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MrSeitaro commented on Here's Some of the Changes Atlus Made to the W...:

@MitchVogel Too frustrating, dude. I loved, for example, Shin Megami Tensei, Etrian Oddissey and such...but this is too much, the leveling up system is also unforgiving as it is FF 2 style, you level up weapons and skills by using them, your character doesn't level up, if a party character doesn't participate on a battle they don't get any XP at all. And you're all in a grinding attitude and you get randomly jumped by a mini boss which is too overpowered and basically stomps you in 2 turns.

The music is cool, but the story is basically non-existant, you get some story on the first minutes of the game but after that you just walk, grind and die.



MrSeitaro commented on Here's Some of the Changes Atlus Made to the W...:

Even with these changes, the idiotic difficulty is still too harsh, seriously it doesn't give you any sense of "damn! I'll get you next time!", in the random encounters you'll get a mini-boss, randomly, and it will kick your sorry the ammount of grinding you need to do in the first playthrough is ridiculous and not fun, not to mention the game has almost no story. I don't mind a hard RPG, but when the hard RPG reaches frustrating limits and has a non-existant story...I'm sorry, but I'll skip this.



Jimsbo commented on Drive-Thru Castle:

When I was first play-testing this, I had no idea that the wigglers could jump into the car and steal it. It was a genuine LOL when it happened. The only catch is you're cooked if he does, because you can't get it back from him and you need it. So don't wait too long to hop in. You'll need to get Yoshi to grab the P-switch, and take the time to go up and get a helmet from the pipe, it'll help ahead.

I went easy on the Bowser here. there's enough other stuff going on I didn't want to add some double king size mess to deal with. Easier than most real SMW castles for me, but still a enough of a tustle.



brandonbwii commented on Octodad: Dadliest Catch Has Been Delayed, Rele...:

You're the first Nintendo Lifer I've ever seen to say "I still hope will differ from its competition."

On topic: I agree. Too many developers are delaying their games on Wii U simply due to programing bugs. Perhaps if the NX uses the rumored Android technology...?



Jimsbo commented on Holey Moley Reinfested:

What if 2D Mario levels operated like Mario 64's do, where you go back into an area you've been to for a different adventure? It's a little like that. It just builds on the first part by piling on more ostacles. The first part is just the same as before. The cavern sub-world, however, has two new areas that lead to power ups. It's not always that easy to hang onto them, though.

The big difference is when you take the pipe back up. It's a cavalry of power ups! But they're all fermented up here, and good luck avoiding a rush of moles while you're pickled on funky mushrooms. And watch your step around the new spikes, 'cause there's a few of those. The best course is to keep grabbing mushrooms and bluster your way to a lakitu's cloud, then head for the fire flower a little higher and ahead, then fire away at the lakitus until you reach the end. It's a messy and chaotic scramble, but doable most of the time for me.



TJF588 commented on Speculation of Playable Octolings in Splatoon ...:

If playable Octolings, then as an unlock for, hopefully, more Hero Mode levels. The Octarians have the short end of the kelp when it comes to energy resources, so seeing them get on more even ground would be re f r e s h ing.



Jimsbo commented on Holey Moley:

I guess some would find this level annoying, but there's something about the way these moles go off like popcorn all around you, especially with the sound effect. The key to blowing through this easily is to charge ahead and know how to make the jumps quickly without getting hung up on the little bumps and drops. You don't get any power ups to help you (or do you?....), You just need to charge to the finish without getting rattled by the steady bursting of Monty Moles.



FLUX-CAPACITOR commented on Reminder: Grab Some Popcorn For Nintendo UK's ...:

@TheWindWaker @CTMike Hey, one of the insane mods here banned me so I'm using this dummy account with basically the same name But I don't think I'll be coming to this site for much longer, so do you guys care if we continue our little group on miiverse or gmail or something? At any rate, I love the idea for round one. I'll start working on it tonight and try to get it done Sunday or Monday. And thanks for the compliments! The mushroom trip one was actually made with the help of a friend, and it was really late at night so it seemed way funnier to us at the time than it probably really is lol



Jimsbo commented on Heaven Above, #&!! Below:

I doubt I'm the only one to think of this, but being able to combine the ground theme with the castle as a subworld made for a good heaven/hell level. It's hard to get in any real danger up above. You can fall off in some spots buts there's no enemies to attack and plenty of pointless coins and 1ups to grab while frolicking around. But you'll have to go through the pipes to get to the end.

All the high stakes platforming happens below. (and it's handy that you don't get a preview map of a level's subworld, so you can't study what to do ahead of time). Hint: the first area is a dead end, just meant to show you that it's hostile below, and you should instantly bullet-bounce back into the pipe. The next pipe is the only way to advance, though. I hope it's tricky but fair for most players. I'm not that big on brutally hard levels myself, so if I can design it and get through it most of the time, I'd think any good Mario player can handle it.

Be ready to act fast in the last sub-world area. You'll be dumped onto falling platforms that you'll need to climb up and make it to the pipe.



yokokazuo commented on Octodad: Dadliest Catch Has Been Delayed, Rele...:

I was wondering why we hadn't heard anything recently since I thought it was supposed to be out already and looked on Nintendo's website which still said "Summer 2015". Guess this explains it, don't know for sure if I'll get this, but I think it does look fairly fun.



Harvan commented on Spines, Vines & Porcupines:

Pretty good, but a bit confusing at first. The flying spiny spikes that come from the left just after the bomb tower blows up kept killing me when I jumped down onto the platform below. I might change the initial flying enemies into something else that doesn't shoot those, only because of the interference at that point. It's otherwise a good challenge, and kinda satisfying with the spike helmet.



