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Re: Video: New NES Mini Trailer Shows Off Games, Display Options And User Interface


@Kobeskillz The D-Pad on the dogbone feels fine to me. The most important thing, though, is that the controller feels like it's actually designed to be comfortable in human hands. The original NES controller was a bulky, boxy thing that I've never been comfortable using. The dogbone controller is pretty much a simplified version of the excellent SNES controller. Sloping buttons never bothered me on SNES, and they don't bother me on the dogbone.

As to top loader only supporting rf... I will say that is one drawback of the machine. It doesn't make that huge of a difference, though, and the top loader has an elegant design that is MUCH more convenient. All of the front loaders I've owned have been a gigantic hassle, and frankly, there's no reason to struggle with inferior hardware design when something like the NES 2.0 exists.

Re: Best Buy Opens Pre-Orders on Some Re-Stocked amiibo in the US


Lucina (and Robin) I got already say one for normAl price, just ad to also pay by waiting on the hot sun for like over 2 hours first line. Pit I got somehow got when he was up on target for like 5 minutes durinf the first restock, othets i got by just picking tbem up, so I'm swell.....

.......k, I'll get another Robin, but only if it's the female one (Cordon also, and Bayo and Cloud alt ones also plz)

Also, spellcheck, it's Corrin, not Cordon, lol!

Re: Guillemot Praises NX Again as Ubisoft Shareholder Meeting Ends Without Vivendi Intervention


Hopefully Ubisoft can fend off Vivendi because shit usually goes down the tubes when there's a takeover and honestly I like Ubisoft just the way they are. Yves saying that Nintendo will be back in the race is a good sign as I believe Nintendo did the right thing and made the machine powerful and easy to port to. And yes this pretty much confirms a home console in my eyes especially with what other third party devs have said about the system. Anyways, I've always loved Ubisoft and their games and they've always been loyal to Nintendo throughout the years so I'm definitely pumped for what surprises they have in store for us. Assassins Creed, For Honor, and BGE2 would make my day for sure.

Re: Video: New NES Mini Trailer Shows Off Games, Display Options And User Interface


@Ralizah I have that dog bone and it's not superior I think. He dpad isn't as good and the button layout curves up which isn't as good as the og one. Also the top loader doesn't support anything but rf unless is modded and it loses a lot of the og look of the original.

Plus if you're going to mod the top loader might as well mod the og one for region free which a child can do and clean the pins or replace them with the blinking light win pins and the console works 100% if your games aren't dirty.

Re: Interview: Image & Form Discusses Development Challenges and Continual SteamWorld Growth


This is one of my favorite games released this generation. The game is addicting, the visuals interesting, the story well thought out, the puzzles randomly generated so always interesting, and you can attack with different players and weapons. The variety is amazing. I plan on getting it in HD to further enjoy this gem and encourage anyone who hasn't done so to try it out. If you like strategy games this will be very enjoyable experience, and I think many more would enjoy giving this game a try.

Re: Best Buy Opens Pre-Orders on Some Re-Stocked amiibo in the US


@Lady_rosalina Well I know what it feels like. I've seen some people's collection rooms and it is a little nuts. As much as we love them, these are consumer products, not gold or precious jewels to be locked away in a vault or for bragging rights. They are meant to be used and I remember being a kid and having some game that I wanted sold out. It isn't a feeling I'll willingly pass on to someone else. My opinion of course.

Re: Best Buy Opens Pre-Orders on Some Re-Stocked amiibo in the US


@ThomasBW84 They also have the Super Fighting Robot: Mega Man, and Dark Pit on Best Buy. I know for a fact Mega Man is very hard to come by, the original blue one, not the Gold One, and the Amiibo reddit made a post about Dark Pit, so he was apparently out of stock for a while.

Mega Man

Dark Pit

Re: The Mini Famicom Has Been Announced for Japan, and It Looks Amazing


Well it's got Mario Open Golf, which makes it slightly better than the NES Mini, but this selection is still too action/adventure-y for me to want this.

@Shiryu If they'd thrown in some of the Kunio sports titles, I might've been there with you, haha (actually had to Google that second one because I didn't know what it was). Also the rumors saying that the LoZ on here is the FDS version. Well Nintendo, "Konamic Ice Hockey" was FDS (and, heck, Nintendo Ice Hockey for that matter) too wasn't it?

Re: Azure Striker Gunvolt Double Pack Confirmed For Euro Release


Oh thanks for that. I had searched a week ago and found nothing, so I guess I must have skipped over it xD

So yea as I said, it's in the Striker Pack, but they hadn't made any announcements for the patch for a year (which is a shame, since that's what they promised). And as the post says they don't have anything for it yet >.<

So does the Striker Pack GV1 have the extra modes that the PC version has? Speedrun Mode and one more iirc.

I mean I am disappointed that they don't have anything for the download version, but I love the game enough to get the double pack. Soon.

Re: Best Buy Opens Pre-Orders on Some Re-Stocked amiibo in the US


The only one in that bunch I'd want is Sonic, but it's not THAT expensive on the secondary market so I'm not super tempted. If it shows up in a store for that price though, I'm in for sure...which would only leave Pac-Man and the leftover Yarn Yoshis on my "not really must have but kinda want" list.