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Thursday11th May 2017

Wednesday10th May 2017

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    Review BYE-BYE BOXBOY!

    A fond farewell

    Nintendo has been on something of a roll with surprise announcements lately, and one of them was the localisation of the third and final game in the BoxBoy trilogy, BYE-BYE BOXBOY! If you’ve already played the first two games, then this should come as no surprise — BYE-BYE BOXBOY is excellent. If you haven’t played another...

Thursday4th May 2017

Saturday29th Apr 2017

Friday28th Apr 2017

  • News Elliot Quest Arrives on the 3DS eShop on 11th May

    Rebuilt for the 3DS

    In Spring last year PlayEveryWare shared its goal to bring Elliot Quest to the 3DS eShop by Fall 2016; it may have taken a little longer than expected, but the retro-styled adventure game does now have a release date for the portable in North America and Europe - 11th May. We were big fans of the original release on the Wii U...

Thursday27th Apr 2017

Thursday20th Apr 2017

Wednesday19th Apr 2017

Thursday13th Apr 2017

Friday7th Apr 2017

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    3DS eShop

    Review Urban Trial Freestyle 2


    2D BMX games have been relatively popular since the turn of the century - take RedLynx's excellent Trials series, for instance. Urban Trial Freestyle, released on the 3DS eShop almost four years ago at this point, was clearly inspired by those games, but managed to bring some extra ideas of its own to the table to create a unique and fun...

Thursday6th Apr 2017

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    Review Tank Troopers

    Destroy everything

    Where would video games be without Tanks? Strong and durable, able to blast incoming enemy threats into oblivion and completely flatten any landmark in sight. The sense of fearlessness a tank provides is arguably unrivalled; games about tanks have been prominent throughout the ages. Anyone who has ever played a video game will...

  • Nintendo Download 6th April (Europe)

    LEGO City Undercover! Graceful Explosion Machine! Yo-kai Watch 2! More!

    The Download Update is here for another week in Europe; the formal press release was slow to roll out (again), so we teamed up with the ever-generous Daan Koopman and NL user KJ85. There are some highly promising releases on the Switch, while the 3DS and Wii U aren't left behind...

  • Nintendo Download 6th April (North America)

    Graceful Explosion Machine! LEGO City: Undercover! Animal Gods! More!

    It's Nintendo Download Update time, dear readers, and the North American line-up includes three download-only options on the Switch along with a retail release and demo. The Wii U is quite well served too, including two Virtual Console release, while the 3DS also has a couple of...

Monday3rd Apr 2017

Thursday30th Mar 2017

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Wednesday15th Mar 2017

  • News Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 DLC Shown Off In New Introduction Video

    Available to download now

    Last week makers of 3DS exclusive Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Inti Creates, released extra content for its action-platformer. Now a new introduction video has been uploaded showing off exactly what the downloadable content looks like. The content is detailed as follows: New Song – Stratosphere ($0.99 / €0.99) Include

Thursday9th Mar 2017

  • Nintendo Download 9th March (North America)

    Blaster Master Zero! Neo Geo galore! VOEZ! Bomberman 64! More!

    It's Nintendo Download Update time, North American gamers, and it's a relatively busy line-up this week. The Switch has two 'new' games and also six Neo Geo 'ACA' titles, catching the region up with Europe. The 3DS shares one of the tasty Switch releases along with some other titles,...

  • News Say Bye-Bye to BoxBoy on 23rd March in Europe

    More thinking outside of the box

    We're quite fond of the original BOXBOY! and it's follow-up BOXBOXBOY!; these HAL Laboratory puzzlers made nice additions to the 3DS eShop. Now Qbby is back to square up to his biggest challenge yet in BYE-BYE BOXBOY!, which launches on the Nintendo eShop in Europe on 23rd March 2017. Let's let Nintendo's own PR do...

Wednesday8th Mar 2017

  • News Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 DLC Arrives on 3DS This Week

    Mission Packs! Speedrun Mode! Other Stuff!

    Inti Creates has a big week ahead, with Blaster Master Zero arriving globally on Nintendo Switch. It's also adding some extra content to Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 on 3DS, with the aim of encouraging owners to spend a few bucks on some more goodies for the game. The DLC will come to Europe and North America...