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  • Nintendo Download 12th November (Europe)

    Rodea the Sky Soldier! SEGA 3DS HOME Themes! Discounts! More!

    With the start of a fresh week comes the European Nintendo Download Update details. This week brings a relatively rare case of cross platform retail release action, with two versions of a Yuji Naka title that some have been rather looking forward to. Beyond that we have some light-hearted...

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    Review Toki Tori 3D

    A good egg

    Toki Tori has been ported, tweaked and re-released a lot, with its blend of accessible but increasingly challenging puzzling appealing to gamers of various types on almost any platform you can name. Suitable for touch inputs or physical controls, it's playable on just about any system you want, though sadly we couldn't find a version for...

  • Nintendo Download 5th November (North America)

    Yo-Kai Watch! Rodea! Stinger! Electronic Super Joy! More!

    It's time for more Nintendo Download Update goodness, and this week gamers in North America have a high-profile retail arrival on 3DS to consider alongside a long-awaited dual release on the portable and Wii U. There are some promising download-only games on offer too, so let's get to the...

  • News Family Fishing Will Aim to Lure You in on the 3DS eShop

    Throw smoke bombs, like all families on fishing trips

    There are a surprising number of fishing games available across Nintendo systems, with multiple examples on WiiWare and 3DS. They must be popular releases as, otherwise, developers wouldn't go out of their way to create and release the games; it sure beats wading around at a real lake, right?...

  • Video Toki Tori 3D Launch Trailer Flaps Into View

    Just in time for release day

    Toki Tori 3D launches today, and to mark the occasion developer Two Tribes has sneakily published a launch trailer on its YouTube channel. A remake of the Game Boy Color original, the game boasts improved visuals and animation, as well as a new "rewind" feature that allows you to backtrack and fix your mistakes. Toki...

  • News Monster eShop Maintenance to Run Through Most of 2nd November

    It's for a major server revamp, so don't get too excited

    Some of you may have had some trouble accessing the eShop today, and having assumed it was the usual short weekly session we decided to wait a short while. Then we waited a little longer. In actual fact, the eShop will likely be down for most of 2nd November due to a potential 24-hour...

  • News Word Puzzles by POWGI Will Include Support For All amiibo on 3DS

    Even amiibo cards

    Lightwood Games is a studio that's made its name with word games on smart devices, and has recently been releasing some of its titles on Wii U and 3DS. Word Search by POWGI has arrived on Wii U and 3DS, while Word Party is coming to Wii U soon; its next release has a fairly unique feature, though, in that it'll support all current...

  • Nintendo Download 5th November (Europe)

    Chibi-Robo! Electronic Super Joy! Contra! Toki Tori 3D! More!

    Another week begins, and Nintendo of Europe has the task of setting off some virtual fireworks in its Download Update. It does succeed in terms of delivering a first-party retail title on 3DS, while we think the download-only scene on Wii U is looking pretty encouraging this week. Throw...




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