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TodayFri, 26th May 2017

  • News Best Buy Benefits From Strong Nintendo Switch Launch to Increase Sales

    Target previously praised the Switch impact

    Nintendo may be continually playing catch-up with consumer demand at present, but the evidence continues to stack up to suggest that the Switch could be a notable success for the company. From investor confidence to general buzz on social media, the system is enjoying superior publicity and positivity in...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Best Buy
  • News Free Update for VOEZ on Switch to Add 18 New Songs

    On top of the 100+ songs already in the game

    Among the glut of launch releases on the Switch eShop, VOEZ stood out as rather unique. It's a portable-only game as it uses the Switch touchscreen and it delivers over 100 songs and rhythm gameplay; we were very impressed with it in our VOEZ review. The game may move up some wishlists - or at least get...

    • Retro
    • Switch eShop
    • VOEZ
  • News Nintendo Gains Over $2 Billion in Market Value Following Monster Hunter XX Announcement


    Earlier this week we highlighted impressive growth for Nintendo's share value, as it surpassed the brief Pokémon GO peak of last Summer and hit its highest point in a number of years. You may have also noticed that Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) has been

  • News FIFA 18 is Back to Being 'EA Sports FIFA' for Nintendo Switch

    Just call it Switch Soccerball and be done with it

    It was pleasing back in January when EA appeared on stage at the major reveal of the Nintendo Switch and offered its backing to the system with a release of FIFA later in the year. There was speculation over whether it'd be a full entry in the series or an alternative, however, when it was listed...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • FIFA
    • EA Sports
  • News Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Has Been Rated in Brazil

    What a mystery this is

    Perhaps one of the worst kept secrets in the industry right now is the existence of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, an upcoming crossover RPG which has been known in one way or another for months now. After a recent leak which showed off a bunch of official artwork for the game, its existence is in little doubt, though...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Rabbids
    • Mario
  • News Capcom Is Bringing Monster Hunter XX to the Switch

    Let the hunt begin!

    Monster Hunter is a series that—in its early days—seemed to be something of a niche and relatively minor franchise in the bigger picture. But, starting with Monster Hunter Tri, the series transitioned to Nintendo hardware, and later found big success on the 3DS. It was a foregone conclusion that the series would be making its...

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YesterdayThu, 25th May 2017

  • News Capcom Continues to Explore and Plan Nintendo Switch Support

    Updated translation brings some reassurance

    Update: As user @Jessica286 has kindly highlighted the NeoGAF community has now revisited a part of the interview translation below, which is more generic (and reassuring) in highlighting that Capcom will continue to plan content while monitoring the Switch 'situation'. As Capcom, we aim to bring games...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Capcom
    • Street Fighter
  • Nintendo Download 25th May (North America)

    Disgaea 5 Complete! Ultra Street Fighter II! The Girl and the Robot! More!

    It's that time again, dear readers, for the North American Nintendo Download update; the official update press release came a little later than normal, but the details below are now fully up to scratch. This week we have two retail arrivals on the Switch along with another...

    • Nintendo Download
    • North America
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Switch eShop
    • 3DS eShop
  • News Unreal Engine Adds Full Native Support For Nintendo Switch

    Version 4.16 brings "fully-featured native support"

    After adding early support for the Nintendo Switch to its Unreal Engine with February's 4.15 update, Epic has pushed out fully-featured native support for the console in version 4.16. To work with Unreal Engine on the Switch, developers must first gain approval from Nintendo. Once this...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Unreal Engine
    • Development
  • News You Can Grab The HORI Real Arcade Pro V And A Cheap Switch Pro Controller Alternative In July

    Gotta love that pop out D-pad

    We recently did a quick article on the upcoming HORI Real Arcade Pro V Fight Stick for Switch which of course looks perfect for playing Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers with.  It's now been given a release date of 31st July in Japan priced at ¥16,178 ($145) in case you wanted to try...

    • Hori
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Accessories
  • Video Check Out the First Teaser Trailer for the Netflix Castlevania Show

    What a horrible night to have a teaser

    We’ve known for a while that a short Castlevania show has been in development for Netflix for a little while now, but not much has been seen of the project until now. The first season will only be four episodes long—each one being thirty minutes long—and will more or less be based on Castlevania III:...

    • Upcoming Releases
    • Castlevania
  • News Nintendo Wants To Hear From Indies Interested In Developing For Switch

    Just get in touch!

    Nintendo has gotten off to a great start with the Nintendo Switch, ensuring a steady stream of quality indie games each week to compliment the slightly less rapid release of quality boxed retail games. We've already had delights such as Graceful Explosion Machine, Thumper, Kamiko and Snake Pass, to name but a few...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Indies
    • Damon Baker
    • Switch eShop
  • News UK Retailer Argos Slashes The Price Of amiibo To £6.99

    Save a third on the typical RRP

    UK retailer Argos has slashed the price of its amiibo range by a third, with every single figure now costing just £6.99, as opposed to the typical £10.99 recommended retail price. Needless to say, this deal won't hang around forever - so if your collection is still missing the Animal Crossing Villager or

    • amiibo
    • UK
    • Argos
  • News Pikmin Rewards Arrive on My Nintendo in North America

    Partly as a plug for Hey! Pikmin pre-orders

    Hey! Pikmin isn't too far away now on 3DS; actually, it is, it's not out until late July. Well, whatever, My Nintendo's latest update in North America is themed around the franchise and the upcoming portable spin-off; if you're getting a sense of deja-vu that's because the European service had the same...

