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hydeks commented on Nintendo Highlights Great Games in a Rather Pr...:

Very nice, I like how it's not full of itself like Sony likes to be :-P All and all, Nintendo had a great year, so much in fact that people that I heard that didn't want a Wii U, rushed out and got one! I know I will be getting mine soon, and I can't wait!



Gamecubed commented on Eternal Darkness Trademark Renewal Increases H...:

I always wondered why Nintendo never got behind Shadow of the Eternals. Maybe that's what this is? If Bayonetta 2 and Devil's Third are any indicator, perhaps Nintendo has picked it up and decided to finish it? One can only dream. It would certainly add some diversity to the Wii U's library... and we all know that because of the lack of third parties, Nintendo has to find a way to fill those gaps.

Or maybe they intend to bring GC games to the VC?



NodesforNoids commented on Nintendo Highlights Great Games in a Rather Pr...:

Nintendo may have a host of great, exclusive retail games on both systems now, but yet another eShop exclusive is about to feed Sony more digital sales.
I'd have bought a Vita for Shovel Knight (and Persona 4, Dragon's Crown, Muramasa Rebirth, Senran Kagura, Virtue's Last Reward, Ys Celceta and the next Ys, etc..) had I known it was a timed exclusive.
Going forward on the steam of Japanese devs, Vita looks much brighter than 3DS, which is getting into remake season with Xenoblade and Majora.
To be frank, the Final Fantasy X, X-2, Jak and Daxter, God of War and Sly Cooper remakes / collections are much more appealing. As are the smoother, more detailed, easier to play versions that are on both handhelds.
Hopefully, the enhanced 3DS helps Nintendo close the gap.
With the focus turning further toward the Wii U, I think the 3DS might be Nintendo's last dedicated handheld.
So.. kill both systems next year (retail wise) and drop the next system, a Fusion of both handheld and home console, in early 2016. Encourage indies to support with digital content that can be played on all 3. And for god's sake, Nintendo NEEDS to learn to build a significant online presence.
I hate online gaming (it's a convenient way for extroverted, poor people to meet new 'friends' and keep in touch with old ones) but it's undeniable Nintendo's rep has suffered by keeping gaming in the 80s for 30 years.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Highlights Great Games in a Rather Pr...:

@BLPs Yup, i think so too. Sadly, Nintendos "fair and nice guy" attitude is a reason for other companys to mock them. But please dont ask me why...

But this pretty much just shows "Look people, we have some great games, and a lot of people thought so too"



Ren commented on Eternal Darkness Trademark Renewal Increases H...:

oh and anyone who hasn't played it still? just get a gamecube from your nearest thrift shop, ebay the game and play it; you CAN'T be disappointed, it still holds up now and the scares are real. not to be missed.



Ren commented on Eternal Darkness Trademark Renewal Increases H...:

a really good remaster would be just fine on it's own, I don't have faith any sequel would repeat that glory.
it's a brand now that's all, I don't see why that name would ever make it repeat a somewhat of an anomaly of cool ideas. It was groundbreaking at the time and still cool but not anything that hasn't been done maybe even better since. Trying to ape the same feel over again probably wouldn't come out well. just remaster it to shut us old fans up or dump some money into a truly NEW, interesting horror title.



Ren commented on Miyamoto Talks Up Star Fox Wii U's "Fun And Un...:

Hey he didn't say "there will be no story" he's just not into doing that so he hangs back and it's always worked out tastefully. Please leave your overwrought cutscenes and corny voice acting out of my Starfox, long live Miyamoto in that sense.

(Am I the only one who couldn't even play that Kid Icarus thing with the voice nonsense story that doesn't shut up? I feel like I am).
Also on topic I think I'm the only one around here that really liked Command, seems like everyone jumps all over the motion controls with it. sure it wasn't ideal but it was still really a beautiful game and online was crazy fun for a while. It felt really faithful to the main Starfox standards, I'd love to see something in that vein in HD with online and lots of missions.
New control schemes? fine, if you must; but I agree sometimes he needs to relax with all the 'innovative' controls and let us just play a game already.



mozie commented on North American Release Date Confirmed for Duck...:

Game is a minor diversion at best,as much as i loved it bitd at this stage it's fun for 5 minutes now and again at best. Would like if nintendo released this for free on 25th everywhere. It saysng alot about current gaming that were so interested in playing older games :(



Neko_Rukiafan commented on Miyamoto: We Are Working On Ideas For The Next...:

@3dcaleb Sorry, but I absolutely have no interest in something like that, as 3D and holographic effects make me feel horribly ill and I had an extremely mild seizure from playing on my 3DS with the 3D on once. The thing is that 3D and VR including holographic effects should always be optional since about 10% of the population gets sick, suffers seizures, etc. from those neat visual features. :|



NintyMan commented on Miyamoto Talks Up Star Fox Wii U's "Fun And Un...:

@earthboundlink: At least Princess Peach is more important to save than a huge supply of bananas since she's a person and the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom on top of that.

Donkey Kong Country's story is a little nonsensical to be brutally honest because of the plot holes, but it's still my favorite game ever.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Miyamoto Talks Up Star Fox Wii U's "Fun And Un...:

It's nice that they're focusing on the gameplay first, so as long as they nail that part of the game I'll be okay with just a clichéd storyline where a small mercenary team of pilots overcomes incredible odds to save the galaxy. Just make sure to finally tell us which ending of "Star Fox Command" is canon.



