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musicmaniac1965 commented on Review: 3D After Burner II (3DS eShop):

First of all, great review! I agree with it 100%. This is how a classic should be treated.

So far, i enjoyed all the sprite scaler games Sega brought back to the 3DS, each one giving me that perfect feel of nostalgia, with the added depth of the 3D effect, that will be better even when my NEW 3DS XL will arive in Europe! No more double lines because i move to much!

For this game, i had no worries tough, as the jet fighter model they used seems to be not licenced, or they have payed for the proper licenses. All those sprite scallers are just awesome on the 3DS, can't wait for the rest of them, but i worry for one title, and that is OutRun. I know it looks good, but the changed car may remove my feeling towards this as a game i used to play so much in the arcade in 1986! I have this game also on the Dreamcast collection, where they used the same changed car, and i so much more love my Sega Saturn Japanese copy of that game, just having the proper Testarossa car in it.

I will still buy it, no doubt, but hope the smaller screen will make the changed car model not to much important for me, as it's the gameplay that should be good!

Thanks for the review of Afterburner, i love this game to bits, and will be played a lot more!

Oh, and some games i'd love to see on the 3DS as well:

Virtua Racing: Arcade version, would be great in 3D, as the arcade version was smooth and great!

Turbo OutRun: New surroundings, that feeling of racing trough America in oldschool graphics, and the speed update is just awesome! I loved that ending music!.

OutRunners: Can't have to much of a good thing, and this game should have system link and internet multi player, as this arcade game had a great multiplayer mode in the arcades. More stages, forks in the road are back, revamped old tunes, and new ones! Add to this the cool funny animations at the and, and you can see why i love this a lot.

Power Drift: This game just screams for 3D! The way the camera pans to your car at the start of each race, i'd love to see this one in 3D, but we had a great home version on the Sega Saturn allready!

Now all those great Megadrive/Genesis games are also welcome, so here are a few of my favorite:

Sonic 1, 2, 3, 4: Ok, i must be fair and say Sonic 1 (allready out!) and 2 are my most favorite, closely followed by Sonic 3, but still, it would be cool to have all the Megadrive/Genesis Sonic games out, just to have the collection complete.

Streets of Rage 1, 2, and 3: Ok, the first one is out allready, but number 2 is my most favorite. This side scrolling street brawler was so good (for me), it made me forget wanting a Neo Geo console at that time. I was so impressed with the much improved graphical style, animation, use of collor, and that arcade feel. Also in this case, it would be cool to keep the series complete, so the less favorite 3rd part i'd buy just to keep the series complete.

Mikey Mouse Castle of illusion 1 and 2: I loved those games so much on the Megadrive/Genesis, best platform games that are not Sonic if you ask me. The looks and animations where so good, i finished those games to much, and still enjoy the trip trough those. I disliked the new 3D remake on the Xbox 360/Playstaion 3 compared to the Megadrive/Genesis version.

Donald Duck Quackshot: Platformer with a twist, i loved the idea of backtracking because you got a new plunger that can stick to walls for a while! Graphics and animations where top notch as most platformers from Disney where on this system.

Ok, i know there are more, like Golden Axe, but this game has not much use of 3D, due to the lack of paralax scrolling, and to my taste, i feel the ways you can attack the enemies was rather limited: Hit, or jump and hit. Ok, you had magic, and once in a while you could ride dragons that breath fire or shoot fire balls, but that was not to rewarding to play for me as the other brawlers Sega did. Still, this is a matter of personal taste, so i respect everyone's opinion, and i know this game has been requested by other users.



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Shows Off Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's...:

People nowadays always want a game that's pick up and play, a "catch your interest right away" game like a Saturday morning cartoon. But Monster Hunter is more like a cinematic masterpiece than a Saturday morning cartoon. You have to pay attention and get invested, and that takes a little time, but it's so worth it if you do.

I've always loved giant boss fights in games. It's what made Metroid Prime series great, it's what made Shadow of the Colossus great... Pikmin 3- best part of the game was the giant boss fights. Monster Hunter takes that concept and runs with it. An entire game built on the sole premise of giant boss fights- over 100 different monsters to fight, each with intense, challenging move sets and attack patterns- no two hunts are ever the same. Just the premise alone is epic. Boss fights so big and bad, you have to prepare for battle first!

