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    Review World To The West

    Two worlds, actually

    World To The West is the most recent offering from Rain Games, the studio behind the wonderful indie hit Teslagrad. While being a follow-up to its previous game in some ways (one of the characters can control electricity and magnetism just like in Teslagrad’s gameplay, for example), this new experience has actually taken...


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    Review Teslagrad

    Shockingly good

    There have been an increasing number of multi-platform titles coming to the Switch recently that almost feel like they were made specifically for the console. Games such as Rocket League and Stardew Valley have been available on other platforms for a while now but, when we booted them up for the first time on Switch, there was the...


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    Review Teslagrad

    Alternating current, direct fun

    We seem to love Scandinavian games here at Nintendo Life. We began our glowing SteamWorld Dig review last month by espousing the virtues of the Swedish indie gaming scene, but Sweden's neighbour to the west is not to be forgotten: hot on the heels of SteamWorld comes Teslagrad, an equally impressive Metroidvania-style...