ZBomber commented on Rumour: Toys "R" Us Cancelling amiibo Orders, ...:

I had 7 amiibos cancelled by TRU this morning. The worst part? I had all of them (except Lucario obviously) pre-ordered at Amazon, but cancelled it because of the BOGO 40% off deal. And from what I hear, they basically cancelled all the orders so they didn't have to honor it.

Spent the rest of today frantically trying to track down the 7 I need. Had to import Falcon and Pit, and did the same with Rosalina and Lucario. I'm not dealing with these stupid retailer exclusives anymore, and I'm not giving them my money if they are going to be shady.



SKTTR commented on Discontinued amiibo Figures Could Be Released ...:

They sure keep the hype going.

I got Link as a present. He would have been my first amiibo choice anyway because he has the most use in games (so far).

To unlock just one costume in MK8 is just a bonus. But it could be there without amiibo.
To unlock a new weapon / and weapons once every day in Hyrule Warriors is a much better bonus. But it could be there without amiibo.
To personalize your Link in Smash and level him up to 50 was a nice little distraction and somewhat innovative, as I can easily bring my personalized Link to other Wii U's.

The thing is, amiibo are not essential. Just one amazing adventure game where all amiibo are essential playable characters that have their own worlds and can interact in local and online multiplayer is all to get it completely out of control.

To bring more popularity: Update older Wii U games with amiibo support:
You have the Olimar amiibo? Unlock a Bonus stage in Pikmin 3!
You have the Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong amiibo? Two bonus stages and new costumes for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze!
You have the Wii Fit U Trainer amiibo? Unlock a new daily lesson in Wii Fit U.
You have Toon Link? You get new Treasure Charts in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.



ungibbed commented on Video: SEGA's 3D Classics Collection Now Avail...:

@Ristar42 Outrun was pretty much the best game on the cartridge for the old GBA. I also had a blast with the HD remake of Out Run 2006 on the Xbox 360 but it was only on the 360 here in the USA. The PS3 got the game in the UK as to which I'm insanely jealous. After Burner Climax though was a wonderful piece of arcade love for the PS3. With the previous console generation, I had my Wii for it's exclusives and a PS3 for multiplats and the Uncharted series that of which all of those games really were something special and made the PS3 a great system.

Now in this generation, I decided to go with the Wii U and only just a couple weeks ago, bought my PS4. The combo was great for me during the last generation and I'm sure will work out fine this time around. I know I am missing some good Xbox titles both on 360 and XB1, I just can't afford three ecosystems with other bills to pay. I wish I had the means to catch up and play Gears 2 and 3 and several others.

I had really hoped that the Wii U would have gone mainstream and have the presence of the SNES with great third party and Nintendo's exclusive games so long ago. It technically was behind in several ways to the competition and Mode 7 can only do so much. But there was a huge difference back than. Marketing!

I feel that the Wii U would be in much better shape without the Wii brand on it. To the average person the Wii U looks like a design refresh on the outside with only the Game Pad looking like an accessory that could possibly work with the classic Wii hardware.

Nintendo had really dropped the ball and I know that subject has been beaten to a bloody mess. I'm glad that great games are really coming along now and I would love a modern remake of the Metroid Prime series with the full 1080p treatment and updated textures to boot. Since shooters are now gone despite the decent CoD ports to the system, I still would love to see Retro put a new coat of paint on the console along with the hopes of a new Metroid adventure taking full advantage of the graphics that the Wii U can push.

Speaking of wish-lists, I'd love a Neo Geo compilation on retail shelves. This time with the games in true progressive scan. I don't understand why the classic Wii couldn't handle any Neo Geo game without having to drop to 480i. If the system could handle N64 gaming effectively doubling the resolution of all the N64 titles the inability to run any Neo Geo game at 480p is mind boggling.

Back on point, other plausible games for the Wii U that are MIA, aside from Metroid and other first party games but those that still support the console such as Sega. A long overdue game in the Panzer Dragoon universe. No remakes of earlier games, but a fresh new game that really should be considered. Give Sonic a damn break before the franchise is ruined any further.

Another Sega wish is to release Planet Harrier which was a Naomi title that is based on the Dreamcast hardware but the arcade systems had more memory and a cartridge style format using ROM or a hard drive with the games data on the drive.

It was shown in the last print of ODCM but the game would have to be scaled back to run on a standard Dreamcast.

Planet Harrier looked amazing but as far as I've seen, never got out of the arcade and on a home console.



CharleSketch commented on Review: LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Wii U):

I might give this one a go later when it's cheaper. I just got Lego Marvel for $10 from a recent eshop sale and while I had fun with it and enjoyed it enough to complete it 100%, I felt it was still a bit underwhelming in some ways. I'll agree with other voices here, Lego City Undercover is my go-to comparison when playing new Lego games; that was just way too fun. It also had some drags, like the loading screens and the combat. But overall I enjoyed it tons more than any Lego game before or since.

It's also worrying to see new Lego games still struggling with button inputs and mapping. You'd think they try to use other than 3 buttons to do so many different things. I don't think I even used the triggers on my Wii U when playing Lego Marvel.



shinokami commented on Rumour: Toys "R" Us Cancelling amiibo Orders, ...:

I am personally super pissed at Target and TRU, they both cancelled my orders and re-opened pre-orders again. They both did this at a very early time in the morning and of course I didn't find out until hours later so now I am going to be forced to buy them online for over the top prize.
I just hope they'll have enough on the floor for some people to be able to get them launch day.