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Re: Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Is Only 20 To 30 Percent Complete


Wouldn't be surprised if there's another delay at all, you've really gotta expect this kind of thing with Kickstarter. Patience is a virtue and if the game turns out good then it'll be worth it. 2018 isn't completely out of the question though, I'd say. It would certainly have a better shot if it was just coming out on one platform at first, though. Think a lot of KS projects hit the stumbling blocks because supporting so many platforms takes a lot of time.

Re: Review: Magikarp Jump (Mobile)


@Pocky of course I'm not a native speaker so I might be wrong, but to me "gibberish" is more like the "Banjo Kazooie-speak" than two (for example) Chinese people speaking.
I mean, "gibberish" gives me the idea of something inherently meaningless, not simply unintelligible because of other reasons such as not being able to understand the language.
But then again, I'm not a native speaker.

Re: Video: This Fan-Made Clip Is The Best Commercial For The Nintendo Switch Yet


Cool. Why they don't give the money to professionals like these guys instead of cheap marketing heads?

Oh, they are russians, I see... it must be some trumpy philosophy: everything must be done in-house.

I have to say that my first book got its cover from an italian artist, the other two from an ukrainan one. Well I'm more satisfied with the latter artist. Good is good, whatever the nationality.

Re: Editorial: An Empty Box is $5 and a Dock is $89 - Welcome to Switchonomics


A really high price, but needed to fulfil late Iwata-san's vision of a return to "Nintendo-like" profits, I guess

Oh, and I just preordered the dock. Too lazy to unplug the dock every time I want to play in the cinema room in the basement. Unfortunately, the PS4 is currently holding the available HDMI-port there. Still have to figure that out. Yes, those are first world problems.

Re: Editorial: An Empty Box is $5 and a Dock is $89 - Welcome to Switchonomics


1. Consoles cost money in R&D, manufacturing and programming. (Software; games). Only a SMALL portion of this money will be paid by purchasing the console.
2. Games are increasingly expensive to make. Only a SMALL portion of this is usually regained by sales.
3. Maintaining and running servers for games to be played online cost money and development. You will also have to handle security and server load. This also costs a LOT of money, more than any of these services are getting paid by subscriptions.

When you take 1, 2 and 3 into account you'll see why companies like Nintendo (and Microsoft, Sony) overprice on controllers, docks, etc..

And actually the Joy-Con sets are an exception to this, since they sell those at a loss. Even with their high price point.

Also additional Joy-Con controllers, Pro Controllers, docks are optional. You will NEVER NEED them to play a game.

Re: Editorial: An Empty Box is $5 and a Dock is $89 - Welcome to Switchonomics


The pricing for switch is too high in general, and the same goes for just about every game released so far. £50 for Mario Kart is a joke considering the game is 3 years old. All the price counting in this article proves is that everything, down to the extra joycon grips is overpriced and Switch could comfortably been £230 with these extras having an average £10 mark down.

The problem is that it still sells, even that outright ridicuouls £5 box that they're selling will sell out.

Re: Editorial: An Empty Box is $5 and a Dock is $89 - Welcome to Switchonomics


It's occurred to me that many people are just buying this system because they want something new. There's so little life coming from Nintendo apart from this, that die-hard Nintendo fanboys are buying this thing like crazy to whet their appetite for new Nintendo gaming. But nintendo is kicking those gamers in the face with this because it has so few games on it for them to play, and mostly what's on this has already been released before on Wii U or something. Really insulting. And yet no one can see it for what it is because they are just oo-ing and ahh-ing at its shiny newness.

Re: Inti Creates CEO Talks More on Mighty Gunvolt Burst


@SwitchVogel Agreed. Even though the Azure Striker Gunvolt games weren't my cup of tea at times, I liked Inti Creates for going above and beyond in the indie world. Plus, Blaster Master Zero. 'nuff said.

The only other indie developers that I think could match them would be Yacht Club Games (Shovel Knight) and Inside System (The Legend of Dark Witch games, Fairune games, and recently Kamiko).

Re: There's Still No Date for the All-Important NBA Playgrounds Update on Switch eShop


It's frustrating, but I wonder how much of this is from Nintendo's side. Let's not complain about an "unfinished" game missing core features when we are playing it on an unfinished product that's missing core features. All my fellow switch owners know what I'm taking about. The game was rushed to get release parity... I'm disappointed they mislead us with the time-frame big time though.

Re: Poll: Who Would You Like To See In Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch?


@MarcelRguez Punch Out! had another entry following Brawl, and Little Mac is a character that has a future as the main protagonist of that Punch-Out IP. I wouldn't mind Dark Samus as a playable character in Smash, but not over a character in the Metroid Series that is being built up to appear again. Now if both could be in, I think that would be ideal. Honor Dark Samus' role throughout the Prime Series while honoring what's coming next. Sylux was behind the scenes, but he has been in 3 Prime games, just like Dark Samus and he has been set up to come back into the spotlight.

Re: Chromophore: The Two Brothers Is Still in the Works


I really hope they get both games out on switch. I love inde rpgs and the more the merrier! The more indies the merrier for that matter as long as their work is polished. Taking the time to get it right is important. I wish them all the best and eagerly await....