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Re: 3DS Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 1st September


Would love some new things, but a bit on Ever Oasis would suffice for me. I don't really care about Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Yokai Watch, or Dragon Quest, so I know there is potential for disappointment.

They'd make my year with Etrian Odyssey Untold III. Going to really bother me in an OCD way if that one out of all of them is on a different system.

Re: 3DS Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 1st September


I know Im breaking the rules, but my answer for what I hope for is STILL NX. Besides that though, I wish they would throw Wii U one last bone and announce a SNES VC release of FF3 and Secret of Mana. As far as 3DS goes since that is what the Direct is...I cant think of anything. Nothing we have heard of yet is exciting for me so a new announcement of a cool RPG orsomething would be nice I guess. Just as long as the whole thing isn't Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Re: 3DS Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 1st September


I guess there is that new RPG they announced at E3, the name of which escapes me. There's Yo-Kai Watch, Pokémon Sun/Moon, and probably some more SNES VC games. All that gets a pretty big yawn from me. But that's okay, because I have Monster Hunter Generations and a massive backlog to get me through until Nintendo opens up the flood gates again in 2017.