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Re: 3DS Decals to Add Style to Launch Copies of SEGA 3D Classics Collection


Great article, especially for the Prof. Asobin and Dr. Games bit! Though only the Japanese Master System had FM Sound support. Perhaps you stated this ambiguously, but I can't tell.

Now, if Puyo Puyo Tsu gets translated for this release, it will imperatively be a must-buy! And hopefully, bonuses like this will lead to the other 3D Classics Collection being released overseas, at the very least.

Re: Video: Nintendo Reminds Us of Just How Much DLC We Had for Super Smash Bros.


I just wish they would organize the character select screen. It was okay at first (though I have to question why Dr. Mario is in the clone corner with Lucina and Dark Pit when he's a returning character and is arguably more different from Mario and Luigi than Toon Link is from Link, and it was also weird that Shulk is kind of treated as a third-party character when Nintendo actually has more ownership of Xenoblade than they do Pokémon) but now you've got Fire Emblem characters spread out in four different places (Fire Emblem section, clone strip, beginning of DLC strip, end of DLC strip), you've got first-party characters in between the third-party characters, and Pac-Man's over in the clone corner on the Wii U now.

Re: Sound Your Survey Klaxon, Nintendo of America Wants Your Feedback


Whoever made this survey doesn't have a very good idea of what's happening in the gaming world.

DS instead of 3DS? Playstation instead of Playstation 3 or 4? They're going to get some inaccurate responses just because of that.

Where is competitive electronic gaming on the list of most watched video content? This is a gaming survey! They prioritized pranks, history, and real life games over that?

Please Nintendo, hire some actual gamers on your staff.