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Re: Video: Digital Foundry Gives Its Assessment of the New Nintendo 2DS XL


@WaveBoy Can't link, NL staff would send ninjas to kill me

But yeah, it's possible after using the current custom firmware softmod process. I mention the O3DS in particular because it's still the only one with a high capacity yet cheap ($20) 3rd party battery choice. Max brightness eats my N3DS battery alive. My O3DS factory battery decided to inflate to twice it's original size, so... Figured a nice upgrade was in order. Can go a whole day on max brightness no problem. It's a bit bulky, sure, but the added weight on the bottom feels nice when you're used to it.

Re: Nintendo Switch Sales Surge Past A Million In Japan


As a resident US citizen (Los Angeles), I can confirm getting a Switch has been a nearly impossible effort. Mind you, this doesn't apply to me. I was lucky enough to snag one at launch without preordering.

Additionally, amiibo are frustrating to track down here. The recently released Twilight Princess Link amiibo (Gamestop exclusive) only shipped enough stock to cover the preorders. In fact, that's the only one I'm missing from the Zelda Anniversary set. You could say it's my "missing Link."

I'll see myself out.

Re: Video: Digital Foundry Gives Its Assessment of the New Nintendo 2DS XL


I am in Australia and have already purchased the orange/white new 2DS XL and can say it is by far my favourite of the 3DS consoles. The build quality is better, it is comfortable to hold and play (being much lighter) and the styling is very striking. The only thing I don't like is the position of the stylus, because (like the new 3DS models) it is towards the centre bottom of the console. I find it much easier to get at when they had it on the right hand side on the older 3DS models. I guess it has something to do with battery placement etc..

Overall, I can highly recommend the new 2DS XL.

Re: Video: Digital Foundry Gives Its Assessment of the New Nintendo 2DS XL


@Action51 Now that I take a closer look, there's another significant design upgrade with the N2DS XL. The edges of the top screen shell have been embossed, instead of the lining around the bottom screen. Every 3DS model up to this point would inevitably cause damage to the top screen cover due to the edges around the bottom screen being compressed onto the top screen. (Except the 2DS, obviously.) This was most pronounced with the O3DS- the top screen cover on mine was permanently scratched over time with 4 lined gashes, through normal use.

Re: Video: MercurySteam, Metroid: Samus Returns and the Prototypes That Were Rejected


I love the pixel art style(from fusion, zero mission and am2r). And I have played the 2D Castlevania game (mirror of fate), nay, completed it.
It is a fun game but not a good one.
That shows me that MercurySteam wasn't up to snuff.
I hope Nintendo knows this and is wary in development.

When a franchise has been dormant for so long they should aim to revitalize the games by making most aspects better.

When games like Axiom verge and Am2r exist, can they really ask 30-45 bucks for, what is looking to be, a lesser game?

I've played every game in the metroid franchise.
For me this is looking to be worse than federation force.
But that's comparing apples and oranges.

I'm more excited for metroid prime 4.
The only reason, is that I have hope prime4's gameplay is better than 2 and 3.The original was awesome. 2 and 3 felt like megaman x 2 and 3. They're "better" but for some reason worse.

Re: Video: Digital Foundry Gives Its Assessment of the New Nintendo 2DS XL


@Action51 Yes, including a charger was one of the better decisions for the N2DS XL package! It sounds strange, considering most tech products include a charger... but yeah, after Nintendo made the dumb decision to leave out chargers from N3DS packages, one realizes how important the fundamentals are...

The N3DS microSD slot placement wasn't an issue for me, since I carry around screwdrivers to work on laptops anyways... Yet still, annoying for those who don't lug around screwdrivers on a regular basis.

Re: Xbox Boss Wades In On Sony's Decision To Block Minecraft Cross-Platform Play


@rjejr Drinking a lot? Water, of course. Gotta stay hydrated, right?

I presume you named Switch TV after Shield TV, but if Nintendo ever decides to make a regular console again, it's obviously not going to be named Switch.

If it's a stationary brick that only connects to your TV, but still based on the same hardware (but of course WAY more powerful, since if it's going to happen, it's going to be the next generation) then they would have to re-brand it the Nintendo Stay...

