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TodayMon, 24th Jul 2017

  • Gallery Nintendo at San Diego Comic-Con - The Booth and Some Standout Cosplay

    From Breath of the Wild, to ARMS and more besides

    San Diego Comic-Con is wrapping up as we publish this, a weekend jam-packed with hype and reveals across movies, TV, comic books and of course video games. Nintendo had a booth inside the main expo to showcase Super Mario Odyssey, and also welcomed gamers (with or without expo tickets) at a separate...

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  • News Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition Set for 12th September, Demo Live in Europe


    Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition is bringing one of the finest platformers of the Wii U generation to the Nintendo Switch, but its release date has been a mystery. Now, after browsing the UK eShop 'upcoming games' section, we can see that it's set for 12th September in Europe; hopefully the North American date will be the same. On top of...

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YesterdaySun, 23rd Jul 2017

  • Talking Point Splatoon 2's Salmon Run Shows Off the Switch's Local Multiplayer Strengths

    Flawless fun

    When Nintendo confirmed that the co-op Salmon Run mode in Splatoon 2 would take place in specific limited time windows, there were some understandable groans. Nevertheless since the game's launch it's not been much of an issue, as the mode has been available pretty much whenever we want to play it. The function of the time windows is...

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  • News Pokémon GO Fest Endures Problematic Weekend But Legendaries Arrive Globally

    Server and connection problems dull impact of Chicago event

    Pokémon GO is in the middle of a significant PR push at present, rather like a second launch for the app that went viral around a year ago. Niantic's plans for an excitable live showcase in Chicago somewhat unravelled, however, though players around the world are nevertheless getting their...

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  • 19

    Switch eShop

    Review Levels+: Addictive Puzzle Game

    On the Level

    In videogames there is a very fine line between taking inspiration from what has come before and outright stealing an idea and disguising it as your own. The latter hinges on watching somebody catch lightning in a bottle and hoping you can snag a piece for yourself; the former is constructively looking at somebody else’s design and...

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  • News You Can Unlock Shin Akuma In Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

    We Shin You Not

    We were wondering what the tiny new update for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers did, but it looks like Capcom didn't want us to be in the dark for long. Revealed at this year's currently ongoing edition of SDCC, here is the lovely (now not so) secret code that will allow you to control Shin Akuma: - Select Ryu, stay...

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Saturday22nd Jul 2017

  • Guide Where to Pre-Order Your Super NES Classic Edition

    The US pre-orders have finally started!

    Updates: GameStop Super NES Mini register interest page now live.

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  • News The Inkbrush Will Kick Off Splatoon 2's Free Additions on Launch Weekend

    Inked in

    Splatoon 2 is out and plenty are up-and-running in the various online modes. Nintendo, for its part, has promised a full year of additions in free updates, which should include gear, weapons and occasionally stages and other meatier content. The launch weekend will be in on the action, it's been confirmed, with the familiar Inkbrush due to...

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Friday21st Jul 2017

  • Editorial Nintendo, Somehow, Has Gone Backwards With Voice Chat on the Switch

    It's actually worse than on Wii U and 3DS

    When Nintendo confirmed that it'd be running lobbies and voice chat through a dedicated smartphone app there were plenty of critical remarks online. As a site we followed the line of a wait and see approach, but as crazy Hori workarounds and limited details emerged there was the whiff of a messy launch, and...

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    Review Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star

    The Emperor’s New Clothes

    If you’re unfamiliar with the Fate/ franchise, you’ll certainly be forgiven; this long-running series from doujin developers Type-Moon started with a 2004 erotic visual novel (Fate/stay night), and has flown largely under the mainstream radar since, while steadily expanding into a massive media collection of RPGs,...

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  • Feature Just How Hard Is It To Buy A Nintendo Switch In Japan?

    We hit the streets of Tokyo on Splatoon 2 launch day to find out

    Today is Friday, July 21st. It's horrendously hot and humid in Japan. It's the height of summer and the start of the school holidays in many parts of Tokyo. It's also the day that Splatoon 2 is out. As if the shortage of Nintendo Switch consoles wasn't bad enough, Nintendo's newest...

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  • News Tetsuya Nomura Clarifies Comments About Kingdom Hearts III for Switch

    If it ever happens, it won't be for quite some time

    It’s quite an understatement to say that fans have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts III for a long time now, and it seems that there’s still a long way to go yet until the game is finally in everybody’s hands. Though it is currently slated for a release on PS4 and Xbox One, many Nintendo fans...

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  • Guide Where To Find All Of Splatoon 2's Sunken Sea Scrolls

    Recommended reading

    As with its prequel, Splatoon 2 contains a series of collectible scrolls - dubbed Sunken Sea Scrolls - to find that help expand on Hero Mode's narrative. There's quite a few hiding in Splatoon 2's depths, and we've tracked all of them down. Read on to find out where and how to get your tentacles on these elusive documents...

