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    Review The Deer God

    Not very endearing

    First impressions can be very important, and The Deer God makes an excellent first impression. It's a shame, then, that it loses momentum so quickly. Let's get that first impression out of the way first, though. The Deer God is an absolutely beautiful game. In it, you play a hunter whose soul has been trapped in a deer after his...


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    Review Blocky Bot

    Simplicity at its best

    There's something to be said about the power of simplicity. Some of the best experiences to be had in gaming are compelling not because of their depth or complexity, but because of how they offer a distilled example of an excellent gameplay concept. Nintendo has seemingly adapted this approach in many of its current generation...


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    Review Paper Monsters Recut

    The power of papercraft

    In an increasingly busy eShop with titles that are wildly inconsistent in quality, download games have to make an immediate impression to get noticed. With a lovely visual style, Mobot Studios' Paper Monsters Recut instantly stands out among the crowd — an enhanced port of a mobile game, Paper Monsters Recut is a fun,...