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  • Features The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014 - Spring Edition

    Quality over quantity?

    Just recently we published a list of ten titles that we've described as the biggest Wii U games of 2014, a relatively challenging task when considering the extensive upcoming eShop line-up, in particular. That's part of a quarterly tradition here at Nintendo Life, and we brought the 3DS to the party at the start of this year...

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    Review Skater Cat

    This cat ain't rad

    There's been a surge of popularity when it comes to "runner" games over the last few years — games where you do little more than move right (or occasionally, left) while dodging everything that comes at you in an attempt to improve your high scores. While "endless" runners seem to be the most popular variant, Skater Cat falls...



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    Review Tappingo


    Tappingo is a game for those who enjoy methodically teasing order out of an apparent mess. Really. When you begin one of the 100+ puzzles, the upper screen that displays your goal in progress looks like an NES sneezed on it. Yet by working out the numbered blocks on the grid below, colours and form fill in until you’re rewarded...

  • News It's Not Waluigi Time In The New Super Smash Bros. For 3DS And Wii U

    He’s an Assist Trophy (again)

    The character line-up in the new Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS has been shaping up nicely so far. There are both classic and modern characters such Mario and the recently revealed Diddy Kong, thrown in with the

  • Nintendo Download 27th February (North America)

    Professor Layton, Renegade, Tappingo and farming

    The time has come, North America, for details of the goodies that'll be available to download on the eShop stores this week. The latest Professor Layton title makes it's arrival on the 3DS, along with some other VC classics and downloadable delights. Without further ado, let's get to it. Missed the...

  • Matters of Import Protect Buildings in Radirgy de Gojaru

    A single screen shocker

    We had a quick look at this title before, but now we’ve had more time with it we can finally give the game the full Matters of Import treatment. It looks like a pretty standard shooter at first glance, but you're tasked this time with protecting an unassuming grey building at the bottom of the screen from harm, instead...

  • News Upcoming Retro City Rampage: DX Update Will Add Music Jukebox

    Almost 3 hours of music to go with your mayhem

    Retro City Rampage: DX on 3DS has worked hard to earn its deluxe subtitle with a slew of additional features not seen in other versions of the top-down action game. Even further bonuses and tweaks are set to come in future updates, and as the title is one big love-letter to the '80s and '90s, it's only...

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    Review Quell Reflect

    A rainy day delight

    Puzzle games are masters of covert time consumption. Some, like Tetris, keep players on their toes with an unrelenting pace and an addictive “one more try” appeal. Others, instead, offer a calmer, more contemplative experience, letting the player move at his or her own pace as they descend into the logic and rules of the...

  • Video Nintendo Minute Digs For Details on Shovel Knight With Sean Velasco

    Finding that retro balance

    As the weeks pass we're certainly getting closer to some enticing eShop releases, one of which is Shovel Knight on the Wii U and 3DS eShop. Having succeeded in the crowdfunding arena Yacht Club Games is approaching its début, with 31st March the confirmed target release date. There's been plenty of positivity around the...

  • News The Keep Getting Ready to Explore the 3DS eShop This Summer

    First person dungeon exploration on the way

    Cinemax was extraordinarily prolific on DSiWare, producing 14 games for the platform; the Rytmik series was an obvious stand-out. The Czech publisher is now preparing its first title on the 3DS eShop, and it seems to be an ambitious project. This new title, due in the Summer, is called The Keep. It'll be...

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    3DS eShop / NES

    Review Sky Kid

    Heavy Weather

    An arcade force to be reckoned with, Namco graced the Famicom and NES with impressive cartridge conversions of quite a few of its enduring coin-op classics. From Dig Dug and Pac-Man to Galaga and Xevious, Nintendo's console quickly amassed a collection of A-list arcade hits, and — along with the heavy hitters and household names —...

  • News Retro City Rampage DX is "Doing Great" on 3DS

    Vblank Entertainment shows interest in a future 3DS release

    It's no secret that of the income Vblank Entertainment and its founder has earned from Retro City Rampage, the WiiWare version has contributed little, potentially nothing. When we last raised the topic with the studio's founder Brian Provinciano he reiterated that he'd earned nothing from...

  • Video Import Only 3DS Blaster Radirgy De Gojaru Shakes Up The Shmup

    Hand-cramping action ahoy!

    We had a poke around Japan-only 3DS eShop shooter Radirgy De Gojaru's official website last week, but now the game's been released in The Land of the Rising Sun we've been able to spend some time with it ourselves. The first thing that strikes you is that while it looks like a shmup it's actually more of a tower defence...

  • Nintendo Download 27th February (Europe)

    AeternoBlade, fishy business, retro Wario, Senran Kagura and much more

    Monday morning means Download news time in Europe, and this week Nintendo has delivered a fairly lengthy list of options on the way. There are new titles on Wii U and 3DS as well as some retro VC options, while a variety of temporary and permanent discounts also arrive to tempt...

  • Video Nintendo Minute and Jools Watsham Catch Up On Treasurenauts and Moon Chronicles

    Renegade releases

    During the relatively recent Nintendo Direct broadcasts, the North American version included snapshots of 'Nintendo Minute' interviews with eShop developers that have, slowly and surely, been released in full. This weekend brings us the interview with Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham, discussing upcoming 3DS eShop titles Treasurenauts...

  • News Best Buy's 20% eShop Card Discount is Back

    Nintendo wants you to know

    Late last year Best Buy reduced eShop pre-paid cards by 20% in North America, tempting gamers to go the download option by essentially offering a discount across all games on the download stores. Shoppers had the chance to spend, for example, $40 to receive $50 of credit; as a promotion to encourage more to take the...

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    Review Steel Diver: Sub Wars

    Dive right in

    Nintendo has been working on a game to enter the free-to-play market for a fair amount of time, announcing last year than an early experiment with the idea would involve the Steel Diver series. The basic concept has been a game that is free to download and partially play, but requires you to pay a little extra if you want to unlock all...

  • News Persona Q: Shadow of Labyrinth Soundtrack and 3DS XL Announced

    More goodies for Atlus fans

    We've looked at Atlus' upcoming dungeon crawler Persona Q a few times before, and once again the publisher has released a pair of videos, this time for the lead characters of Persona 3 and 4. Normally that would be all, but with the Japanese release oh-so-slowly drawing near it's also let slip that customers who get their...

  • News NPD Data Shows More U.S. Gamers Switching to Downloads

    The tide is turning...

    As the eShop platforms become increasingly important to Nintendo, while rivals also promote their online stores, we're seeing more and more gamers 'going digital'. Even with Nintendo's account system being linked to hardware, increasing numbers are happy to enjoy the convenience of downloading retail games, taking away any...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Spot the Differences!

    Spot the exit sign and run

    There is nothing wrong with simple games on the eShop; players have demonstrated through iOS and Android that quick, fun bursts of creative gameplay can work wonderfully. Unfortunately, Bigben Interactive's Spot the Differences! crosses the line from simple to empty. While it works in the most rudimentary of ways — you...