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Re: Video: Game Center DX Shows Off The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


@Frank-The-Tank Agreed, although this is the first game footage I have seen of someone getting to the cliffs above either of the skull camps (the one with the hanging cages as well as the one with the windy canyon). Him trying to get across that gorge near the woodshed without trees was also entertaining.

Speaking of which, has anyone translated the journal he found in the woodshed yet? I'm fairly certain that wasn't in the E3 demo, unless I just missed that. I'm curious to see if there's any interesting minor story bits or something.

Re: Talking Point: Imagining a Future Nintendo Switch Budget Spin-Off - A Non-Switching Microconsole


@JJ_64 And then what happens when a consumer buys this microconsole and decides, as consumers do, they wished they had a portable version? Maybe life changing events makes so they would now want a portable option that plays true full powered HD console games, not just 3DS type games. Maybe they had to give up the car and now take the bus. Maybe they want to sequence just a few minutes in as by the time they get home they're too tired to play.

My point is all of those concerns are future proofed the way the Switch. It gives the consumer total choice yet the sentiments on this forum is that people want basically bet against the future. You or I don't know how our gaming habits will change so why double down on one form factor over another when the present solution, as was intended, covers both ends of the spectrum?

Re: Poll: Nintendo Switch Delivers Single Screen Gaming - Will You Miss the Dual Screen Concept?


"Don't step outside! That giant nuclear furnace in the sky will bathe you in more radiation than any number of wireless devices"



That's a way to look at it, but I still think Nintendo wants the games to look the same on your tv and on the go. Besides, adding extra chips (or stuff like that) to the dock would just bump up the overall price.

As for the radiation: On one hand I am happy that the Wii u gamepad is wireless (no wire spaghetti), but on the other hand I am a bit worried. All the joking aside: In the future we all pay the price. Even now there are already lots of people with strange health-issues. I know I sound like a old fart, but that's how I see it!

Re: A New Update is Rolling Out for Pokémon GO


Come on, Niantic, give me a reason to play again. Changing the color of an egg won't do it. There are so many missed opportunities and botched mechanics in this game. Knowing it could be something much greater than it is but they choose to fiddle around with little aesthetic things instead is frustrating. I don't care about eggs or walking five kilometers for a single candy. I want to track the pokemon down before they despawn and trade and stuff. Do they not have the money or staff to implement these things? Why not? :/

Re: A New Update is Rolling Out for Pokémon GO


Comments I expect: Round 2

"Yeah Gen 1 baby!"

[strikethrough]"I stopped playing a long time ago. Seriously, this isn't going to revive Niantic's dead game."[/strikethrough]

"This update is pure rubbish. Niantic should be working on Gen II Pokémon and trading!"

Edit: To add something productive, someone went into Go's files and found some data for Daily Quests with a possible reward being Incubators!

Edit 2: Anyone have a list of formatting quirks for this site?

Re: 3DS System Version 11.2.0-35 is Now Live


@Firebird360 If this has a touchscreen, it could possibly emulate both screens on a single screen. I can't see Nintendo throwing away a library as huge as the 3ds or the virtual console. There is such a small handful of Wii U games, I believe they could all be ported, so I have high hopes for the future.

Re: Talking Point: Imagining a Future Nintendo Switch Budget Spin-Off - A Non-Switching Microconsole



With the system specs it is almost assured to be in the $350 range...


And that isn't likely to happen.

Nintendo still made profits during the same generation that they sold their worst-selling console in company history.

You don't like it. That's okay. Nintendo is already selling a pure handheld, Sony is selling a pure home console, and you can build a PC. You asked for options, right? You already have them.

Re: GameStop Won't Offer Pre-Orders for the NES Classic Edition


@Tasuki you and me both, I stopped buying from them a year ago, mainly because the two stores near me barely have any Nintendo games though. I could understand barely any Wii U games, but the stores near me barely even carry 3DS games, and a lot of the time I had to ask at the counter for a game because they never bothered to display the game on the shelf. Just a overall crappy store...

Re: Video: Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS Trailer Shows Off Medal Challenges


Mario Maker 3DS made me think :
1. 3DS version looks worthy due to portability, 8 until 32 bit graphics and cheaper price.
2. Wii U version have better functions but not worthy for a console due to graphic style and more expensive price.

I still can't decide to put that title on my shopping list. But December 2016 will be my purchase for Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo, even though I have already owned Animal Crossing New Leaf 3 years ago. Yay, 2 towns.

Re: Talking Point: Imagining a Future Nintendo Switch Budget Spin-Off - A Non-Switching Microconsole


@capitalism I'm not out to argue with anyone, but 48% is still almost half the population polled. This doesn't take into the fact the margin of error (which could go either way). And, if you consider this number as it compares to some of us old guys who owned the NES when it first came out, 48% is a lot larger number than what would have owned two consoles in those days.

I would go as far to say, that dual consoles are becoming more of the norm. This should continue if the Scorpio truly is designed to be for PC gamers. Plus, Microsoft and Sony are realizing what Nintendo has been doing for years. If you develop quality first party software, people will buy your system no matter what other system they have.