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Re: My Nintendo's Rewards Have Been Updated for May


@NewAdvent My complaint, though, is that they're bottleknecking the discounts to games over one year old. If they had a "15% off games in category A" (games released from last year to current), or whatever, then I'd be fine. I still haven't bought TP & Pokkén, so I'd like to use my points to buy those digitally, even if the coins they ask for are quite high (considering it's a recent release). That's just a hypothetical case.
The digital deluxe program was great because you could use your percentage back on anything you wanted.

Re: My Nintendo's Rewards Have Been Updated for May


Nevermind, it seems the Fire Emblem Fates discount will apply to "purchases" (plural) from the eShop. Here's the precise wording: "My Nintendo members will also be able to exchange 20 Gold Points for a 10% discount for Fire Emblem Fates ahead of its launch, with the discount applied for purchases from Nintendo eShop between May 21 and June 16." So potentially that's worth $12 in Australia (or more if it covers DLC), almost as much as you spent to get the 20 gold coins in the first place.

Re: My Nintendo's Rewards Have Been Updated for May


@AugustusOxy nice, I dont remember the games being sold on Club Nintendo for points only.was this in the EU store? I think one difference though is that to get the points for club Nintendo you had to buy the games, here you dont actually have to spend anything to get a discount.

Gold coins should be included on physical games though, absolutely should, and Amiibo and all the rest.

Re: Review: Star Fox Zero (Wii U)


Your loss @onion.

The game plays like a dream in single player mode on the game pad and a miracle in coop on the TV. My wife and I played thru last night and its as polished as MK8.

The strikeout by Nintendo PR and the reviewers is this fact alone. Let's say it again folks:

Single Player GamePad - Coop TV.

And as for long winded responses about why this game sucks from people who haven't actually played it (especially with my recommendation - do we need to all say it again?) I only have this to say:

Get N or get OUT.

Re: My Nintendo's Rewards Have Been Updated for May


@DiscoGentleman regarding your qualms with MyNintendo, it's difficult for Nintendo to cater for Non-loyal customers considering the user base for Wii U. It's not their fault people already have most of these games. It would however have more value if it included 3rd party titles, Nintendo could do more to get permission to apply these discounts. However, if you go on the store now you'll see multiple discounts already in place for indie games. Not to mention the humble bundle currently being sold.

Regarding physical copies being cheaper, this is a funny one, you're right of course, but it's not the discounts which are the problem here, it's the stubbornness of Nintendo to keep their prices high on the store instead of pricing competitively (which all good retailers do). Call it lack of experience in retail if you like but Nintendo needs to work on this area at an eShop level rather than My Nintendo. The one redeeming factor here is that actually it I hard to find a Digital copy with the discounted price - if you were desperate to be all digital.

Re: My Nintendo's Rewards Have Been Updated for May



I own three full games because of club nintendo, three full wii-u games. Not to mention music CD from smash bros, free mewtwo dlc and a bunch of other smaller, 3DS games I got for free. Plenty of amazing stuff on ClubNintendo before its death. I don't feel like waiting on mynintendo's demise before we start getting good stuff.

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People seem to forget we only get Nintendo published games discounts 4-6 times a year (spring/easter sale, summer/e3 sale, fall/Black Friday, holiday sale, and maybe 1 or 2 more. With My Nintendo rewards, we get discounts all year on rotation along with the said above sales.

As @Wolfgabe said, it will benefit us digital buyers the most when the NX games rolls because we don't have those games yet. Most of you won't benefit in the rewards now because these are already released games you already own. Look at Fates in Europe which will be released in 3 weeks from now. As a digital buyer, I'll gladly take that 10% discount along with the 50-60 gold points that comes with it.

As for those who prefer physical discs and cartridges, why complain when you always say you can get these games cheaper elsewhere? Then just go physical as you always do. My Nintendo is mostly to reward digital buyers as far as I can see. Will Nintendo start including gold/plat points codes in physical games? I have no idea. But I do hope they will so there will be less complaining. But then you'd still complain you don't like the rewards.

