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Re: Video: Nintendo Releases Infectiously Upbeat Switch Spring Line-Up Video In Japan


@Maxz I guess you could call it wishful thinking or even Nintendo's pipe dream.

But yeah, after seeing the first marketing videos (prior to the Switch's launch), the thought/fear of getting approached by random people also popped up in my head.
But in actuality, whenever/whereever I took my Switch out, not a single person - not even a child - noticed or cared about it.
Once, a fellow passenger on the train actually approached me, but not because of my Switch (which was standing on the table as well), but because of my slider laptop/convertible.

I mean, I couldn't care less, I don't actually want to be interrupted while I'm playing (unless it's one of those 'enthusiastic young women with a deep interest in your activities' you were talking about 😆). But it kinda surprises me that it doesn't spur any interest at all.

It's also strange to read about the Switch's record breaking sales numbers (it even broke the Wii's record in Germany) and the hype that it gets online, but not to see a single Switch out there in the wild (apart from a local Splatoon 2 tournament, which doesn't count, because it's a planned occurence).
Despite being against gaming on the go, I would've expected/wished to play locally with/against other Switch owners on the train or whereever.

Re: Deals: You Can Now Pre-Order HORI's Portable Table Mode USB Hub Stand For Switch


@Captain_Gonru @Nincompoop @dew12333 @Nintendofan83 @NewAdvent 1: HORI is officially licensed and approved by Nintendo, that's why they can carry full Switch branding on their boxes. 2: the dock issue has more to due with how the docking unit overclocks the Switch, to push out higher graphics on your tv. The Switch dock does this, but does it whatever the safe correct way is. The 3rd party docks don't. When Nintendo updates their OS this can cause unforeseen issues with 3rd party docks. Bricked system concerns wouldn't apply here - that's why NL didn't mention them.

Re: Mark Of The Ninja Remastered Is Creeping Onto Nintendo Switch This Autumn


Never played this before and it has my interest on Switch. That's one of the good things about how the Switch library has developed - despite a lot of the naysayers - for us folk who don't own every system, play every game, read every piece of games news, reviews, watch every YouTube video et. al. - old games can be brand new experiences for us.

Re: Review: Donkey Kong (3DS eShop / GB)


@Guybrush_Threepwood Unfortunately, it can't because that would require Nintendo to figure out a way to get Super GameBoy emulation the on the New 3DS' SNES Virtual Console emulator via making the New 3DS' SNES and GameBoy Virtual Console emulators talk to each other so-to-speak and then they would have to stash a purchasable Super GameBoy ROM on the New 3DS' eshop.

Re: Fantasy Strike Is A Switch Fighter Where Anything Can Be A Weapon


@Captain_Toad So - that video actually sold me on it. I do like the occasional fighter, typically older 2D ones that I am already familiar with, but I've struggled to get back into the genre with recent fighting games. I lack the time and patience required to become good at them and fully enjoy them. A simplified move set that is easy to play with intentionality, but hard to master, sounds perfect to me.