You and I know what's up ;)



Sakura commented on Nintendo Shows Off Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's...:

Even with the most powerful electron microscope known to man, it would still be impossible for me to locate my interest in this game. Chase monsters, kill monsters, repeat, die of boredom. I'll be playing Majora's Mask, thank you.



SphericalCrusher commented on Feature: The Making of Wetrix and Its Route to...:

I disagree. Although N64 didn't have a mass amount of games, it had the higher quality games for the most part. Also, time has been fine for N64 as a retro console. Wii VC got a ton of games and N64 games are the talk of the town in the speedrunning community.



HAL9000 commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Multiplayer Gaming on...:

I am really looking forward to Kirby and Rainbow curse for assymetric local multiplayer with my Wife. I love when gamepad is used cleverly like in Nintendoland.

I am also looking forward to Splatoon for new multiplayer experience. I hope it has a good local multiplayer mode.



JaxonH commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Multiplayer Gaming on...:

Ya, I've actually got Little Kings Story on the Wii. And I was thinking about getting it for Vita too, but I never really played it on Wii yet so I decided to hold off. Only played the first little section to get a taste of the game. Seems kind of like Pikmin, but more resource oriented. Lucky to get that game at GS when I did- it was getting pretty hard to find at the time (think I grabbed Little Kings Story and Klonoa for Wii that day, ya that's right). Probably only buy it on eBay now I imagine...



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Shows Off Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's...:

Actually, MH is all about precision. It's intentionally designed to have x amount of time for various animation frames- whether that be swinging your sword, drinking a health potion, sheathing your weapon, etc. It's all about strategy. Judging how much time you have and making a move accordingly- do I have time for one more hit, sheath my weapon, and run away before the monster gets up and attacks me? Do I have time to sharpen my weapon now and dodge out of the way last second? Stuff like that.

I used to be like every person here that doesn't get into the game after playing it once. I bought MH3U and played for a couple hours, and gave up because the early quests were all gathering and killing little monsters and it wasn't that interesting. I complained about no lock on, all that stuff people here say.

But when my friend convinced me to play online with him, and I got a real taste of what the game was all about, it finally "clicked". My expectations of what the game was about was way off. Notice that every person who just plays the demo, or just tries it solo for a bit, doesn't like it. Yet notice every person who sticks with it (whether because of a friend they play with online or whatever) is now a junky and says it's their favorite game of all time. I see a pattern, and it's hard to convince a person they really will love this game if they stick with it, when they're already convinced they won't. But nonetheless, I encourage you to stick with it. Get the game, start working your way up, hunt online with friends or members here. And I know you don't think so, but chances are you'll be like everyone else who stuck with it and now boast it's their favorite game. I was like you. Now I'm an addict.

Monster Hunter is like a good book. It takes more than the first page to catch your interest- sometimes several chapters are needed. But once you reach that point of no return, you won't be able to put it down.



JaxonH commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Multiplayer Gaming on...:

Battalion Wars I liked, but, not as a typical strategy game. I just thought it was a fun game. It was a lot more "crazy fun war shooter" than anything else, with a touch of Pikmin-like strategy controlling your units. But in a world where almost every war game is gritty and real, I found Battalion Wars a breath of fresh air. I wonder if we'll ever see another one... Probably not.



Spoony_Tech commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Multiplayer Gaming on...:

@JaxonH I personally could never get into Battalion Wars.

I also could never get into Final Fantasy Tactics either and I tried, twice. For me Vandel Hearts was always the better series in that regard back on the ps1.

@Windy Um, let's see. Just from 2013 alone I still need to beat SMT IV, Etrain Odyssey Untold, Soul Hackers, Fire Emblem Awakening, Mario and Luigi's Dream Team, Unchained Blades, and Castlevaina Lord Of Shadows Mirror of Fate. Not to mention Denpa Men 2 and 3. Not sure if I missed something or not but that's just one year.

Now last year I didn't get as many games for the 3ds but one I haven't yet beat is Bravely Default. I think I played more then my fair share of Fantasy Life to say I beat it at 195 hours lol. I only have about 15 Wii U games not finished or even started either. I may be set for the next 5 year's but then there's so many good games coming again this year.......Uggh!



