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Re: SurveyMonkey Intelligence Breaks Down the Declining Usage of Miitomo


It really is not that interesting of an app as of now. Hopefully once new platforms come out it will grow and become more pleasing and fun to use alongside other software. I mine platinum points and take funny photos of my miis. Honestly I am not sure why Miiverse does not have Miifoto. Such a lost opportunity. Plus I am still very upset that my console Mii is not the same as my Miitomo Mii! Why cant I have a ninja looking guy running around on my home menu!!!! Dang it N....I am losing mass amounts of patience.

Re: SurveyMonkey Intelligence Breaks Down the Declining Usage of Miitomo


Miitomo got dull for me. I gave up on using it to get coins (every once in a while I do).

The graph clearly shows the product is a failure. If it weren't, it wouldn't have declined so rapidly.

I'm not sure how many more years we will have to endure minigame collections and social apps before Nintendo finally realizes that the key to long-term success is slow and steady growth through core video games aimed at serious gamers rather than constantly wasting time and resources trying to pan for gold in the blue ocean.

Not to say I think they should ignore the ocean entirely- But I do think they should focus on panning for gold with core games. Don't go looking to catch casual fish that will flop right out of the boat again tomorrow. Bait up that hook to catch real fish. Fish that can actually be persuaded to buy a Nintendo console and play their games in the future.

Miitomo was just another waste of time and effort, but I think they're making the right move by bringing Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem to mobile. That's how you catch the real fish.

Re: Random: Store Shelves Appear To Be Filling With Pre-Owned Copies Of Star Fox Zero


I couldn't fully adapt to the controls and I kinda sucked at the game haha. But, I did enjoy it and I was happy with the improved visuals after the poor E3 showing last year. I think Star Fox Zero is going to be a nice collecting item down the road. Not many Wii U games got beautiful exterior boxes and the dual release of Project Guard is a nice, touch. It looks great in the collection.

Re: Random: Store Shelves Appear To Be Filling With Pre-Owned Copies Of Star Fox Zero


I find it increasingly difficult to continue to root for Nintendo! From the horrible Wii u vc service (1 vc game a week for the most part of 3 years!) to the 3-4 month gaps in major retail releases, to the lack of online play, to the lack of a unified account to enable cross buy, to the eshop horrible sales etc, it's just been one blunder after another after another!!! Anyone catch the Xbox 360 super sale right now?? You could drop $100 easy!! Oh man the tough choices!! I never feel that way with the eshop sales!! Star Fox not helping things either!! Just so so! First Atari then Sega and coming soon to a theater near you, Nintendo! The last of the great video game hardware companies!

Re: Nintendo Download: 26th May (Europe)


I'm still hoping those prices above for the Atlus game reductions are typos and that Etrian Odyssey IV isn't only going down to £17.99 while everything else is £8.99.

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (NIS America, €9.99 / £17.99, was €39.99/ £34.99)
Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (NIS America, €19.99 / £8.99, was €39.99/ £34.99)

Those prices just make no sense, but who knows...

Re: Random: Store Shelves Appear To Be Filling With Pre-Owned Copies Of Star Fox Zero


@VanillaLake I understand what you mean 100%. I loved Nintendo but with the Wii U they just felt like a shell of their former self. I have put so many hours into my PS4 this gen it's crazy. Yeah I got the Wii U at launch but honestly none of the games really interested me except for Mario Kart 8 and Mario 3D World and even those held my attention far shorter then in the past. I guess my gaming tastes have change. But it doesn't mean I hate Nintendo or don't want to see them succeed. It's honestly quite sad to that Nintendo has failed to keep me intrigued.

Re: Review: Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS)


Happy to see this get such a good score. As I expected, the mech sections are better than the hypernova ones; that's Triple Deluxe's one major flaw corrected. All is right with the world.

Come on June 10th!

Re: SurveyMonkey Intelligence Breaks Down the Declining Usage of Miitomo


Miitomo is awful. It could potentially grow into something useful but right now my daily routine is:

~ Open the app
~ Claim my daily reward
~ Change my clothes
~ Try on clothes in the shop

See you at the same Bat time, same Bat channel tomorrow for my points. Gave up answering the daily questions ages ago. I've it opened and closed in less than 2 minutes if not 1 minute. I should time it. It's all for the points, not because it's enjoyable.

Re: SurveyMonkey Intelligence Breaks Down the Declining Usage of Miitomo


@VanillaLake I'd say the whole console is slow. ^^
My suspicion is that the internal flash memory is too cheap. It's definitely far from a modern SSD that you have in computers.
Either that or the CPU: 1.24 GHz Tri-Core IBM PowerPC "Espresso" doesn't that powerful. In fact, sounds less powerful than what current smartphones have. Not just because of the Ghz, but also because it's manufactured in a 45nm process.
Modern desktop CPU's are made in up to 14nm and smartphone processors in 20nm.

