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Re: F-Zero X Wii U Update Improves Controls and 'Deadzone' Issue


@Lucina Ah clueless Lucifer! Whenever I see a notification from you, I just know you will spill forth complete and utter nonsense.

Yes, the eShop pricing is completely bonkers. Here's just 2 examples of games. One a recent retail release and one a VC game.

Star Fox Zero. €50 on the eShop. €25 to buy at retail.

Metroid: Other M. €20 on the eShop. Less than €8 at retail.

They're both brand new. There are countless other examples and cheaper still when you buy secondhand. And then there's the whole other debate about the many advantages of owning the game over having a digital copy. And speaking of digital, it must be tough for Nintendo to dump a file on the Wii U that does literally no more than run the game through the Wii mode on the console. Or how being so lazy means that there's no save states that other true VC games have.

But you keep telling yourself that you're somehow right.

Re: The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary amiibo Provide Food and Goodies in Breath of the Wild


@rjejr No, I believe you about the AC cards. I had just forgotten about them until you reminded me.
Does the iOS App Store require demos for games, like the Xbox Live Arcade used to? The only Apple product I use is the work-issued iPad, so I've never gone looking for anything outside of the allowed programs (funny side note. When Pokémon Go released, they had to send out a memo reminding people that they couldn't play it on work equipment).
You're probably right about people buying Super Mario Run up, though. I suspect it will be near the top of the charts, at least at first. Do you remember if there were microtransactions, or just the initial price?

Re: F-Zero X Wii U Update Improves Controls and 'Deadzone' Issue


It was great that F-Zero X got updated, I wasn't expecting it.

I'm happy with the eShop prices - so I buy all my games digitally. I used to be extremely sceptical but have done a complete u-turn. On the topic of VC/Wii games - again, I am happy with the service. Where else could I get a 60Hz version of F-Zero X, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, etc... I have bought almost every Wii download. It's great to discover games I missed first time. If course, it could be better and there are lessons I hope they learn fir the Switch.

Re: PokeLand Legends Reminds You Of Just How Shameless Some Developers Can Be


People saying they can't see the similarites, the models are ripped right out of the Pokemon X/Y games. Perhaps they don't realize that the models are actually highly detailed since the 3DS screen isn't that great? Also, I downloaded it and it plays like crap. The game loads for everything and it is a long loading time. You get at least 5 loading periods during battle and they are all long loading times. I hope Nintendo and Gamefreak destroy this.

Re: Four Satellaview Kirby Mini-Games, Previously Thought to be Lost, Have Been Preserved


Well said.

I know I, and I'm sure many others agree, am strangely drawn to attaining and playing games that are outside the reach of normal every day consumers. Be it Japanese games translated to English, BS Satellaview games in particular which were only ever broadcast, or long lost games of a bygone era which can only be played via emulation. My preference is to inject them into 3DS VC and install as virtual console.

There's nothing quite like playing Zelda Ancient Stone tablets from BS Satellaview as an installed VC game, in English, complete with full suite of VC amenities such as virtual restore points and pixel perfect mode. Or Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D, or Virtual Boy games, or the 7 different Fire Emblem games never released in the west.

Unattainable games are all the more appealing. At least to me.

Re: F-Zero X Wii U Update Improves Controls and 'Deadzone' Issue


@UK-Nintendo I actually think that you're not understanding how retail pricing works - Nintendo sets the recommended retail price (rrp) to the retailers who buy their stock. If retailers (in your case Amazon) want to charge less than that, that's their call. They will not make as much money on each unit sold, but they will drive customers to their store with a low price - it worked with you. Now, if Nintendo undercut the retailers price, why then would retailers buy and stock Nintendo products if everyone would just buy direct from Nintendo? Without retailers stocking and providing Nintendo shelf space (virtual and physical), only dedicated Nintendo fans would ever see Nintendo products. Soon enough those fans will fall off with no new fans seeing the retail products and taking their place.

I know it would be much more convenient for us to buy cheap games direct from Nintendo, but Nintendo need retailers, and retailers need companies that make sought after products. It's a symbiont relationship.

Re: Shigeru Miyamoto Will Be Showing Off Super Mario Run At NY Apple Store Next Week


Nintendo is a company that has such a rich history but refuses to move forward. This is a great step to get their foot into the door of maybe actually making money. I think their future will have to invole going Third Party is they want to stay relevant. After watching the Playstation Experience tonight there is just no way the Switch can compete. No amount of Mario Kart or Zelda will change that. I would love to play Breath of the Wild but spending another $300 just to play a handful of games isn't happening and I am surely not alone. There is so much coming out for Sony that I just don't see a way for Nintendo to do any better than the WiiU. Can you imagine Pokémon on more powerful hardware? Well Nintendo sure can't. And there is the issue, outdated hardware running amazing games. All the money in the world won't save the company from becoming stale to the public if they continue down their current path. My two kids (11 & 13) are tired of Mario and are constantly amazed at what they get from Sony. I don't want for Nintendo to die out but their management stinks. I wish them the best and will continue to follow them but have no interest in spending money on them outside of a few 3DS games. In addition their account system is still broke in 2016. $199 Switch with a fixed account system and I would buy, otherwise I'll wait for a year and see how it goes, 2017 has way too many PS4 games I plan to play.