VR32F1END commented on Nintendo Has "Moved On" From Game Boy Games on...:

You know... Instead of drip feeding us Virtual Console, they could have sold us collections on cart or disc. Like Kirby's Dream Collection. I think collectors would have been pleased, many folders and SD card purchases would have been avoided, and there would have been far less Virtual Console complaints. If a game was never released on the collection; oh well. If they were afraid people would only buy Wario Land 1, but not 2 and 3, they will anyway through the collection. Nice artwork, nice booklet, no waiting. Imagine if we were given the Mega Man games this way in the first place? Or all the Castlevanias with all the GB ones. On one awesome gamecard. I've only been playing Nintendo games since I was 4. But hey. Maybe I don't know my butt for my elbow.



SahashraLA commented on Nintendo Has "Moved On" From Game Boy Games on...:

I find it funny that @NL doesn't warn you for advocating people use illegal emulation.
Since it is, you know, ILLEGAL.
Buy hey, just because law enforcement has better things to do than jail you for stealing 15 year old Pokemon games means it's totally cool to justify theft. Aside from the fact that emulators were created for shareware and fan made sequels and prequels to games that otherwise didn't receive them.
Like the Mother 3 english translation or a fanslated copy of Langrisser (pretty specific, I know).
Not so people could copy the games to the Internet and ship them off to people too cheap to pay to game.
It's ridiculous to me that someone could be so entirely uneducated about BOTH the ineffectiveness of mobile devices to properly play classic games (the controls are and always will be horrible) and the cost of actually porting over these media.
It's painfully obvious you're unaware that for every new market, Nintendo (and Sony and Microsoft and Steam and whoever else) needs to port the game over again. Meaning new ESRB submission, new PEGI rating, new USK rating, new Cero rating, etc.. to the point of near complete financial waste.
But hey, convince 1000 of your closest friends to BUY the games and then you'd see them out and cheaper.
You won't, I know that much for sure.
You're the type that refuses to understand, because it dwarfs his own intellect so entirely, it doesn't make sense to try and so you default to 'external means' to satisfy your desires and lambaste those around you for doing the same.
This announcement is on US.
Not Nintendo.
On US.
3rd parties complained about high prices on the Wii and hey, look, SEnix is selling DQ8 on Android for 25$.
That's just 10$ more than what they wanted to charge for Chrono Trigger. Think about that before you smash Nintendo for 'high prices'.



SahashraLA commented on Nintendo Has "Moved On" From Game Boy Games on...:

It's funny the rain that has been coming down on Nintendo for these sorts of decisions, when it has been plain news that fewer than 10 games released on the Wii (outside first party titles) exceeded sales parameters. As in, most games published to the VC on the Wii did so to an eventual loss.
Natsume, elsewhere on the Internet (I think it was Go Nintendo, actually) confirms that most VC titles still take around 1000$ / region to port over, not including staff or marketing. Consider then that, if 8 seperate regions got the game, 1600 copies would need to be sold to break even. 1700 if we include staff and marketing costs. It's as if people assume Apple does any of the work with iTunes or Google populates the Play store on their own.
It's nothing similar.
Outisde companies create the content and pay for it to be on those services. And most artists on iTunes still lose money.
Nintendo's not putting out the games you're not buying anyways? What a shock.
Maybe this means they'll actually start re-releasing those GBA games, you know, now that they've done the work for Wii U anyways..



retro_player_22 commented on Nintendo Selects Range on 3DS Has a Handsome P...:

It's still puzzle me why they can't just called it "Player's Choice: Million Seller" like they use to, so far only the NES and Game Boy Color did not had the Player's Choice promotion. I don't get why Wii, DS, 3DS, and Wii U all had to change it to Nintendo Selects (a boring name with a lame logo).




Ultrastratospher commented on Review: Freedom Planet (Wii U eShop):

This game is actually a real clone of sonic, as you can see it's engine - It's stupid to call this better than sonic, especially if you havent taken into account his great 2.5 games. That game just pulls strings by using an engine that's free and used to make fangames that look outdated for the nostalgia factor of when you people think sonic was 'good' The modern era sonic is better than that era you are stuck in.



BulbasaurusRex commented on SmileBASIC Releases on the North American 3DS ...:

@Francis333 They don't in QBasic at least.

@HADAA While that link explains why it makes the coding a little more efficient in some cases (although the first case can be accommodated by a rounding up function), I'd gladly trade the little extra memory used to think through the math logically rather than constantly needing to adjust my mental calculations.



BaTe commented on Guide: How to Complete a System Transfer from ...:

@heathenmagic Hi, I'm new here. I just registered to ask you if you found an answer to your question. Same thing happens with my systems and I don't know how to proceed.

I follow the steps but then an extra screen appears asking me to move my DSiWare to the SD card. Then it just asks to choose a transfer method without ever asking if I'm using a micro SD card.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Review: Chronus Arc (3DS eShop):

@TeeJay Well, the recruiting mechanic is a little nontraditional (although certainly not unique to the franchise), but otherwise why not? The core gameplay itself hits most of the traditional JRPG tropes. It's just more kid friendly than most.



Dpishere commented on Hands On: Learning to Enjoy Death in RIVE:

I don't mind a good challenge as long as the game is generous with checkpoints in order to keep frustration down. There is nothing worse than getting through a difficult section only to lose at the last moment and then be forced to do it all over again. Luckily this game doesn't have that problem and because of that I will be keeping watch on this one. It certainly helped that I thought the demo was fantastic too.