I say wait 6 months when points begin to expire if you still don't have any upcoming rewards that may interest you. It's too early to judge.

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I much prefer MyNintendo to the old Club Nintendo. Once Club Nintendo stopped selling Wii Points cards it became full of worthless tat. I much prefer getting money off a game just for logging in to the website once a week, it has more value to me.

I'm amazed people are complaining about the discounts because "I already have all these games". You're out of luck, suck it up and save up for future rewards instead.

The biggest downside to MyNintendo is the 6 month expiry on coins. But if NX introduces silver coins on every game that becomes less of an issue.

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Not digging MyNintendo as much as ClubNintendo, and it has nothing to do with entitlement or nostalgia. Club nintendo was a quirky concept that awarded people who bought nintendo products by flipping things around and offering goofy merchandise rewards as well as free games and even DLC.

This on the other hand just a run-of-the-mill digital rewards program, meant to appeal to people who can't be arsed to drive to their local gametop to pick up a game. The digital versions of these games are sometimes far more expensive than the retail copies, even brand new. It isn't that great of a service.

There are really neat, cool things they could do with this program, like offering free DLC for certain games would be a good example to say the least. Not that -they aren't- already doing that or thinking of doing it, it just hard to be motivated when nintendo literally wants me to give up buying physical games-- a process that does more than just benefit nintendo (It actually does benefit the retailers and people involved in the shipping process if you buy the physical copy. Plus you actually own it and can pass the product down to future generations or sell it if the need arises).

While I like the concept of mynintendo, I'd much rather have good ole club nintendo's codes back so I can get more useless products I don't really need.

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WarioWare ans Zelda Picross got my hopes up for exclusive downloadable games but it seems in order to give everyone a chance to get them they've extended their availability into July/August. Which is fine but they should have added more than those to keep a decent rotation. These discounts are hardly worth the effort it takes to make the necessary amount of platinum points

Re: My Nintendo's Rewards Have Been Updated for May


@Wolfgabe Alright. Where is my better judgement today? Why am I still responding to you? But here goes...

I was never complaining that the almighty DiscoGentleman had these games already, I brought up this point: If this is a loyalty program, what is your audience? Your most loyal customers likely have these games already, as the games on offer are over one year old, for just a % discount. Additionally, these are often cheaper physically at this point. It does not have value. And if this loyalty program is a discount program, it fails there, too, for the reason just mentioned.
Instead of ignoring me this argument, what is your rebuttal? Is this not a solid point?

Your "point" did not "sail over my head" (oddly, you are more-or-less saying the same thing to me I just said to you... you're missing the point...). Let me break down my rebuttals to you:

"The comments here sound less like valid complains and more like self entitled man children."

Fair, but I think you're letting some poorly worded comments get in your way of reading the many comments right above us bringing up good ideas. You're ignoring them. Just because you disagree with them does not make them invalid. This is discussion 101.

"I am not white knighting Nintendo what I am trying to get through your head is that you are not exactly looking at the bigger picture. I brought up NX for a reason you know."

I see what you're trying to state, but your "bigger picture" is not based on anything factual, it's based on assumptions. I am open to the idea that this new account system is going to be closely integrated with NX, but we don't even know what NX is, let alone how an account system will work with it. So, until we have facts, this argument does not hold water. Do you see my point of view on this?

"Please can you try to consider that this program is still in its relative infancy. Also part of the point of MyNintendo is to help draw in new customers which is partly why it integrates with Miitomo"
Yes, I am open to that. I never said this new account system is dead, nor have I spoken in hyperbole in any of my comments. It works somewhat for the new customers (I'm not going to get into why I think it is not very ideal for them, I have a feeling it'll be wasted time). However, my overarching point of this account system being useless for the most loyal customers still stands. You've yet to respond to that criticism.

Re: My Nintendo's Rewards Have Been Updated for May


I'm just not buying into this new rewards system--the rewards are often the games I already own and the only thing I see myself doing with Miitomo is deleting it. I've been very disappointed with Nintendo's direction as of late, but hopefully better times are coming.