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  • News UNIOM Wireless Adapter Aims to Make Nintendo Switch Voice Chat Easier

    A problem that shouldn't really exist

    The Nintendo Switch Online app has positives, like Splatnet 2, but it's fair to say that the voice chat component has drawn a mixed-to-negative response. It does actually work, but it's a far from optimal scenario and has a number of quirks and drawbacks. It's arguably an indictment of the functionality that...

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  • News New 2DS XL Tops Japanese Hardware Chart As Switch Sales Plunge Amid Stock Shortages

    Hey! Pikmin sells almost 80,000 units, too

    The New Nintendo 2DS XL was Japan's biggest selling piece of hardware for the last week in Japan, according to Famitsu. The newest member of the 3DS family shifted 36,860 units in its first week on sale, and was accompanied by new releases Hey! Pikmin (79,517) and Ever Oasis (15,907). Elsewhere,...

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  • Ninterview Joseph "Stampy Cat" Garrett On Minecraft's Future And Why Switch Is His Favourite Nintendo Console

    "I feel like Zelda: BOTW might become my favourite game of all time"

    It might be a struggle to explain to your grandparents exactly how big a deal YouTube is these days, but a few facts and figures usually help. Joseph "Stampy Cat" Garrett - one of the world's most popular Minecraft YouTubers - has over 8 million subscribers (not to mention...

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  • News Splatoon 2's Next Splatfest Tackles A Challenging Choice Of Condiments

    Mayo or Ketchup?

    Nintendo has announced that the next Splatoon 2 Splatfest (for both Europe and North America, and not just Europe as was previously reported) will decide once and for all which is best: Mayo or Ketchup. The Splatfest will take place during the first week of August. Which one will you be picking? We're going to take a wild...

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  • News Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is Celebrated With a Limited Edition Art Print

    Art Man

    UK company FunStockRetro has announced a limited edition print run depicting the cast from Mega Man Legacy Collection 2; it's a title that's sadly skipping Nintendo hardware. The impressive art print has been designed by Iron Gut Publishing and is officially licensed by Capcom.  The paper is 300gsm textured (intended for a premium...

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  • News Factor 5 Almost Ported Super Castlevania IV To The Sega Mega Drive

    "We did a 1:1 port of Indiana Jones to the Genesis"

    Factor 5 is a studio with a long and proud history of technological achievement; it was founded in the super-competitive "demo scene" era of the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST, and went as far as to create its own development hardware for the SNES and Mega Drive / Genesis in order to gain traction in...

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  • News Yabuki-san Says the Mario Kart Blue Shell is Like Life - Necessary but Not Always Fair

    "It feels like something's missing" in tests without it

    If you sit ten Nintendo fans down in a room and ask them to debate the merits of the blue / spiny shell, then you should grab a comfy chair, some popcorn, and enjoy the ride. Some argue it's an excellent item and a great leveller, others suggests it's an abomination, and plenty sit somewhere in...

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  • News The Art of Shantae Launches Sometime in 2018


    Shantae is a series that owes a lot of its success to the Nintendo audience; it’s always felt like something of a second party game to a certain degree. And with the latest success of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on the Wii U and Switch, that series has no doubt been gradually accruing a much larger fanbase. As something of a gift to...

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  • News Visual Novel Song Of Memories Getting Switch Port In Japan With English Subtitles

    Warning: mild cheesecake contained within

    Pure Wish has confirmed that its visual novel title Song of Memories is getting a Switch port this year. Interestingly, even though no news of a western localisation has been confirmed, it has been revealed that the Switch port will contain Japanese, English, and French language support -...

    • Nintendo Switch
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  • News Sine Mora EX On Switch Releasing After Other Versions

    Pegged for launch "later this summer"

    THQ Nordic has confirmed that Switch owners will have to wait a little longer than their PC, Xbox One and PS4-owning counterparts to get their hands on Sine Mora EX. The remastered shooter arrives on those platforms on August 8th, but the Switch edition still has no solid release date - the publisher is simply...

    • Nintendo Switch
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  • Feature RIVE Adds Copilot Mode as Two Tribes Tell Us About Upcoming Nintendo Switch Version

    "We've always held the Nintendo aesthetic in high regard"

    RIVE has proven to be an interesting project - it's a truly challenging and smart twin-stick shooter that is a swansong for Two Tribes. The studio brought us some excellent titles over a number of years, but decided that it would make one final game before moving on to new things...

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  • News Super Sidekicks Shoots And Scores On The Switch eShop Next Week

    "Eat my goal! The goalie's got football pie all over his shirt"

    Hamster has confirmed that its next Neo Geo title on Switch will be Super Sidekicks. The 1992 classic started a series of soccer titles on the format and is famous for its quick and compelling gameplay, punctuated with high-quality 2D artwork which pops up at key moments during each...

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  • Gallery Splatoon 2 Squid "Air Mascots" Released in Japan

    Blowing hot air

    Coinciding with the worldwide release of Splatoon 2, Bandai has released a set of inkling inflatables known as "Air Mascots" through toy capsules. The collectible squids come in six variations being blue, green, olive, pink, purple and yellow. There is also the opportunity to find Judd the cat as a special bonus.  The capsules...

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