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    Review Ambition Of The Slimes

    Here come the slimes

    If you’ve ever played any type of RPG, especially those that see you exploring dark, dingy dungeons to kill off numerous enemies, you will almost undoubtedly have encountered your fair share of slimes. These little creatures have almost become the joke of the gaming world, the monster that gets thrown in as a tutorial because...

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    Review OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

    Stars in their eyes

    With all the massive open-world adventures that have found a happy home on Switch so far, it’s equally nice to see indie developers crafting compelling experiences on much smaller scales. OPUS: The Day We Found Earth, a narrative-driven mobile port from indie studio SIGONO, certainly fits into that category, and it’s an...


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    Review DEEMO


    Taiwanese developer Rayark may best be known for its music games on mobile platforms, but it was also responsible for one of the best surprises in the Switch’s launch lineup with VOEZ. Brought to the Switch by publisher Flyhigh Works, this colourful title showed how well once-free-to-play rhythm games could work on Nintendo’s handheld...


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    Review Implosion

    Despite the name, it doesn't collapse in on itself

    As a portable hybrid platform, the Switch has interestingly been home to a host of ports of mobile device games, with more to come in the future. Games such as VOEZ, Oceanhorn, and now Implosion show that more and more developers are interested in the platform, but there’s another side to it. The...