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CTMike commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

@KTT this is perfectly exemplified by how my 9 year old son finished Omega Ruby in a couple of days.

There's zero challenge. I don't buy the games expecting anything beyond the light challenge of the original but it's ever decreasing difficulty has reached a seriously dumb point and is showing no signs of slowing. Surely even the most casual of gamers must get a little disillusioned.

I sincerely hope that they can at least bump it up a little next time round. I've long succumbed to the fact that it would risk sales if made too difficult, and I have far too many backlog games and far too little time to be getting involved in any meta-game level play, but surely there can still be layers to the main game.

@Kirby-life My school banned the cards due to constant theft given their relative monetary value at the time



CTMike commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

I read a preview in a magazine a while before release and, being a huge JRPG fan, obsessed up until release then bought it day 1. Loved the entire game series since. Practically forced my friend into getting Red (I got Blue) and traded away.

I still remember how gutted I was after my first playthrough, as I bought a guide help fill my Pokedex, only to find that the Moltres and Zapdos (if memory serves) I KO'd weren't coming back...

I was never interested in the anime and the success of Red & Blue, in the UK in particular, always really surprised me given that it's basically a traditional JRPG (but with some of the best gimmicks EVER) but with hindsight, I guess the marketing was genius.



WrongChops commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

Pre-ordered mine this morning. GAME overcharge when compared to Nintendo store but totally worth it in this case. Will just cancel if found cheaper elsewhere in the meantime.

That trailer is great!



KTT commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

@BulbasaurusRex Getting complex doesn't allways mean getting more mature. And I belive detailed breeding mechanics are more helpful to veteran fans and competetive players, and they were thought for them (and now they were even more simplifed, which is welcome, so more casual players can fight competitive as well) - I think kids will simply play the game unoticing the complexity beneath the story walkthrough surface. They will play with the fave pokemon through the game. The rest are welcome features that made the games better, more balanced and created a nice metagame. Althrough I still think Mega Evolutions are just gimmicks, to keep the series somewhat fresh.
In the first two generations pokemon were killed, eaten, were experimented on, used in laboratories, were illegaly created. Many trainers tamed them using whips. They were dangerous beasts, mysterious and powerful. And the main villian team were abducting them, killing them, and using them for money. Also - I liked how the poison could faint your pokemon - this definitely added survival vibe to the series. 1 HP left in gen IV was bad enough, now the poison effect won't activate outside the battle - making the whole game a walk in the park rather than an RPG experience.
Now I see happy smiling people everywhere, with pokepuffs, friendship and love. There is nothing wrong with love and friendshitp - no - but I feel like I'm in an episode of My Little Pony rather in the pokemon world, I feel unconnected to it while playing, which surely affects my experience. Also the games are incredible easy - my main point when I said it's child-friendly. Althrough I understand a newcommer may be lost with all the types, abilities, natures and 720 pokemon, I still think a little more experienced gamer will have no issue at beating the game. Just grind and level up and here you go - no strategy at all, just kill everything in your sight ith your overpowered pokemon. And XY were notable easy, with all the help from NPC around, I walked through the game with ease. And this is one of reasons why I prefer BW over XY. They changed the rules and made it harder (also story was pretty good for a pokemon game).



BulbasaurusRex commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

@KTT Why do you think the gameplay is getting more child-friendly? If anything, it gets more complex with each generation with additions such as hold items, breeding, the Steel and Dark types, abilities, natures, double battles, the attack-specific physical/special split, hidden abilities, triple and rotation battles, and now the Fairy type, Mega Evolutions, and sky and horde battles.



PorllM commented on Nintendo: Wii U Version Of Kerbal Space Progra...:

Control wise this makes perfect sense and I wouldn't be surprised. But performance wise I'm worried tbh. The game struggles on even the most powerful pcs as your vehicles get more complex. I hope they do some MAJOR optimisation, otherwise the wii u version may very well only be playable for the first half.



AtlanteanMan commented on Nintendo: Wii U Version Of Kerbal Space Progra...:

Finally, a game that can actually make use of the GamePad's specializations like the touchscreen and the gyroscopic (tilt) controls. I'm not a keyboard interface player so I was disappointed to see Kerbal was keyboard and mouse-only on the PC; I know plenty of folks don't have a problem with it but I simply prefer joypad-style controls for nuanced things like maneuvering. Should be a fun experience and I'm glad to see the Wii get it.