    • My Nintendo
    • Pikmin
  • News Pokémon Spin-Off Magikarp Jump Is Available For Download On iOS And Android

    A fish out of water

    Magikarp Jump is now available for download on iOS and Android in the west. The Pokémon spin-off launched in Italy a short time ago before hitting Japan. Today, the rest of Europe - as well as North America - gets to see what all the fuss is about. We gave the smartphone title 6 out of 10 in our review, stating:...

    • Pokemon
    • Smartphones
    • Magikarp Jump
    • Nintendo Mobile
  • Video Revel in these 8 Reasons to Get Hyped for ARMS

    Not one of them a stretch

    We at Nintendo Life love ARMS almost as much as we like making ARMS-based puns, and we think it's time those of you who don't share in our hype get in on the scene before it's too late. As such, divert your eyes somewhat upwards where you'll be able to see a video detail eight delightful reasons why your excitement levels...

    • ARMS
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Upcoming Releases
    • Switch
  • News Nintendo Switch UK Tour Confirmed, Starting in June

    Only two games, though

    Earlier this week Nintendo of America announced its Summer of Play tour, which will take a broad range of Switch and 3DS games around the US. Now Nintendo UK has confirmed its own tour specifically for the Switch, starting in June and running right up to December. Unlike the US equivalent, however, this UK tour is only...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Nintendo UK
    • Tour
  • Random MLB Team Atlanta Braves Chills Out With Mario Kart in the Clubhouse

    "We love it, and it brings back the good 'ol days"

    We've previously covered crossovers between Major League Baseball and Nintendo, mainly because this scribe is bit of a Cubs fan. As many politely point out, often with a tongue sticking out emoji, there's more to baseball than the Cubbies, and we got a cool tip from a reader on another team with...

    • MLB
    • Mario Kart
    • Random
  • News Official Website Shares More Details On Ever Oasis

    Uncover the mysteries...

    Ever Oasis, the highly anticipated action-adventure RPG from Japanese developer Grezzo, has started to take shape courtesy of the updated website for the game. The official Nintendo site gives various details surrounding the story, battle mechanics and more. A gallery of new screenshots are also found on the

    • Ever Oasis
    • 3DS
  • Video Lindsey Stirling Performs RiME's Beautiful "Forgotten City" Theme

    Complete with a gorgeous video, of course

    The ridiculously-talented Lindsey Stirling has taken part in yet another video game project, this time relating to the upcoming Zelda-like adventure RiME. Stirling - whose talents include violin, dancing and creating her own award-winning original music - has performed the game's "Forgotten City"...

    • Video
    • Lindsey Stirling
    • Music
    • RiME
    • Nintendo Switch
  • Random The King of Kong Is Being Adapted into a Stage Musical

    Now this should be interesting...

    The King of Kong was a standout documentary in 2007, chronicling the intense rivalry that existed between Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, who continuously beat each other’s world record high scores over many years of playing Donkey Kong. One would think that this documentary was enough to cover the story of these...

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Wednesday24th May 2017

  • Nintendo Download 25th May (Europe)

    Disgaea 5 Complete! Ultra Street Fighter II! Retro Rayman! Much more!

    Update: UK prices added! Here's a little early treat for our EU readers, the Nintendo Download Update details. Due to the upcoming Ascension Day public holiday in a number of European countries the press release has been sent a day early in some territories, and the ever-generous...

    • Nintendo Download
    • Europe
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Switch eShop
    • New Nintendo 3DS
  • Hardware Review Datel Go-tcha For Pokémon GO

    Taking the effort out of catching those pesky 'mon

    While the Pokémon GO craze has clearly died down after the initial explosion of interest at launch, there are still millions of people who continue to play the game each and every day. Some of these will already be using the excellent Pokémon GO Plus accessory, a device worn on your wrist...

    • Features
    • Pokemon
    • Pokemon Go
    • Hardware Review
  • News Here's How Much Space ARMS Will Take Up On Your Switch

    It's less than you think

    If you've been taking the download route when it comes to buying Switch software then you will no doubt be interested to learn how much each new AAA title takes up in terms of storage space. If ARMS is on your radar then you might want to know that the file size has been posted online - the interesting 3D brawler will...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • ARMS
  • News SEGA Forever May Be a Subscription Service for the Company's Iconic Retro Games

    Probably for mobile, but the dream is for console...

    Games companies face ongoing challenges in promoting and monetising their retro content, especially in this age of emulators that are readily available across various devices. Nintendo has the Virtual Console - though the details of its Switch equivalent are still largely a mystery - and we see...

