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Re: Upcoming Tetris Movie is Confirmed to be the First in a Trilogy


Well guys lets not hate on it just yet. i mean heck these people are treating a movie based on Tetris with more dignity then how the Angry Birds movie or..................Pixels..............Was made. These guys are obviously making this movie not make people go see it for nostalgia, but because they got an idea and are going with it even though they know theirs gonna be hate for it. Besides compared to Jem and the Holograms how bad could this be?...................Seriously Jem and the holograms was god awful

Re: Nintendo is Making a Subtle Shift in Company Focus


Nice idea.
Someday, we will find Delfino Island Resort, Animal Crossing Cafe, Tomodachi Life anime version, Dr. Mario Hospital, Super Mario Galaxy Land (Mario Galaxy version of Disneyland), Mario Pizza (a lot of Mushrooms topping), Luigi Pizza (a lot of Basil and Spinach topping), Princess Peach Beauty Shop (woman cosmestics with Princess Peach branded), Nintendo Rhythm Arcade machine (similar with Konami rhythm arcade machines but with Nintendo musics, especially rearranged version by SEGA), and many more.... for REAL.

Re: Nintendo is Making a Subtle Shift in Company Focus


There is nothing wrong with Nintendo creating games that cater to new demographics or exposing their IPs to new audiences, as long as neither of these methods stifle the progressively creative and qualitative traits of the games they make, which makes them unique among the entire industry (often causing them to lead it, silently or otherwise). Unfortunately, it seems Nintendo is lately becoming more and more content to allow publicity to supercede innovation in game design, which has caused the creative and/or financial downfall or at least severe shrinkening of output of so many established game development companies already (eg, Capcom, Konami, Activision, Sega, Ubisoft, (formerly?) SNK, etc, etc, etc). They are the only hold-outs in this dying industry, but it appears that they are becoming too desperate to be so for much longer. I applaud recent works from them that dare to challenge convention such as Star Fox Zero, AC Amiibo Festival, and Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and Super Mario Maker, but lately all we have had to look forward to are newly christened versions of the same Fire Emblem and Pokémon games from 2013, not to exclude constant extraneous DLC updates to Splatoon and Smash. Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks pretty cool and has a great new concept, but it is (or may be) a small diamond in a large heap of coal.

Content is being rejected for market awareness, and that will kill Nintendo eventually. As a fan who has been in the defence and admiration of the company's policies for the past 15 years even when there very few others who were also, it pains me greatly to see this idol of mine turn from stone to dust, simply because they are choosing to being ground up by the short-sighted economic machine. I want them to do well in the short-term, of course, but I would much rather they ignored that plight for the long-term, as they had always been known to do before Kimishima took office.

Re: Nintendo is Making a Subtle Shift in Company Focus


I think it's amusing that people have for a long time made a song and dance about Nintendo not doing enough marketing. But then they come out and say they want to expose more people to their IP and the response is "well that won't work, everyone already knows what Nintendo does"......


Re: Nintendo is Making a Subtle Shift in Company Focus


I don't know if that makes sense from my perspective. I mean, tons of people recognize Mario, Pokemon, even Zelda, and are familiar with the Wii, DS, Gameboy. People are very aware of Nintendo already. I don't see how making them simply more aware is necessarily going to make people want to buy Nintendo products more.

Re: Nintendo is Making a Subtle Shift in Company Focus


I think you've got it backwards. Them wanting to get more people to play games is shorter term. They expanded the market with the Wii and DS but those people didn't come for Nintendo's IP. Are they still gamers? Yeah, probably. But not necessarily on Nintendo's platforms.

If they instead try to get people exposed to Nintendo's IP? Well I doubt it's going to get people running through the gates like the Wii and DS did. But on the other hand you can't get Zelda, Mario, Pikmin, Pokemon or Metroid anywhere else. So it's a long term plan.

Re: Nintendo is Making a Subtle Shift in Company Focus


"In more recent times, however, this focus has been showing diminishing returns, so it seems that Nintendo is intent on revising its strategy.",

I think it's a mistake to assume the philosophy of touch! Generations and Wii accessibility was carried accross to the U and 3DS.

NX may yet be a return to that thinking.

Re: Nintendo is Making a Subtle Shift in Company Focus


I think this is the right move. It seems that games will still be their primary focus, but won't be their only focus anymore. Plenty of their IP could be used in more ways than just in games. For example, look at something like F-Zero. If they don't feel like a new game is worth the risk, they could use it in other ways by making a TV show and toys or something. This would get more people familiar with the series, and maybe raise enough interest for a game someday.

Re: Upcoming Tetris Movie is Confirmed to be the First in a Trilogy


This is an obvious fake.... OK, sure, someone possibly could have some money being offered for "tetris film"... The creators of this film look at each other all bewildered "put down the bong cheech -woah dude, they said ........YES?!???!!" and clearly having no ideas, they take to the Internet with the news of the supposed "Trilogy" of ...'Tetris'?!

As they read the speculation congrats Internet friends, you just wrote enough content for three Tetris movies.

Mission accomplished.

Re: Upcoming Tetris Movie is Confirmed to be the First in a Trilogy


A strange cube lands on Earth with a puzzle to unlock it, but researchers can't solve it because they have no organizational skills. Then a janitor tries it out while doing the night cleaning, and opens up a whole new world of technology. Spaceships are designed using the Tetris technology, and since the janitor is the best at Tetris, she/he is sent to go where the cube came from.

Re: Nintendo NX Has A Core Idea Which Doesn't Just "Follow Advancements In Technology", Claims Miyamoto


I am cautiously optimistic about the NX. Mainly because I found the Wii U to be a good console in the long run but it was plagued by so many issues and I desperately want the NX to avoid falling into the same traps. I'm really just bidding my time for the reveal and that's it. I'm not going to make any premature judgements based on rumors or vague statements from Nintendo officials. I'm just anticipating the announcement.

Re: Editorial: An Ode To The Wii U GamePad, Nintendo's Mad But Brilliant Controller


@brandonbwii well now, let me make it clear: i LOVED the Wii and the Wiimote. And the nunchuck. I was so done with the GCN era that the Wii was exactly what I (and clearly a hundred million others) needed.

And that's one of my biggest disappointments with the Wii U; it's the anti-Wii. It didn't do anything the Wii did for the industry or the gamers. Yet, it somehow tried to do too much at the same time. And it was underpowered in a generation where that was simply something you couldn't do and get away with it, unlike back in 2006.

Eh, either way, looking forward to NX. They HAVE to deliver.