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Re: 'Battle Inspired' Rewards Added to My Nintendo in North America


Tank Troopers looked fantastic to me, but the lack of online MP for a game like that is ridiculous... Considering picking it up with the discount, but I honestly hope they just take and re-make it for the Switch. Can't imagine it did too well for 3DS, which is a shame with how unique and polished it looks.

To anyone who owns it: worth it solely for the single-player missions? With no MP bots or online play, I know I'm not going to find anyone else in my area to go local with.

Re: Guide: How To Unlock Mean Bean Mode In Sonic Mania


@Rafx that's really great.

Did any of them know what it was before you told them? Like did they know it was a switch a Nintendo switch?

Because I have noticed that when I was a kid everyone knew what a Nintendo Game Boy was. Then fast forward 20 years and not even every kid knows what a 3DS is? And I would probably say that was probably the same for the DS the Gameboy Advance they probably did know what it was though.

I guess what I'm wondering and what I'm getting at is is right now we have so many options to waste our time with you no like Facebook on your phone or crappy games on your phone or looking at the internet on your phone and listening to music with your little iPod and all that it's almost like information overload so in a sense there will not be as many people that even know about current handheld gaming devices as there is so many other options to take up your time....

Crazy huh

Re: The Overcooked: Special Edition Performance Patch Is Nearing Release


@MarioPhD More important, in games, is the need for reflexive interactivity, and those faster frame rates let players see more detailed movement in order to know when to act. In addition players can feel the responsiveness faster after they use a control method. In general, gaming has more to gain from increased fluidity of movement as you are predicting paths of movement and timing in order to interact.

A lot of what you proposed is factually inaccurate. Video games update their state, calculate physics, discover collisions, read input, read network events, and invoke events at a rate that is not usually married to the rate at which frames are rendered to the screen. In the past, many games had a main loop that was tightly coupled with the display of graphics, but it's not the case in most games anymore. Not seeing the fluid movement and calculations happening in the game can still effect the feeling of interactivity, as I mentioned above, but if you're suggesting that the internal game state can only update at the rate of displaying graphics, you are mistaken.

Re: Nintendo Download: 17th August (North America)



Magician Lord is...something.

I love it, but it's so bad it's good.

The games I could most compare this to are Rastan, Altered Beast, and the original arcade Rygar.

Now, being a NEO GEO arcade port, you'll no doubt have unlimited continues, but otherwise the game is brutally unfair and cheap to maximize quarter eating.

Also, the Engrish translate is pretty epic "you persistent guy" on the "passage to Anderground"...

Having said all that, there is a beautiful weirdness and darkness about the game. Like most action plat-formers of the arcade era, it's a short game, but a spectacle to play through complete with nightmarish scenery and twisted Lovecraftian horrors to face.