• News Flowerworks HD to Burst Into Life on the Wii U eShop

    Undergoing approval with Nintendo

    Veteran Nintendo download gamers may remember Flowerworks on WiiWare, a title we described as "a bit goofy, cute and colourful and a lot of fun" as we awarded it 8/10 in our review. Its peculiar premise of pollinating plants for spectacular visual fireworks was charming, with pointer controls that were perfect at...


  • News Flowerworks Comes to Europe Next Week at Half Price

    Better late than never

    It's been a long old wait for European gamers to get their green fingers on Flowerworks as it's been out in North America for nearly a year, but publisher Nocturnal has just let us know the wait is nearly over, with the game sprouting up next week. In even better news, the game will launch in European and Australasian...


  • News Flowerworks Coming to PAL Land

    WiiWare floral fireworks game getting extra features for European/Australiasian release

    The folks at Nocturnal have just let us know that their WiiWare debut, Flowerworks is coming to PAL territories with a new subtitle: Follie's Adventure. Flowerworks was something of a pleasant surprise when it was released last December in North America, so we're glad to see people in Europe and the developer's..