The Wii U's hardware is suffice for playing games though, it's only the app usage and general working speed where it's really a hindrance.
Because unlike the old days, modern consoles do have to run an increasingly complex OS etc.

Re: Playtonic Raises the Curtain to Show Off A Lot of Yooka-Laylee Details


@rjejr Way back when the cooperation with DeNA was still actively discussed, I was already theorizing that very same thing and because of DeNA already providing game servers and streaming services, it may very well be that besides wi-fi, we can also expect 4G to be used for gaming on the go.

Provided that miss Emily Rogers is right and the mobile part of NX is going to be Nvidia/Tegra, which is basically a variation on ARM.

The home console could then still be x86, making third party support easy again, and porting up or down to handheld and back could also be done relatively easy with the right tools and middleware, which DeNA could also help Nintendo with because of the experience they have in that department.

And the thing is that, like I did indeed discuss with JaxonH, you wouldn't even need to have two copies of a game on one cart, just the one.
The hardware in combination with smart routines written into the shared Operating System (remember the "like brothers" statement that Iwata made), could do a check once a cart is inserted in either system, and display what is possible on that particular hardware platform.

So let's say that the handheld unit is going to be something in the order of 540p to 900p, then the game would display in medium settings, with some added touches missing, and on the console it would be the full blown version with all the bells and whistles. Think medium consumer PC vs gaming rig.

A solution like that is totally possible.

@Captain_Gonru Ah, misunderstood you there. I was taking those examples and placing them in 'real live' situations, as if it was happening in that specific period of time.
And I actually DID say that Ned Stark didn't have a choice so both in the show AND in real life he would be screwed either way....

And have you only watched the show or did you also read the books? I read the books long before there was ever even talk of it being turned into a TV show and let me assure you that the books have no plot holes, but it is somewhat understandable because it is very seldom that books are translated 1:1 to movies or TV shows. I think up to now, the movie series that came closest is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Later on Peter Jackson even went too far with The Hobbit, since that was originally only a small paperback in comparison to the Bible-sized Lord of the Rings tome. And he added the three page story of Smaug to The Hobbit, to be able to flesh it out into three movies. They were still okay-ish, but one or two movies should have sufficed for such a small story.

Both of you gentlemen: some interesting ideas for the Xbox One or its successor, but I guess those rumors I posted still need to be confirmed, so maybe they're on the same level as the NX rumors, although I personally do suspect them to be a bit more realistic, and Microsoft might just reveal some of that in a couple of weeks on this year's E3. Guess we'll find out soon enough...

Re: Random: Store Shelves Appear To Be Filling With Pre-Owned Copies Of Star Fox Zero


@AlexSora89 Some people would die before buying a non-Nintendo console. I used to be a Nintendo fanboy when I was a kid.

I got a Wii U shortly after launch and I don't regret it, but then I realised how little support it was getting so I got a PS4. The visual upgrade KOd me but it wasn't until I got an Xbox One that I found the best deals and lots of retro and new stuff, like Sonic CD for less than €5, Halo Master Chief Collection, and you can actually play Killer Instinct 3 for free, and Rare Replay for €30 of course, the main reason why I got an Xbox One. Thanks to Sony and Microsoft I have discovered a whole new world of games that Nintendo does not offer me and I'm enjoying lots of remasters as well. That doesn't mean I don't care for Nintendo any more, I bought Twilight Princess HD even though I already played the Wii version and I'm enjoying it a lot as well (it is my favourite Zelda game).

Re: Playtonic Raises the Curtain to Show Off A Lot of Yooka-Laylee Details


@ThanosReXXX @rjejr I can verify that story about the X1 hard drive. My 500gb was closer to 300gb the second I plugged it in, and is now down to about 75gb, with only a half dozen or so retail titles,and maybe a dozen XBLA games. Forza 6 alone is about 40gb, and that is without most of the DLC (I broke down and bought the recent Hot Wheels pack).
I can envision a future where Microsoft does away with a traditional console, and carries on "Xbox" as a platform, more akin to Steam. They may even sell an TV-connected, plug and play PC-like device. Frankly, I think that sort of thing is overdue. The ones that most would likely cite as being proof of failures of this concept were perhaps just too far ahead of their time. Consider something with the ease of use of a Roku or Apple TV, but with some of the common PC functionality. Things like web browsing, Office, tax software. Really, it's just a Surface with a TV-out.

