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Re: Review: The Outer Worlds - Obsidian's Fallout-Style RPG Is Worth A Look On Switch


I think when the end of year awards roll around, this is a strong contender for "Most Disappointing Game of the Year" on the Switch, not unless a miracle patch is rolled out at some point. Was just watching a review, and some of the performance issues are game breaking. The reviewer showed one example where he was walking through town, and then he was suddenly surrounded by enemies who loaded in without warning. That sucks!

Re: Streets Of Rage 4 Dev Has Some Ideas For DLC, But Nothing Is Officially In The Works


This game definitely need some dlc...I know it’s is holding to traditional beat ‘me up...but some rpg elements would be sweet....not necessarily character skills...rather account traits would be five traits can be slotted...with enough diviersity for the need to swap out for each character select...this would increase replay the game...and want more period..

Re: Anniversary: EarthBound Turns 25 In The USA, And A Whole Generation Feels Old


My avatar has been waiting for this moment.

I rented this game in 1995 from a video store because it had a huge box. This game was so much different than what I was playing at the time (Donkey Kong Country and Mega Man X, probably) that I was completely weirded out by it, but wanted to see more and more.

I often site Final Fantasy VII as my first RPG, but this was actually it. Just realizing that!

Finally beat it on Wii U in late summer 2015 and had a bittersweet moment seeing Mr. Iwata’s name in the credits, given how much he did to save this game back in the day and how, sadly, he had recently passed away.

Re: Anniversary: EarthBound Turns 25 In The USA, And A Whole Generation Feels Old


The first RPG I played was Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, followed by Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger, then Earthbound. Earthbound stayed with me the most because I was turning 13 when the game came out, so Ness and his life in the suburbs and going on adventures was a lot more relatable to me than the fantastic worlds of FFVI and CT--it made me imagine I could be a Goonie and Link in the real world, especially because I loved looking up cryptzoology and studying things like ESP. I was basically living what Millennials and Edgers only know as Stranger Things well from my already longing for the 80s that I brought into the 90s thanks to Earthbound.

Re: Can You Name These Third-Party Nintendo Games From Just Their Box Art?


Multiple choice absolutely helped.
I only guessed Flying Dragon correct because it looks like N64 graphics.
(though that didn't work for Vertical Force)

I only guessed Tuff E Nuff because the other two Jaleco games had far more memey bad boxart.

But Kwirk did appear in the FDS and PCE versions of Puzzle Boy(s). And Acclaim also put him in the one season of Video Power that was like a knockoff of Captain N.
(the other season of Video Power was a gameshow, with a host that seemed like he was FAR too excited. Especially when the bonus round, when the kids get to live their dream of going to the game store and taking all they want, guy just starts pulling the games off their suits to tally up what they won. )

Re: Anniversary: EarthBound Turns 25 In The USA, And A Whole Generation Feels Old


@IronMan30 one of my 'feeling old' moments was when I realized that GTA: Vice City's setting is closer to it's release date than the current year. GTA VC takes place in 1986, released in 2002. So that is 16 years in the past for it's release. But it has been 18 years since it's release.

I only played Earth Bound really late since I am European and I only got to enjoy it till it was released on 3DS.
It does a great job of capturing that 90's American pop-culture zeitgeist with a sprinkle of really great nostalgia evoking music.
As the AVGN stated, it's a coming of age story, for that time it was ground breaking I suppose.

Re: Review: The Outer Worlds - Obsidian's Fallout-Style RPG Is Worth A Look On Switch


This is a fantastic game on every platform, but this is also the kind of games where the graphical quality matters a lot, since you're exploring every landscape from the main game. That's what I'm going to talk about.

I've seen that Digital Foundry review and that doesn't really paint a good picture. That comparison felt like a PS Vita vs PS3 comparison, but Switch is more capable than that. It's interesting considering YOUR screenshots show actually decent graphics, better than the "fallout-4-on-ps3" footage that I saw on that Digital Foundry video. You seem to have installed the day one patch, maybe that explains it.
I don't know what happened, the work Virtuos did on XCOM 2 was excellent to me, since they actually managed to keep the core visual identity and effects, this doesn't look to be the case here.
Still, don't refrain buying the game on Switch, even if it's on that state, it could be patched anytime, and remember you can play it anywhere! Virtuos made a good work with this version, but it could've been much more miraculous.

Re: Anniversary: EarthBound Turns 25 In The USA, And A Whole Generation Feels Old


I was 13 when this came out, and it was the first RPG that I really played through and through. I loved everything about it, from the oversized box (it came with the strategy guide packed in) to the quirkiness of the characters and gameplay, to its deceptively heartwarming and deep story. I occasionally find myself humming the tune the instruments play, and it always takes me back.

But yeah, thanks for the reminder that I'm pushing 40. I sure needed that today. :/

Re: Anniversary: EarthBound Turns 25 In The USA, And A Whole Generation Feels Old


I admit to not knowing much about Earthbound until the first Smash Bros. I recall seeing box art for it beforehand. But that was about it. I will say I can't think of anyone I knew growing up who played video games being that into RPGs in general. My dad would buy the odd RPG now and then. But I just don't recall that much fanfare over Earthbound or the Mother series in general until much later

Re: Poll: Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics Is Out Today On Switch, Are You Getting It?


I put over 600+ hours into the DS original. At this time, I have already put in about 14 hours into the Switch version. The game is great, and well polished and definitely fun. Tho, I will say, having put a ton of time in the original, that this version doesn't have the same charm as the original. The music is different, the design is different, the Stamps/Challenges are gone, so, the rewards are gone (that I can tell so far, anyways). This game has more of a 'checklist' of achievements per game, like, beating on every difficulty, than it does 'challenges' like the original. So, not quite the same, definitely a different feel to the game. But, considering that it's made by a different developer, I get that it's different. But still fun. Will definitely put a lot of time into this version.

Re: Review: Borderlands Legendary Collection - A Triple-Helping Of Classic FPS Action


@Fredbu they wont until their review buddy then they will put the fps scaler on screen which will show you the drops when and where they happen.
Just looked at it and they do mention the drop and where they happen the worst albeit they dont delve as deep as DF. Even have the scale on screen to show you what they drop to.
This is what i watched and it told me enough to let me know its not good enough for me. Sure if you dont mind the dips and can overlook the graphical decrease then im sure there is still a fun game in there.