But if I would have to think about it in a more serious manner, then I would like for them to pick a strong name, in case they do revert back to a real home console. I was always kind of partial to some of the old code names like Ultra and Revolution, but since these were dev kit names, we already knew that these were never going to be the final names, sadly...

But it could also very well be so that now they have chosen this road that they are going to stay on it, so only making more hybrid devices from now on, devices that will gradually become more and more powerful until the gap between them and stationary consoles is all but non-existent.

And that actually could happen. Smart device hardware is gaining power much, much faster than any other computing hardware, so unless consoles gain access to quantum computing any time soon, that gap is indeed going to become smaller and smaller each generation.

Re: Nintendo Switch Sales Surge Past A Million In Japan


It really is unbelievable what an amazing success the Switch has been on all levels. Sales. Reception. Games. Excitement. Stoxk price. Nintendo itself probably couldn't have expected it. You just never know. Switch is a hit. An amazing piece of tech.

Re: Nintendo Switch Sales Surge Past A Million In Japan


Yeah, the reaction to 3D World was pretty bad. Even after the second trailer was shown off, reception toward the game was less-than-stellar.

In Japan, 3D World had lower launch sales than Arms. That's how bad it's initial reception was. Mario Odyssey's launch sales will probably be at least 3X the launch sales of Mario 3D World.

Re: More Rumours Add Weight to Talk of a SNES Classic Mini


@DarthNocturnal I chalk the whole thing up to Nintendo doing something experimental. I mean why not? Nintendo had nothing else going on in holiday '16 other than Pokémon Sun and Moon and Black Friday edition New 3DSes. In November, the WiiU would have already wound down in production (and the last shipment I saw coming into the store I worked in was mid-November). The Switch was just revealed but there was nothing tangible yet. Nintendo would need something else to fill that revenue space as it is. I don't remember where it was verbally said, but on the official NES Classic site the wording on the the bottom of the page says "A perfect gift for collectors or anyone who loves games!" Other than that, yeah, it's poor communication on Nintendo's part.

Re: Xbox Boss Wades In On Sony's Decision To Block Minecraft Cross-Platform Play


@ThanosReXXX I'm over the dock, I want a SwitchTV, aka the SwitchBrick. No screen, no USB-C, no HD Rumble, no Joy-Con, no Grip, just a box, a power cord, HDMI and a Pro. As long as it works wirelessly w/ the Joycon almost every game will work except the touchscreen ones and I can live w/ that. I figure they could make that for $199. The current Switch tablet body is probably only $150 after you remove the HD Joycon, Grip, dock and USB-C power. Now remove the 6.2" 720p touchscreen, I think that's $130, then add $70 for the Pro. I'm tempted to wait. I've also been drinking in the hot sun all day so there's that.

Re: SwitchCase Hopes To Give Your Switch More Comfortable Grips


@aaronsullivan My nephew is spending the weekend, his parents too, and I still dont' like the Joy-Con, nor the Joy-Con in the Grip. I was holding the Grip next to my X1 controller and boy what a difference. So if Ntineod wants to make a SwitchTV, no screen, Joycon or Grip, just a brick and a Pro controller for $199, I'm in. I need that Pro controller so I'm looking at $369 as it is now. I'm willing to sacrifice the portability and out of the box multiplayer to save $170. Mario, XC2 and maybe Mario + Rabbids. My kids can buy the Joycon for $70 and whatever games they want to play on the TV. Normal Joycon should still work w/ the Switch Brick (that's what I'm calling it) so games like ARMS, 1 2 Switch Snipperlciips etc should still work just fine, just no portability or tabletop. But we have a 52" TV, who needs tabletop? No reason a SwtichTV coudlnt' be $199, wouldn't even need no fancy-shmancy USB-C, just a normal plug and HDMI. People would just have to find another way to charge their Joycon, but by the time Switch TV were to release they'll be plenty of those chargers. No HD rumble. No Grip. No screen. Sounds like $130 to me, $70 for the Pro. Maybe I should wait.

