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kingc8 commented on Nintendo Confirms The Mario Kart 8 Premium Pac...:

I was thinking it's pretty cool they're including a physical copy in the box, but the more I think about it, it seems like these Wii U's are re-purposed Nintendo Land Wii U's where the box and the bundled disk were swapped.

Shrewd Mr, Iwata, very shrewd.



River3636 commented on Animal Crossing and Metroidvania GDC Talks Now...:

I never got into Animal Crossing, I have it for Gamecube, and never really played it. So when they come out I'm like whatever, is it kinda like harvest moon?
Those Casltevania on GBA the other hand are the best. Konami should stick with that format instead of trying to reboot.



Frapp commented on Video: We Put The Pedal To The Metal In Sega's...:

I see they've changed the KTM bike billboards to read M2 now – well all except that one after Kerry crashed into it!) The 'danke' ones are still there.
Looks like a really good port and not a bad new tune. Bet it looks awesome in 3D.



Marshi commented on German Ratings Board Leaks Another World: 20th...:

Please let this be true! To all those who are wondering what all the fuss is about, Another world was like a 90's version of The Last of us. An emotionally charged story driven adventure featuring 2 beings having to work together to survive. It was the first game to bring a tear to my eye. Infact if you dont cry at the end you're not human!



luminalace commented on Latest Project CARS Trailer Shows Off Stunning...:

Everyone needs to support the hell out of this game. Not only is such a game a rarity on Nintendo hardware but the developers taking the time and effort to tune the game for Wii U when bigger 3rd parties wouldn't even think twice about ignoring us is why this game deserves to sell!



Spoony_Tech commented on Multiplayer Sci-Fi Alien Shooter Hive Jump Com...:

Wow that looks intense but what's up with the dark games lately? I don't want to see half the screen. Look I get it here and Steam World Dig but I want to see the entire screen and not the dark parts. For a game like this the dark seems annoying.



Nintenjoe64 commented on New World Record Set for Super Mario 64 120 St...:

It took me about that long to defeat the second Bowser in 64 the other day. I just kept throwing him between the mines!

I can't believe he doesn't like Galaxy. I agree that it's no 64 but to me it's the only one that comes close. Sunshine was ok but speed running it must be horrible with all of those cutscenes.



Pod commented on Latest Project CARS Trailer Shows Off Stunning...:


Maybe they aren't, just as watching real life racing isn't for me. My statement remains that I think it's a shame for such nicely designed machines to be showcased in all their power and vigor in environments that certainly never were designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but were only ever built to accommodate the very basic needs for a safe environment in which to drive fast.

Likewise, if I am to look at cool people in fancy clothes doing impressive acrobatics with their pimped out skateboards, I'd prefer it not being inside an old warehouse on a plywood skate park.



Kirk commented on Miiverse Update Imposes Restrictions on Postin...:

In reality it probably takes most people a few minutes to compose a response anyway so this likely won't have much of an impact but it still feels slightly silly and potentially annoying/frustrating at times on the face of it.



Zemus-DJ commented on Video: We Put The Pedal To The Metal In Sega's...:

The 1st set of sega 3D classics was 8 games, then they launched them to the west. I'm guessing after another 5 games we will then get this 2nd set of 3D classics. I got all of the 1st set, just hoping with 2nd set is golden axe :) glad fantasy zone is in 2nd set.



MrWalkieTalkie commented on Skylanders Trap Team Is Coming To Wii, Wii U A...:

@AyeHaley I felt the same way when I started getting into Skylanders, but looking back, there's not that many old characters I find interesting. And even so, I'm not aiming to collect them all, just the ones I like. And most of the original characters keep re-releasing with new, better looking, figures with improved powers and abilities, so I'd rather get those.



Spoony_Tech commented on Miiverse Update Imposes Restrictions on Postin...:

@grimbldoo I would once again agree with you except why should I have to do that? Its both inconvenient and bothersome. In a normal forum I can type one message and get my point across. On Miiverse I have 200 characters to do that with and I would say half of my responses go well beyond that. I'm not going to put my phone down and do something else when I shouldn't have to. They need to remedy this with at the very least adding another 100 characters.

Look I'm not trying to convince you that my way is the best way. All I'm saying is I'd like to talk to my online friends the way it was not the way it is now. Change isn't always better for everyone. There is a good reason why people are complaining. I did however type a message in one of my friends rants saying in a week or 2 we will all forget about this but it doesn't make it a better change for me, a user that doesn't abuse my posts!

Oh and like I said in a earlier post I use my phone for 90% of posting on Miiverse not the Wii U. Playing videogames 2-3 mins at a time isn't fun or shouldn't be an option. Once again convenience is the issue.

Oh and one last thing, Miiverse might have started has a means to help other users out but it has become so much more. Nintendo wants to keep it simple as they can which makes sense for them but one change can change the scoop for everyone else to the point where it isn't fun anymore and that's what they seem to be doing lately.