Now get on making a turn-based Strategy game where the Gamepad can be used for hotseat local multiplayer and you'll be really cookin', Nintendo. I can readily think of a few franchises right off the bat: Advance Wars, Valkyria Chronicles (imagine an iteration of THAT franchise with multiplayer: Game of the Year material), Daisenryaku...there are tons of possibilities.

The problem's never really been the Gamepad; it's that Nintendo simply ignored the game types that would support it best because they're considered too "niche" anymore. Consoles especially need to get past that hang-up because there are plenty of gamers who'd readily buy those games and they're leaving money on the table that the PC and Steam are only too happy to pick up.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Rumour: Fresh Sources Suggest Shovel Knight Is...:

@Zombo Considering you didn't wanna bother with everything I said, you sure are putting a lot of effort into it. Neat.
But to start things off, who the hell ever said that Smash 4 is crippled? I sure didn't, so that assumption is all yours. Now, for the rest of your "argumentation":

The Story: Maybe it wasn't important to you, but it basically made the game. It provided a narrative and reason to the existence of Master Hand, the figure theme, and how all these characters appear in the same universe without any referential knowledge of their own universe (Shulk never reacts to Metal Face, Ganondorf never gets killed by Link, Mario actually fights Peach head-on, and many more things that normally make no sense at all). And as the series progressed, more elements got added to this narrative - until Tabuu kinda raised questions. Nonetheless, the narrative was thrown out of the window to remove a boundary - that's comparable to burning history books to spread fanfiction.
Also, what is it with people like you constantly excusing Nintendo's unwillingness to put effort into their stories for certain games? They've already shown that they can do this, but I keep hearing this idiotic "Nintendo isn't about story" bull. Does Nintendo have some kind of "who needs story" free pass? It's completely irrelevant who it is, throwing a story away out of convenience is lazy as hell.
Also, you don't seem to play fighting games other than Smash at all, because almost every other fighting game has a story, sometimes even extremely complex ones that give freaking world-spanning RPG's a run for their money, and nobody says "kill the story" - they appreciate and discuss this effort, because it gives the characters, well, character.

Smash Run: Have YOU played it? I won Smash Run multiple times without pressing a single button (except to progress menus), because the AI is unable to actually use modified stats properly, instead suiciding by overshooting, or just being the regular kind of incompetent, anyway. The same applies to Smash Tour - a friend even uses it for cheap farming. Start a Smash Tour with 3 AI opponents, go buy groceries, and when he's back, it's already over, sometimes with him as the winner. The huge RNG factor eliminates any skill requirements, turning it into a full-on lottery.

1. Wrong. Many tracks are straight originals from their respective franchises. See through the music list, and you'll notice it's quite a lot. A good number of remixes was also taken from Brawl.
2. What kind of backlash? People were extremely divisive about Subspace Emissary. Also, it's pretty narrow-minded of you to think Nintendo couldn't do it better this time around. There's always room for improvement, and this game had more than enough potential to improve and expand the story immensely. Instead we got one of the cheapest cop-outs I've ever heard from any Nintendo person ("People were uploading most of the story to YouTube and spoilered stuff to people who willingly clicked onto the videos, so we decided to drop it for the next game", as Sakurai put it).
3. That makes it only even less justifiable to have clones at all. If the roster is already large, why even bother with clones in the first place? No matter how you view it, clones are lazy, period.



Nintendood commented on Double Dose Of Sin & Punishment Arrives On Nor...:

Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Earth was the first video game I ever bought imported. I was super nervous about it because I was just a little kid at the time, and I never knew anyone else who had done it before. Importing games wasn't nearly as common back then, and there was almost no information on the reliability of the online stores that offered them. I had to save up money for six months because it was $70, plus $30 for an N64 passport adapter and some more for shipping.

Luckily, it all worked out and I loved the game enough to feel like it was all worth it in the end. It was like no game I'd ever played before, and felt very ahead of its time. The fact that it was only released in Japan, yet all the voice work was in English blew my mind. Not to mention, it had the coolest box art I had ever seen! I decided that I'd never part with it, and kept it on display in my room until the day I moved out.




