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Re: Fire Emblem Warriors Season Pass DLC Will Include Plenty of Familiar Faces


This DLC looks pretty slim. I expected a broad range of characters from across the franchise. More characters from the same games already being featured. Tecmo was like, "We're just going to cover three games in the series, that's it." Warriors games go on sale all of the time on Playstation but Warriors Chronicles 3 might have gone on sale once, if that, since its release. And DLC never goes on sale for Nintendo games. If anything, this DLC is saving me money since it's offering characters I don't care for.

Re: Review: Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch)


I don't think I can play this game that much. Especially because Odyssey is coming out a week later and my Warriors order is to be delivered on Oct 27 I doubt I'll get to play it that much. Maybe in Christmas if Xenoblade is boring (which I don't think it will be). Day one purchase, but Christmas day gameplay...

Re: Review: Party Golf (Switch eShop)


I am not enjoying this, mainly because I am finding it so hard to get the single Joycons to work (had to do the crazy eight player set up for four players to each use one joy on). As for profiles, couldn’t figure out how to have more than player ones profile, navigating the screens with the single Joycon was confusing. I am sure a lot of this is user error but I expect a better user interface on a $15 game. Also for a party game, the set up should be simple.

Re: Anniversary: It's One Year Since Nintendo Showed Us The Switch


@Captain_Gonru well its better then the wii u in specs n it has a future full of new releases. it has skyrim/doom/mario releasing in the space of a month. wii u never offered any line up as hard hitting as that. nor did the wii u offer true portability. and I could go on &on. switch is snow balling into force to be reckoned with within the industry.wii u is dead. switch is alive and only getting better. wii u ended being a practice run for the switch..

Re: EA Won't Entirely Rule Out Star Wars Battlefront II Coming To Switch


@Trikeboy Lol, no you are the one who is confused if you really think anyone at Lucasfilm has any real creative control left. It's Disney execs who make all the real decisions. Just because they didn't take those books off the shelves doesn't mean they didn't spit on them and everyone who loved them by cancelling any further content related to them. And if you really want to trigger me, I will rip apart the trash that is the new Disney directed SW content, But I will do it in private messages if you really want to go there.

Re: Minecraft-Like Title Battleminerz is Heading to 3DS This Year


I’m still wondering where the multiplayer update for Cube Creator 3D is. It was supposed to come out summer 2016. My son already had it and we encouraged his friend to buy it under the pretense that once the update came out they’d be able to play together. If you guys could do a follow up with Big John games on it that would be great.

For basically the price of Minecraft PE, Cube Creator is a nice Minecraft alternative that from what Ive seen is quite a bit more polished than the other Minecraft style games available on 3ds.

Unfortunately this game doesn’t seem to change the situation much. On the one hand 8 player multiplayer is impressive, as is infinite worlds but the gameplay seems lacking. My sons friend is limited to a standard 3ds plus all the kids with 2ds means there’s still a market for games that fill this niche. It would be great if this ends up being a quality release.

Re: Anniversary: It's One Year Since Nintendo Showed Us The Switch


I still worried that Nintendo were still in their gimmick phase, especially that there'd be too much technology in the detachable controllers that the system would be too focused on motion controls. Thankfully it's proved to be a conventional system in all respects, something I really wanted after boycotting the Wii and WU. As a bonus, there's no compromises with portable mode too. It's a totally delicious system and may prove to be Nintendo's best ever!

Re: Review: Putty Pals (Switch eShop)


@Keldorek Most people don't actually understand frame rates or how frame rate is integrated into the internal clock of the code. And I see so many user reviews on games that are 30fps and people declare its 1080p60 because they assume that means no frame rate drops. A 30 fps game with no dropped frames runs like butter compared to 60 fps with occasional dropped frames.

And as for resolution, its really all about pixel density. So resolution matters to some more than others depending on screen size and distance from the display.

Re: Anniversary: It's One Year Since Nintendo Showed Us The Switch


@MagicEmperor It's not weird to be nervous about their future, a year ago. The Wii U, even though I think it's a great system, is a big fail if we're talking about sales. If Nintendo did the Switch wrong too, it could have ended in a lot more years of losing money.

Plus, we're talking about Nintendo here. It's going to be a big hit or a big miss with them and it's hard to predict.

Re: Anniversary: It's One Year Since Nintendo Showed Us The Switch


I still remember the sense of wonder when I saw the Switch reveal, and I see that same feeling whenever I show my college students the console. The whole concept just clicks and the whole message is obvious with just one look at the Switch.

The big difference between then and now is my frustration at Capcom's decision to shortchange Switch users by withholding western Monster Hunter Generations (Ultimate?) from us. Back in March I was full of hope and excitement for HD local multiplayer MonHun with my friends. Now I'm sad and bitter. and MHW won't cure that.

Re: Masahiro Sakurai Praises the Achievements of Steam, Isn't Content With Other Download Services



Nintendo is definitely the worst, at least when it comes to good sales (the same few games have been in constant rotation on the 3DS Eshop for years), not allowing a unified account (this, in particular, is ridiculous on their end), and pricing inconsistencies (mainly a VC problem. Not all games are created equal).

The eshop has nothing that compares to the best PS4 flash sales and Steam sales.

Re: Minecraft-Like Title Battleminerz is Heading to 3DS This Year


It's nice to see 3DS support. Yes the Switch is out and is on fire right now but the 3DS can still coexist. There is so much coming out for the Switch in the next few weeks and even more in the coming months, I don't think this needs to be on the platform considering it already has a solid port of Minecraft. The 3DS has a butchered Minecraft and is for a portion of said user base because of the platform (N3DS). To the people who are still complaining when something is put on the duel screened handheld and not the Switch, have you ever heard the phrase "don't look a gift horse in the mouth? The Switch won't sell any faster with this game on it c:

Re: Anniversary: It's One Year Since Nintendo Showed Us The Switch


My initial impression with the Switch was that I was not impressed at all. That impression has not changed. I get it, the portable aspect is pretty neat, but it's not useful to me at all in my current life.

When you look past that, there's not really much to the system itself at all. It's another weak Nintendo system, with lots of initial third party promise (but only ports)... Like the Wii U. lol.

And gamewise, right now, aside from Super Mario Odyssey in a couple of weeks, the system's very best titles are Wii U games. I already have a Wii U.

And there still isn't much exciting for me beyond Odyssey. Happy that Metroid fans get a new Metroid Prime, but that franchise does nothing for me. Where in the world is Animal Crossing?

Plus that paid online service. Yuck.