Re: Nintendo's Market Capitalisation Overtakes Sony's Following Switch Success


@MrGawain yep Reggie said during E3 that he was aware that some people were asking Nintendo to cut 3DS support but the 3DS was the only console that had a grow last year and is still selling strong. Plus is right now at basically 70m world wide. He said that there is still good business to do there so they will continue the support. Is actually kinda crazy that 3DS was the only console that grow last year.

Re: Nintendo Switch Sales Surge Past A Million In Japan


It is true certain parts of the world could easily get Switch within half an hour. In my country, Switch piles in dozens in stores waiting for people to buy. What they say stock supply constraints is actually referring to official retailers like Japan Nintendo stores, online too, GameStop, toy r rus (USA, Europe) etc... Asia, other than hong kong, are not official retailers. We buy in tons of switches (from official whenever their batches come) n they sitting there waiting for customers. And anyway, Nintendo never bother to consider other parts of Asia (except china - not officially released yet, Korea) as real buyers so they basically just ignore all kinds of promotions here. And my country is famous for afraid to lose out n buy in tons of tech. It's still true for Nintendo that worldwide official retailers have supply constraints but but not exactly every single dot on world map. What's the difference between official and non official retailers, you might ask. Official ones try to follow the suggested price plus a bit more for tax. Non official ones are just like, for instance, you and me. We buy in from official stores and sell more than $100+++ per piece to get higher profits from current popular trend and which is why they still sitting in stores. Lol. I'm not a seller btw.

Re: Nintendo Switch Sales Surge Past A Million In Japan


@westman98 - To Put a finer point on your post, the initial reveal of Super Mario 3D World brought the typical Wii U era outrage and cynicism that gamers had been programmed with.

It wasn't until they cut a second trailer together showing how different it actually is from the 3DS game that people started warming up... Up until it's release it had a lot of lukewarm and negative press with people calling it a re-hash (that was the popular term for Nintendo games in classic franchises at the time) of the 3DS game.

Re: Video: Digital Foundry Gives Its Assessment of the New Nintendo 2DS XL


It actually appears to be fairly well designed physically. Keeping the microSD card and game card slots next to each other and beneath a cover should have been standard on all New 3DS models. The decreased weight and improved balance provide some real stability to grip, unlike the fake stability from firmware updates. Including a charger is a huge plus, considering the N3DS/XL packages didn't include them. The design of the charger is changed, though- would be interested to see if the electrical specs changed too!

Unfortunately, though, it still is barely playable under direct sunlight. So the Game Boy Color remains the most efficient Nintendo portable under direct sunlight. No face tracking due to no parallax tech behind the 3D is a disappointing loss, I would have expected the camera to handle that feature. Having a calibrated TN display was to be expected, and should provide a good display. Yet it confirms that IPS screens are restricted to N3DS/XL models- this lowers the N2DS XL's value as a midrange product in the 2/3DS line. Maybe there will be some outliers with the whole random IPS or TN debacle that Nintendo refuses to acknowledge... But I wouldn't get my hopes up too much on this cheaper model. Finally, the stretched resolution compared to regular size models create just as much pixellation as other XL models.

That said, it seems pretty nice otherwise. But no reason to change over for those who already have some variety of N3DS. This is just for those who couldn't find a good deal previously. I'm just fine with my $100 Black Thanksgiving N3DS, myself...

Re: Sega Forever Launch Marred By Terrible Emulation


@liljmoore Not surprised considering this Is the company that shamelessly released that awful 32x, Sega CD, battery gulping Nomad, the short lived flop that was the saturn in NA, the cancled 'neptune'(or Pluto was it?)...then the dreamcast died within 2 years. Even the game gear was pretty mediocre...

This company always makes terrible decisions. They've proven themselves to be an untrustworthy lot of over hyping pretentious man babies always trying to get a new piece of hardware out to 1 up their rival.

They got it right with the Genesis minus the lousy controller, even the master system to an extent and promising yet failure that was the dreamcast.

One thing is for sure, the dreamcast was more innovative and ahead of its time than the PS2 was, plus the DC had an amazing launch...