dating-sim tropes with a captivating setting and fantastic writing to provide an experience that is surprisingly greater than the sum of its parts — even if it may fall far out of the comfort zone of most players. When meek protagonist Chizuru ventures to Kyoto in search...

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    Review Beyblade: Evolution

    Worth taking for a spin?

    Despite the original anime TV series coming to an end almost a decade ago, it seems that Beyblade is still very much a thing. It’s curious to think that the concept of pitting spinning top toys against one another would prove so exciting for so many in this technologically enhanced day and age, but then the world...


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    Review Around the World with Hello Kitty and Friends

    Bonjour, Kitty

    Hello Kitty first burst onto the scene in 1974 courtesy of Japanese company Sanrio, which designs and produces products solely aimed at the kawaii – meaning cute in Japanese – section of popular culture in the country. Since then, Hello Kitty has become one of the most recognised and successful brands in the world, appearing on...


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    Review Jewel Master: Cradle of Egypt 2

    Is history repeating itself?

    In these risk-averse times, publishers are increasingly relying on sequels to existing IPs to ensure that they turn over a profit. The problem doesn’t stem so much from a dearth of creativity in the industry, but rather as consumers we have a horrible habit of sticking with what we know. Much like the video game...


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    Review Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands

    Farming fun in the sun

    Harvest Moon’s power to enthral and entrap gamers is often underestimated by those who have yet to experience the unbridled thrill of growing a crop of healthy tomatoes, but nearly 15 years after the original Super NES Harvest Moon the series continues to sell well to experienced farmers and newcomers alike. Now Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands has reached Europe, and it..


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    Review Pang: Magical Michael

    It's showtime!

    Everyone loves Magical Michael, 'cause the tricks that he does are ever so cool. However, at the moment, no one is particularly loving him, as a failed experiment on his part has caused hundreds of dangerous bubbles to be released across the world. Now it's his task to venture across the planet and eliminate the threat. If you've...


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    Review Rune Factory: Frontier

    Everyone could use a good plough

    If there’s one thing guaranteed to liven up a good hack-and-slash dungeon crawler, it’s a bit of farming. There’s many a Zelda game that could have been saved with a bit of ploughing, yet the combination has been mostly ignored by cultivators of digital goods, with only the snack-sized Rune Factory on DS reaching fruition. Now European gamers may chow down on..

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    Review Avalon Code

    Not a code breaker

    Role playing games are rapidly becoming a staple genre for the Nintendo DS, with more and more quality titles arriving on the handheld. With Final Fantasy games, Dragon Quest releases and even new titles in the form of Nostalgia and Sands of Destruction, there is a lot of competition among a crowded market so A


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    Review Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

    Diamond in the rough

    There’s a sincerity to Fragile Dreams that’s very appealing, but that weighs heavily on the game over time. After burying his grandfather in his front garden, main character Seto explores the post-apocalyptic world with a heaviness of step that should make clear this isn’t a game full of sunshine and rainbows. If you like...


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    Review Little King's Story

    Fit for a King!

    We've all dreamed of being King or Queen of our own miniature Kingdom: sat upon our thrones, dishing out orders from on high, pleasing our loyal subjects and amassing loads and loads of money. Sadly, for anyone other than the bosses of Nintendo Life, this is destined never to come true, but don't despair, regal wannabes! Little...

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    Review Lux-Pain

    A dark and twisted adventure that takes the player deep into the depths of the human psyche - both a truly rewarding and at times painful experience.

    Lux-Pain has a tried and tested set-up common in many Japanese visual novels; an idyllic suburb of a Japanese city where all is not what it seems. Fans of the genre will be pleased by the wealth of...