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  • Rumour 3D Classic Excitebike Free for North America Too

    It keeps coming

    In Japan, the eShop will launch with Excitebike for free, and it seems the North American shop will follow. Nintendo World Report claims the eShop will launch with a free 3D Classics version of the NES Excitebike, complete with a track editor and save space for 32 tracks. Of course, Nintendo is yet to announce its launch line-up for...

  • Rumour 3DS eShop to Open with 3D Pokedex Application

    Looking at monsters from all angles

    Nintendo is yet to announce the line-up for the 3DS eShop's launch next week, but according to Nintendo World Report, one of the titles from the Big N will be a 3D Pokédex. The site went live with the first screenshots of the rumoured title, showing the ability to observe your monsters from all angles, as well as...


  • News Mario and Link Make eShop Cards Look Good

    Is this to trick us into buying more?

    With the worldwide 3DS system update just around the corner, Nintendo still hasn't officially announced what the new prepaid cards will look like, and as Japanese gamers start snapping theirs up, we can't help but think: "The eShop Cards in Japan look cool!" In revamping its virtual currency system,...

  • News Mutant Mudds Now Launching on the eShop

    Renegade Kid planning a 2011 release

    Maximilian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds, Renegade Kid's platformer title has had a bit of a rough ride since its announcement back in 2009. Originally planned as a DS game, MUDDS was then looking for a digital release due to a lack of publisher willing to go through with a retail r

  • Talking Point Should Nintendo Have Made the 3DS Download-only?

    By sticking with physical media as the primary form of software delivery, Nintendo may have handicapped its new handheld challenger

    Earlier this year, Sony finally closed the book on the PSPgo, the company's ill-fated attempt at releasing a console based entirely on the concept of digital media. Although Sony's failure was the subject of much mirth...

  • News Miyamoto: We Want to Create Meaningful Download Games

    How much they'll cost still undecided

    With Nintendo's announcement that the eShop and other services will be available to download from 6th June came a sense of relief that the date had finally been finalised. Besides, even if it is a little bit later than originally planned, what's another week or so? The kind of software and features we'll be...

  • News Wii Shop Channel Now Accepting eShop Cards

    Interesting happenings afoot

    You may remember Nintendo revealing that Nintendo Points will be useless on the 3DS, with a new cash-based currency system coming into effect for the console's eShop. It now appears, however, that Nintendo is going for a total rebrand of its currencies, with the European Wii Shop Channel now accepting eCards. The video...

  • News Nintendo Announces eShop Update for 6th June

    Patience is a virtue

    Nintendo of America has just confirmed the long-awaited eShop update for the Nintendo 3DS will hit on 6th June, missing its anticipated late May release. The company has not announced the reason behind the delay, nor exactly what will be included in the update, but considering 6th June is the day before Nintendo's E3 2011 news...

  • Rumour Famitsu Details 3DS eShop Launch Line-Up

    What have we here?

    Everyone's still waiting for details of the 3DS eShop launch: when, what, when, how, when. Apparently a translation by The Magic Box of this week's Famitsu Magazine contains the details of what Japanese gamers will be able to play when the eShop goes live. The firmware update — a date for which was not given — will include several 3D Classics, as well as 3DSWare and Virtual..

  • News 3DS Virtual Console's First Third Party Games Get Rated

    ESRB ratings unearthed

    The 3DS Virtual Console is only a matter of weeks away, and while we've known for some time that Nintendo's own Super Mario Land and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX are coming, no third party games for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color had been announced. Until now. North American ratings bastion the ESRB has put out...


  • News Nintendo to Promptly Work On 3D Video Service After Upcoming 3DS Update

    Something other than games to enjoy

    Nintendo is definitely trying to flex some of the multi-functional muscles of the 3DS as the company talks about providing something other than just games for its users. At the recent Financial Earnings Briefing, president and CEO Satoru Iwata reiterated Nintendo's plans to provide 3D video content for 3DS users after the scheduled system update in May..