Arlo commented on Nintendo of America Provides an Update on Thre...:

As long as the quantities are limited, there's still a problem.

You have a product, you meet the demand so that every person who wants the product can get it. Period. I can barely guess what Nintendo's problem is.



JaxonH commented on Nintendo of America Provides an Update on Thre...:

You need Charizard and can't find anywhere.

Look right here.

And Peach (SMB)

You guys really got to start looking a little better.

As for everyone else...

Let me just make this easy for everyone. Don't bother checking any websites- I've done all the work for you, for all you people who can't find any amiibo anywhere and want to complain about limited quantity, even though these have all been up the entire duration of the day and have still not sold out.

Inkling Boy @Amazon

Inkling Girl @Amazon

Charizard @Amazon



JaxonH commented on Nintendo of America Provides an Update on Thre...:

Gosh dang people of course its limited quantities. Everything has a limit.

If you spent half as much time investigating these restocks as you do bitching and complaining about "limited quantity" you'd find Splatoon Amiibo were live on Amazon most of the day today, and in fact are still live right now.

Links below.



IceClimbers commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

@ThomasBW84 Shinen just announced that Fast Racing Neo will have 4 player local multiplayer splitscreen at launch, as well as 8 player online multiplayer.

Meanwhile, Hive Jump has been announced for the Wii U eShop and will have Nintendo exclusive features, including possible amiibo support.



TurboTEF commented on Rumour: XSEED Less Than Happy With Nintendo's ...:

@PolarKoalaBear Oh I'm going to buy it......on a half off or more sale now. Would have purchased new for $60 if a physical release was happening anid more for a LE release. Still have my Rodea preorder for $75 and Senran Kagura 2, so I'm not afrad to spend on cool and great releases.

Also, if you're a Fatal Frame fan, try DreadOut on Steam, great clone of the series and actually made me jump quite a few times. Doesn't look too hot though but meh, still good.



shani commented on Two New Weapons Are Heading to Splatoon This Week:

@SavoirFaire Yeah I know what you mean. I was also hoping that this kind of thing wouldn't be an issue on higher ranks (currently only B- myself). I mean, I can definitely feel a difference between C and B players, so naturally I thought players with A and S ranks should be playing way more serious and focussed.
At times it seems like some players - even on non-noob ranks - are only playing to score as much kills as possible. Maybe it's just a mood-related thing? Like, a guy with an A rank usually playing for his team, but now and then he just boots up Splatoon to make some frags?
But well, at least there is the option of playing squad battles. I did so for the first time today through the Splatoon thread in the Nintendolife forum.
I played with/against only a few S rank players in private battles and those guys were definitely playing better than everyone else.



SavoirFaire commented on Two New Weapons Are Heading to Splatoon This Week:

@bigislandhikers I think you'd call those blasters. People that are good with blasters (especially the Luna Blaster) are awesome when they are on your team, sucks when on the opposition.
@shani I get frustrated on tower and rainmaker, though I love those modes. My last game of the night we likely would have won if our 4th player was helping to guard the tower instead of off painting the central area... at the end of the match... I would have hoped in the "A" ranks that those type of players get weeded out, but not yet.



Nomad commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

I'll be getting this one for sure. Doesn't look like its for Smash Bros from the packaging though. I still think Nintendo needs to make a Skylanders type of game for use with all of the Amiibos.



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo of America Provides an Update on Thre...:

I saw Charizard a few weeks back at toys r us and picked one up.

Have been seeing Pac-Man pretty regularly. I was lucky to snag the Splatoon 3-pack on release.

Really hoping that Nintendo is geared up for Holidays in the US. The sad part is, if we get enough stock, people may start to realize how little amiibos do!



Zombo commented on Rumour: Fresh Sources Suggest Shovel Knight Is...:

@Kaze_Memaryu Ok you're a "harsh critic" right? Well then how come all of your complaints about this "crippled" game are BS..
1. You say that most music is ripped when most tracks are actually remixed
2. You mention how bad it is that Nintendo would't bring back a single player like subspace when Nintendo was in the right mind to do so after seeing the huge amount of backlash they got from Brawl's Subspace mode.
3. You bring up the high amount of clones and how most characters have clones when in reality there are only 7 characters compared to the 44 who aren't clones.

You're a great critic LMAO