JaxonH commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Multiplayer Gaming on...:

Honestly there aren't a whole lot of great strategy games out there. A lot of people claim the original Final Fantasy Tactics, but Really that game wasn't real strategy like Fire Emblem. You would only move like 3 spaces at a time, and your party had AI so you'd move, then you'd have to sit there and watch each of your party members move. It wasn't a bad game, it just, well, it wasn't the same thing. It didn't provide that rich, strategy experience. It was more of a grid-based RPG than anything.

So personally, Fire Emblem is THE definitive strategy experience. Now, some will say Advance Wars, and true those are great games, but I personally never enjoyed that series nearly as much as Fire Emblem. They're great strategy games don't get me wrong- I love em, but I just assume play Fire Emblem if given the choice.

The other big one would be Valkyria Chronicles on PS3. I've personally never played the game but my brother swears by it and he's just as big a Fire Emblem fan as I am, so I trust his judgement. It's a different flavor of strategy, more akin to Code Name STEAM with a twist of Battalion Wars, and with a really great wartime narrative. In fact, Code Name STEAM looks to have almost the exact same type of strategy gameplay, except still on a grid. And that's a good thing, because a lot of people hail Valkyria Chronicles as one of the finest strategy games ever made. So to me, Code Name STEAM is the Fire Emblem developer's take on Valkyria Chronicles gameplay, and that's a really exciting and promising thought right there.

Of course,mthere's always games like X-COM and Frozen Synapse Prime on other consoles, but those aren't really the same genre of strategy that I like to play. Fact is, almost no two strategy series are the same. Almost every strategy game out there is unique, so it's really all about finding the brand and flavor of strategy that you like. For many of us, that flavor is Fire Emblem. There's simply nothing that compares.

With that in mind, Fire Emblem Awakening really is the best place to start, bar none. Not only will it make you a life-long convert, it's the best game on the 3DS. Once you get your feet wet with Awakening, you'll be hungry for more- that I can promise. And when that time comes, you can turn to Fire Emblem (GBA) on Wii U VC, FE Sacred Stones on 3DS if you're an ambassador (or on Wii U VC if you're anywhere but NA) Shadow Dragon on DS which is a remake of the very first game on NES (so it's a little more hardcore that these others), and best of all there's two home console entries you can play with FE Path of Radiance on GC and it's sequel, Radiant Dawn on Wii. Unfortunately those two games are pretty rare- Path of Radiance will run you about $100 and Radiant Dawn is about $75. But they're so worth it.



rjejr commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Multiplayer Gaming on...:

Still too much unknown for me about Splatoon's offline multiplayer so voted for Kirby, which is only 4 weeks away, and there are only so many games we can play 4-player with my wife and kids, most are vs - MK8, SSBU.

After we're done w/ Kirby then I'll focus on Splatoon.



JaxonH commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Multiplayer Gaming on...:

Ah, ya I know the feeling...believe me. I think most of us here who have MH3U sunk 500-1000 hours into the game already, so we're super stoked to move on to the next one. And obviously are really into the franchise too.

Of course, a lot of those games will be releasing in the 2nd half if the year, and the releases seem to be spread out pretty evenly so as to not clump too many close together. For me, I'm scooping MH4U, Zelda Majora's Mask and Kirby Rainbow Curse in February, in March I'm grabbing Code Name STEAM and Mario Party 10, Xenoblade Chronicles in April, and Splatoon in May, and I'm sure Mario Maker and Yoshi's Wooly World will be dropping in June and July- then it's on to the 2nd half of the year with the big guns!



Reusinck commented on Review: Swords & Soldiers (Wii U eShop):

Really nothing more then a OK game. Reminds me of flash games like burrito bison or Kingdom Rush, or any other fine flash game. plays like one too except a little more smooth in terms of gameplay.The wiiU's gamepad makes things a lot more fun.

But mind you, the only reason people are liking this is because they either haven't played free flash games, or they lower their standards because of the pricetag. It's not unplayable, but it's really nothing special in any way, and compared to free fash games online, this is feels more like the premium edition of such a game than it feels like advance wars...



Robotron2084 commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Multiplayer Gaming on...:

Worryingly low score for Devil's Third, but then again, Splatoon is looking fantastic, so no surprise the votes went there. Hopefully we get some new footage on DT to help win over those who are undecided on this. I think it could be a blast.