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Re: Nintendo Download: 24th May (Europe)


Couldn’t help myself and bought Bloodstained. It just looked too good. I now have that and both Megaman legacy’s to get through. That’s me done for a while......although Yoku’s island express comes out next week along with the street fighter collection, 😩

Re: Nintendo Download: 24th May (North America)


@mystman12 It drives me crazy too. I think the developer is using confusing phrasing in the hopes to mislead people. The table is only made to look like a table that could exist in reality (as opposed to Pinball FX tables). The screenshots make it look very poor for even $2, can’t imagine the physics would feel good to play either.

Re: Xenoblade Chronicles 2's 1.41 Update Brings New Expansion Pass Quests


Been playing on and off as time allows. I still enjoy it, though some of the side quests can be a bit annoying. (Tiger Tiger or "ingredient hunt" type quests) Been trying to get a couple more unique blades before finishing the game and starting over. At least I got Degas unlocked, though I'm assuming that new game glitch has been fixed or will be fixed soon so that's moot.

Re: Nintendo Download: 24th May (Europe)


@BigKing pretty sure it’s done over a million with physical and digital which is great for a Nintendo system. We will see at E3 if FIFA 19 is announced for switch then EA must be happy as let’s face it they wouldn’t bother if it wasn’t making money for them.

Re: Review: Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers (3DS)


I HATED the stylus controls in the original, but really like all the Zelda references. The fact they changed the controls makes me interested, but $40?

Nintendo has moved on from the humble company they were during the WiiU era.
Switch sales are stalling.
Soon they'll realize you need good games and good value.
$40 for this is blindness.

Re: Nintendo Download: 24th May (Europe)


FIFA 18, aside from being digital, is a game which had its days numbered, as usual with annual sports games, and football/soccer leagues have finished already, so no one cares.

Steamworld Dig 2 is so going to have a retail version that I won't fall.

Re: Nintendo Download: 24th May (Europe)


In a news item on the Switch titled "The SteamWorld Series is Dirt Cheap until June 7th!" it says:

"Save up to 50% on the complete collection of SteamWorld games for Nintendo Switch."

However, for me at least, all games are only 25% off... Can anyone explain this...?