Re: SurveyMonkey Intelligence Breaks Down the Declining Usage of Miitomo


I stopped logging and and uninstalled after a week. Like many have said, it was just the new hype nintendo thing to do at the time, and got very boring soon after. Plus, almost 1/2 gig needed on my internal phone memory storage was not worth it.

And, honestly, the whole rewards program thing is jacked up I don't even care about that part of the My Nintendo account. It better just let me redownload my VC game son the next Nintendo console, if and when I decide to upgrade.

Re: SurveyMonkey Intelligence Breaks Down the Declining Usage of Miitomo


@Spoony_Tech I have over 1500 plat and over 500 Miitomo - whatever they are calling them. If 3 year + 2 month old Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was a $20 Select I would use the points to get 15% off, but I can't pay Day 1 MSRP over 3 years later. 15% ain't helping that much.

Deleted and redownloaded that amiibo game last night, same result, so I'm done. I did find Guacamelee and Armilo on my external HDD - disconnected to play XCX, too loud and grating - so I'm good to go for awhile.

Re: Random: Store Shelves Appear To Be Filling With Pre-Owned Copies Of Star Fox Zero


First things first: is it just me or your profile picture fits your comments perfectly? A hollow shell of what Nintendo is supposed to be.

For what it's worth, I also complained A LOT about Nintendo as of late, but I'm standing in a kind of middle ground.
I feel no shame in admitting that, to me, a Super Smash Bros. title, a Mario game, and a Pokémon game, and any Zelda are still worth the price of the console alone. 100% pure Nintendo fanboy, right here. The good franchises never cease to be killer apps to me. I could go on and on.
At the same time, however, the opposite is also true. I just bought the Xbox 360 version of LEGO Indiana Jones 2 for 2,49 € and LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean at the exact same price on the same console, which would never happen on Nintendo hardware (as another example of gaming life being more affordable elsewhere), combining cheap prices with games and entire franchises that have never been seen on Nintendo hardware, which are the reasons I also own Microsoft consoles. While I indeed am a Nintendo fan, I've never been a purist for purely practical reasons. While I don't think merely owning a Sony or Microsoft console could feel complete to a player without a taste of the Nintendo Difference, the opposite is also painfully true. I enjoyed titles such as Mass Effect, Skullgirls and countless others for the price of a tenth of your average Wii U slash 3DS software, and had an absolute blast from start to finish. I'm not saying Microsoft is the only way to go, of course the PS4 also has noticeable pros; I just advise everyone with a Nintendo console to get a companion piece of hardware from one of its rival companies, just as I'd suggest PS4 and X1 owners to grab a Wii U as fast as they can.
Nintendo is awesome, nostalgic yet innovative, but behind the times at the same time.

So I'm partially with you, as long as you don't become the new @Pachterkid.

Re: SurveyMonkey Intelligence Breaks Down the Declining Usage of Miitomo


@Grumblevolcano @InternetBowser That's not going to happen, Nintendo owns 10% of DeNA and DeNA owns 1% of Nintendo, sure Nintendo could sell that 10% and move on, but why would DeNA ever feel the need to sell their 1% of Nintendo? One way or an other, they will be dealing with each other for the long foreseeable future.
Also I don't think DeNA is the issue necessarily with how slow the app is. As DeNA's own mobile apps are WAY faster than Miitomo, I'm sure since AC and FE are going to be more game experience apps that they will run more smoothly just like DeNA's other games.
I'm sure DeNA will make a way better online infrastructure in comparison to anything Nintendo could make themselves. I'm positively optimistic that this deal will give the NX a great online infrastructure (something that I believe Nintendo could never really accomplish themselves (at least not so soon)).
Only time will tell, with the the slick My Nintendo and the almost instant communication between Miitomo, eshop and miiverse to our Nintendo Accounts (DeNA clearly did all this), I'm positive DeNA will do a great job with NX. That's their one job after all. haha

Re: Playtonic Raises the Curtain to Show Off A Lot of Yooka-Laylee Details


@ThanosReXXX Ah ah ah. Neither Neo nor Ned could make any other choice. While, from their perspective, they may THINK they could, the movie/show/book we, the outside observer are, well, observing, is already complete. Which totally plays into the notion of no actual free will. Only now we are the characters (hopefully with less beheadings and plot holes).
But I am with you on, for myself, NEEDING to feel I have some semblance of control over at least my own reactions to life. While a "master plan" certainly absolves me of all the responsibility of my poor choices, I'd rather suffer the knowledge that I chose to eat all that macaroni cheese in college