Re: My Nintendo's Rewards Have Been Updated for May


sigh pathetic discounts on games I already own & even if I didn't it would be cheaper to buy retail... Discounts on eshop only titles would be better (I used the pushmo one for example). Really though we need more free vc games, that we don't already own. What Nintendo fan doesn't already have Mario 64?!

Re: ​Talking Point: What Would You Like to See From Pokémon Sun and Moon?


I would agree with this GameFAQ's user review on the current direction of the series:

Basically, Nintendo is trying to cater to both less involved or younger fans, with easy content, and their more experienced fans, through the online battling. However, this has created a schism in how the series operates. Pokemon has exhausted the limits of it's current unfocused direction.

Nintendo must take a relative hint from Fire Emblem Fates, and choose to focus on one path or the other. Either:

1) Conquest Path: Focus on improving the core experience; with an entirely new single player story structure that leads into the online infrastructure by the endgame; more intelligent AI that uses increasingly powerful and varied movesets in their teams; a battle and raising system focused on balance for competitive battling that completely overhauls the IV and EV systems, while mixing up how they proceed; and limit the amount of new Pokemon to balance the already existing ones.


2) Birthright Path: Focus on streamlining the experience; with a traditional Pokemon story structure that builds upon B/W's philosophical and R/S/E's environmental messages; abandoning the hardcore/more convoluted aspects of the battle and raising systems in favor of simplicity closer to Yokai Watch; keep the AI difficulty at roughly the same progression as D/P/P or B/W; and continue to introduce many more new Pokemon without worrying too much about balancing old ones.

In other words, focus on the hardcore competitive community, or the casual mainstream community.


3) Revelation Path: Do something completely new and as yet unseen. Abandon both focuses stemming from the traditional series format, and make that damn Pokemon MMO already! Naturally, this would include elements of both above paths. Pokemon has a high proclivity towards keeping it's world relatively stable, without imposing radical changes. This stands in stark contrast to other settings (like in World of Warcraft), which contradicts the necessity for an MMO to always be a stable environment through it's narrative of constant conflict. The Pokemon world would make for a good MMO setting.

Re: My Nintendo's Rewards Have Been Updated for May


Nintendo Account is way too complicated. Just give me a sale price or something. All this platinum and gold coin business... ugh. JUST STOP!

Q: Can I order physical copies from Nintendo? (I would try and look for an answer on Nintendo's site but it would probably be overly confusing... then disappointing)

Re: My Nintendo's Rewards Have Been Updated for May


While I'm all for them giving out free games or even full games at a "Reasonable" prices on this account system, I don't necessarily believe giving out discount for prices is a problem. Problem is these "Discounts" are weirdly expensive and inconsistent! "Spend 600 Plat coins to get 15 percent off of one game where as in another area if they pay half that amount they get 20 percent off!" It's like screw you. I'm only saving 6+ bucks for these weirdly expensive sales anyway. Where's the incentive to buy these deals? They need to take a page from Sony's Flash Sale or Steam and start discounting these prices at 80-90% off with less coins. These sales are too offensive. Also, Why are there two currencies? I can guarantee that NO ONE will buy that dumb 30% off of Tri-Force Heroes for a whopping 100 GOLD COINS. You're literally paying more than 50+ dollars and you'd still wouldn't have enough to buy the sale with Gold coins. This really does feel like they're trolling their customers; in a time where THEY SHOULDN'T! Considering the recent bombshell announcements what with Zelda/E3/NX as a whole.

Re: My Nintendo's Rewards Have Been Updated for May


Not even two months in and people are already saying it's dead.

Although some aspects suck now and will suck no matter how much time it passes (expire dates, for example), you have to keep in mind they can't blow out all their load in the first month. Not to mention, this whole thing has kind of been slapped into current gen systems. The NX should take much better advantage of it, and the discounts and similar figures might be reworked once the system this was designed for launches.

Wait a year, then see what happens.

Re: My Nintendo's Rewards Have Been Updated for May


I am just annoyed that to get the "gold coins", I have to purchase more digital products just to get discounts. I preferred the older code method to earn points whether digital or physical. Otherwise, just have some better shop sales, like the other companies do.