  • News eShop Will Launch with Free 3D Excitebike Game

    Expected "late May"

    Excited by the upcoming release of the 3DS eShop? Of course you are, but we bet there's room for your excitement-o-meter to jump up a few notches when you hear the service will apparently launch with a free game. As part of Nintendo's 3D Classics range that will see older games re-released with a lick of three-dimensional paint, Excitebike will hit the service on day one for..

  • News Flipnote Memo Coming to 3DS eShop

    Updated Flipnote Studio application to be available for free download

    So far 3DS lacks a programme to compare to the DSi's Flipnote Studio, but Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has recently announced that Nintendo is working on an updated version of the title called Flipnote Memo. Not much information was given other than that it would be available for a...

  • News BestBuy Lists $20 3DS Cash Card for the eShop's eWallet

    Pre-order virtual currency... now!

    The 3DS eShop is set to launch next month, and global retailer BestBuy is gearing up for the launch by listing the first 3DS Cash Card. As noted in our mammoth 3DS FAQ, the eShop will ditch Nintendo Points in favour of a cash-based system, where game prices will be displayed in the region's local currency. Best Buy...

  • News Get Your First Look at 3DS eShop's Mega Man Game Now

    Join the Project

    Capcom's ready to bring something new to the Nintendo 3DS eShop next month, with Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version offering a taste of the upcoming Mega Man Legends 3. We now have the first footage of the downloadable game, and it's shaping up pretty nicely. At the moment we have no firm word on when the eShop will launch, game...

  • News 3DSWare File Size May Be Bigger Than WiiWare

    Let's hope so

    WiiWare's restrictive 40MB file size has caused a few casualties in its time, with promising projects making the jump across to other formats where there's a little more room to breathe. While we still don't know much about 3DSWare, other than this fetching (if temporary) 3DSWare logo, a new interview with Nnooo's Nic Watt suggests we may see a larger limitation on the handheld's..


  • News Gameloft Announces Let's Golf 2 for 3DS eShop

    Yes, it's starting with a sequel

    We're months away from the eShop update but already Gameloft has announced the first game it'll be bringing to the 3DS console's download service: Let's Golf 2. As you've probably already guessed, the game is a conversion of an iPod Touch title and a sequel to DSiWare green adventure Let's Golf. The original version...

  • News Nintendo Likely to Retain Price Control in 3DS eShop

    Still no price cuts?

    In many other digital store fronts, the content provider gets to choose the prices, but Nintendo sets the price of all content on its WiiWare and DSiWare stores. With the company promising the 3DS eShop will be better, it appears we'll still see games priced by Nintendo, rather than the publisher. In an interview with Wired, 3DS hardware man Hideki Konno revealed it's unlikely..

  • News 3DS eShop's May Launch to Ensure it Beats Wii and DS Shops

    Needs more polish

    The 3DS eShop, one of the console's most anticipated functions, won't be available until May, and Nintendo's hardware head honcho Hideki Konno wants to assure you it's for a good reason: so it's good. Speaking to Gamasutra, Konno admitted previous digital shopfronts for the Wii and DS haven't been up to the standard required, and...



  • News The 3DS eShop and Browser Will Be Ready on Launch Day

    You'll need to update to get them, though

    Worried that the 3DS's Internet Browser and new Virtual Console and 3DSWare eShop wouldn't be available at launch? Fear not – Nintendo has spoken, and the service will be available on the same day as the console's arrival. You'll still need to run an update in order to receive the features, as consoles...

  • First Impressions 3DS Virtual Console

    Time travel meets blur-o-vision

    Virtually nothing is known about how the 3DS will handle its new eShop apart from that it will eventually offer a Virtual Console for Game Boy and Game Boy Color software, and in New York City and Amsterdam this past Wednesday Nintendo Life was able to test out a couple of games confirmed for Shop shelves: Super Mario...


  • News 3DS To Get Revamped Online Shop

    Better interface, faster menus and a new Virtual Console

    Nintendo's Wii Shop Channel and DSiWare Shop may have some great games on them, but browsing the services for content could be a bit easier. Unless you go in there knowing what you want, finding something new and interesting can be a bit cumbersome, as sifting through menu after menu can take some time. With the 3DS, Nintendo hopes to change..

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