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outburst commented on Castlevania: Dracula X And Mega Man 5 Hitting ...:

I'm still waiting for castlevania 2&3 on EU. Then I'd buy them all at once including IV. I'm holding on the Rockman series until they release all. But if they release 5 too I'd buy them all at once. Also waiting for X3 on SNES.



JumpnShootMan commented on Castlevania: Dracula X And Mega Man 5 Hitting ...:

Megan Man 5 is the one NES game that I can remember playing for HOURS on end, over and over and over again, so it's a definite buy for me (when it reaches North America)... now only if the VC allowed you to use Game Genie too--as a kid I remember having some pretty awesome codes for MM5.



jord91 commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

looking really good ,both just need a decent single player mode(which im sure it theyll get),and the wii u one needs more graphical polish to give it the wow factor it currently lacks and differentiate it from brawl on wii ,which it seems to look not much better than unless compared to side by side. (the pikmin stage looks particularly low res).im excited though an im sure itll look better come release.
p.s will probably get both versions ;)



Laxeybobby commented on Ubisoft and EA Lock In Their E3 Presentation D...:

As others have intimated. The big news will be on all the websites is that is No news about WiiU or 3DS from either. With the added special one time bonus of Ubi finally confirming Watch Dog has been cancelled and had been for the last six months.



Starwolf_UK commented on Atlus Confirms Conception II DLC Details and M...:

@Jazzer94 After the last direct (i.e. 10 months after NOE said in a direct "SMTIV is cometg") I tried contacting customer services for Nintendo UK, Germany and ATLUS USA (Ghostlight was ruled out as they have previously said they did not announce it). Some people were told by Nintendo UK that ATLUS was the publisher (I was not though but I actually stated this to ATLUS USA as I felt it was incorrect and if they could comment this would help the missinformation but they never replied). Nintendo Germany had an interesting reply which used the if/when regarding release but was basically the "we have no information". In short NOE are irresponsible for saying it was coming in the direct without saying who is actually publishing it (as of now it has been a year since it was announced and we are still no nearer to a release date, heck we don't even know the publisher).

I have a feeling Conception 2 is being used as a test bed so ATLUS USA can avoid having to use publishers who don't care such as NISA Europe (3 use EOIV demo and printed about 10 physical copies, they won't give EOIV am eShop sale either because as they said on Facebook "it is not their game") or take an eternity to release anything.

Of course the bad thing coming from this is no localisation which ultimately limits your customer base and then there is the fact it is conception 2 which I wonder if it has enough demand to pay for the publishing bits (if it doesn't they might leave it to European publishers as before but I don't want to buy Conception 2 to inflate the demand).



Zombie_Barioth commented on Microsoft's Ken Lobb: Metroid Prime Wouldn't H...:

2D platformers aren't the only genre in that boat. FPS are "all gray/brown" or all the same. Platformers in general have the "nobody wants" stigma. RPGs were and to an extent still are for "basement dwellers" and so on.

Your right about 2D being seen as inferior though. Back when the PS1 launched Sony even effectively banned 2D games to show off the console. I think the PS2 had that problem too, I remember hearing NIS had trouble with Disgaea due to such stigmas. "Nobody wants 2D SRPGs anymore" or something to that effect.

I think the sudden influx of 2D games might have caused the problem somewhat. Its the go-to for indies, you have a whole bunch of them between the 3DS and Wii U, and several of Nintendo's biggest IP are known best for it.



CaviarMeths commented on Yoshio Sakamoto Striving For "New Entertainmen...:

@hiptanaka The first part of the game does focus on Adam a lot, but still told from Samus's perspective. The story moves on from that though. It's not all about Adam. It just took a little longer than was necessary to introduce his character, is all. The marines play a role in the story, but are barely featured in the game as well. You spend the vast majority of the game alone.



hiptanaka commented on Yoshio Sakamoto Striving For "New Entertainmen...:


I'm a few hours into Other M, and my biggest complaint is that Adam seems to be more of the main character/hero than Samus. All she talks and thinks about is Adam. It's horrible. I also feel the generic team of badass marines makes it feel too much like an action B-movie. In Metroid, I want to feel isolated and self-dependent. Just me and a planet/ship/whatever to explore.

From a gameplay perspective, Other M has some strong ideas. I do prefer the 2D games, but at least it tries something different (and without aping other popular franchises).



Henmii commented on Massive Pokémon Reveals Occur During Super Sm...:


That's a pity! Not that "Pokemon trainer" added much (it was of course all about the Pokemon he summoned), but its still a pity. After all, Pokemon trainer is a big part of the Pokemon franchise since he/she's the one that explores and battles.



Aran commented on Yoshio Sakamoto Striving For "New Entertainmen...:

I really love Metroid: Other M. Why is there so much hate for it? Some are the kind of people that "want" something new, they get it, and they don't like it because isn't as the past games. Just like Some Zelda "fans". Metroid: Other M feels really different than other Metroid games. Samus really shows her "human part" and I liked that a lot.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Yoshio Sakamoto Striving For "New Entertainmen...:

Yeah, Sakamoto. We all know how your ideas of "new entertainment" worked out last time. Keep it simple, stop the lousy Hollywood applications.
Now the Metroid series is on hibernation (again), but this time because of bad sales figures. Take notes.

@Wolf_Link It's not about the characterization of Samus, it's about the lack of common logic throughout the whole plot, and the complete disregard of everything the Metroid series stands for.
I don't know why defenders think critical voices (and haters) are just raging about Samus' personality when there are much more glaring flaws all over the place. It was one of the first disconnections, but not the worst part.



millarrp commented on Nintendo Announces a Charming New Princess Pea...:

I already have the Zelda, Mario, and Luigi ones so for me it isn't appealing. However my girlfriend is planning to replace her pink one with this one.

Now if they offer matching nunchucks for the Mario and Luigi controllers I would be Interested in those