    • Retro
    • SEGA
    • SEGA Forever
  • News Teslagrad Was Most Profitable on the Wii U Compared to Other Platforms


    The Wii U will not likely go down as a high point in Nintendo’s long history with games, the console failed to draw in the masses that came out to buy the Wii and ultimately ended on a rather embarrassing note given the company’s history of success. Still, there’s good to be found in any bad situation, and one positive of the Wii U...

    • Wii U eShop
    • Wii U
    • eShop
    • Teslagrad
  • News Confidence in Nintendo Grows as Share Value Surpasses Previous Pokémon GO Peak

    The highest it's been in over 5 years

    Many will recall that, when Pokémon GO went viral last Summer it led to an extraordinary spike in Nintendo's share value; though it was partly irrational, even after the inevitable fallback and decline Nintendo was still left with a significantly higher company value than before the app's launch. Although...

    • Nintendo
    • Shares
    • Nintendo Switch
    • 3DS
    • Nintendo Mobile
  • Gallery The Squid Research Lab Gives an Update on Inkling Fashion in Splatoon 2

    Strike a pose

    The original Splatoon immediately resonated with fans for its quirky look and outrageous fashion. Now with Splatoon 2 on the horizon the Squid Research Lab has discovered that there will be a new wardrobe available from day one. In this timeline two years have passed since the first Splatoon outing, meaning that fashion and styles have...

    • Splatoon 2
    • Splatoon
    • Nintendo Switch
  • Guide How to Get Third Party 8Bitdo Controllers Running on Your Switch

    Putting the 'firm' back in 'firmware'

    In case you missed it, 8Bitdo's line of third party controllers are now compatible with the Nintendo Switch thanks to a firmware update, meaning you can take out your opponents as intended on Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, grab a perfect score on Puyo Puyo

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Switch
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  • 28

    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Samurai Shodown IV


    After the first two Samurai Shodown games the third outing was seen as something of a disappointment by hardcore fighting game fans. It removed some of the more popular characters and various movement options available to the player, drastically altering the pace of the game; it also felt half-finished when compared to its polished...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Reviews
    • Switch eShop
    • Samurai Shodown
  • Deals Come Out Fighting With This Street Fighter II Merchandise


    With Capcom's legendary Street Fighter series enjoying its 30th anniversary this year, there is a lot of history and nostalgia behind this line of games, and it should come as no surprise to learn that there's plenty of merch to invest in as a result. To celebrate the long-awaited release of Ultra Street Fighter II: The...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Deals
    • Street Fighter
    • Capcom
    • Features
  • News Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Nintendo Switch Are Still On Top in Japan

    Modest sales all around

    The Media Create charts for Japan have rolled out as always, and for the second week running show a quiet retail scene at present in the country. Starting with software we still have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in first place, finishing comfortably ahead of the evergreen Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) and The Legend of Zelda:...

    • Japan
    • Charts
    • Media Create
    • Nintendo Switch
    • 3DS
  • Video Cars 3: Driven to Win Looks Decent In Its Gameplay Trailer

    Getting into gear

    We know, movie tie-ins for Nintendo consoles don't normally get the pulse racing. Yet based on the number of them that grace the big N's hardware they're evidently popular, and we must say that Cars 3: Driven to Win might turn out rather well. That's not necessarily a surprise, as Avalanche Studios has produced it - that team...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Wii U
    • Cars 3
  • 12


    Review Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop

    Crack crack crack the egg into the bowl

    Of all the heroes of the DS’ Touch Generations era, Office Create’s Cooking Mama has been one of the most enduring — and prolific. Starting out from her humble beginnings as a short-order chef, using quick WarioWare-style touchscreen minigames to simulate the in-kitchen experience, she’s expanded...

    • 3DS
    • Reviews
    • Cooking Mama
  • News King Of Fighters '99 Is Your Next Neo Geo Title On Switch

    Going on strike

    Nintendo UK's site has revealed that The King Of Fighters '99 is the next entry in the popular ACA Neo Geo series. Notable for introducing the "Striker" system - where support characters can leap in to assist your team - the 1999 entry in the long-running series also put new fighter K' in the spotlight. While it's perhaps not...

    • Switch eShop
    • Neo Geo
  • News Farming Simulator 18 is Cropping Up on 3DS This June

    Too corny?

    Developer GIANTS Software has today announced that Farming Simulator 18 will be making its way to the Nintendo 3DS this Summer. The new gameplay trailer released on the company's YouTube page shows off the main premise of the game as you immerse yourself in a "new, engaging Southern US environment, harvesting wheat, canola, corn,...

    • 3DS
    • Farming Simulator 18
  • News Astro Duel Deluxe Bringing Multiplayer Mayhem to Switch eShop Soon

    Battle your friends in space... then run over their pilots!

    The Switch eShop is currently on a bit of a roll with interesting weekly releases. Up on 30th May you'll be able to give Astro Duel Deluxe a spin; it's $14.99USD in North America and £12.59 in the UK. Having first appeared as Astro Duel at the start of 2016 on Steam, this deluxe...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Switch eShop
    • Upcoming Releases


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